Cleaning Silver And Tarnish With Baking Soda Aluminum Foil And Hot Water

Uploaded by zekelandvideo on 16.08.2012

Hey, how are you doing, it’s your ol’ buddy Zeke here and I’m in a bit of a dilemma.
Evidentially my wedding ring, which is silver has tarnished, let’s take a look. See that
there, you see. It’s turned kinda black. I was uh, messing around with some muriatic
acid and some, uh, chemicals the other day and I just noticed it had, it had turned.
It had tarnished and turned black on me. If you look here, uh, I can’t take the ring
off see it’s grown to my finger so what I’m gonna do is, I saw on the Internet this
trick here. We’re going to see if it works. I’ve got hot water here in a cooler. I got
some salt.
Some aluminum foil.
And. Some baking soda. They say that if you put a little baking soda in the water. Ike
that there. Alright. And a little bit of salt. Let’s pour some salt in. That it creates
some sort of electro-litic type of reaction here. Hang on a second let me get the, the
aluminum foil. Hold on. Alright I got the aluminum foil. The deal is, you’re supposed
to put your, your silver in contact with the aluminum foil and there’s some sort of magic
that happens here so lets give it a try. By the way this water is. Gotta be hot water.
Ow! That’s uh, it’s hot water. Ah! Come on baby! So I’m touching the aluminum foil
to my ring to se if we can get that uh, electrolytic reaction going. This water is very hot. If
uh, If anything it would just burn my hand and I won’t have to explain why my ring
Looks like nothing is happening.
We’ll hold it down there. Mix it up so we’re getting all the baking soda goin’ here.
Well so far, nothing happened. I’m going to add some more baking soda.
Alright let’s get down here to the nitty gritty here. I’m touching foil to the ring
underwater. This should be the, the trick. This should make the chemical reaction happen
or the uh, I guess it’s electrolysis. And. My ring should be clean. Whoah! Look at that!
It’s a little bit better. It’s actually working believe it or not. Alright let’s
see here. Whoah-ho! Would you look at that! That is absolutely amazing! Look how shiny,
just from touching it to the aluminum foil inside the baking soda water.
Here’s a quick tip from your old buddy, Zeke.