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>> Professor William Finlay: In the South African system,
you have to pick a major quite early on.
I looked through the catalog
and sociology seemed really interesting and so decided
to take a course, loved it,
and have been doing sociology ever since.
[ Pause ]
The fun part of sociology as a discipline is that it's
about human behavior, it's about groups,
and it's about how people live together.
You can explain things like ethnic conflict, racial tension,
how the workplace operates; just about everything we deal
with can be explained by sociology and for me,
that's the beauty of the discipline.
It's incredibly broad-ranging.
[ Pause ]
The real difference between study abroad and teaching
in Athens, it's an incredibly intense experience,
and its especially true of the current program
that I'm co-directing in south Africa.
We're based at the University of Stellenbosch
which is a college town very much like Athens.
And so we expect them to do two weeks of service learning.
They go into these poor communities like Kiamondi
and work with children in settings
where the basic facilities are often lacking.
And they adapt really quickly and I come away just being
so impressed by what they do and so proud of them.
[ Children Singing ]
They're the ones who are going to shape what the world's like
and that's why taking them to places like South Africa
so they can really see the world means
that they can bring back this kind of experience.
[ Children Singing ]
I cannot think of anything more important to a society
than the education of the next generation of leaders.
These are the people that we...who are going
to make the world for the next fifty years
and teaching them is an extraordinary privilege.