Record Mundial - El salto mas corto del mundo

Uploaded by StupidohVideos on 06.03.2009

Stupidoh Videos Presents
As you know, we in Stupidoh Videos
Are always at the vanguard of the most stupid stupid things
So we wanted to beat a record.
We are about to beat the world's shortest jump record
And here it is our great athelte
Clod...[CENSORED]...vlad Von Struggen Baggen
He will do the shortest jump in the mankind history
That has been great! Let's watch the repetition.
Stupidoh Videos Credits
Filming and Editing Claudio YaƱez
Realization by Clod...[CENSORED]vlad Von Struggen Baggen
Illumination by Mister Sun, but almost nothing
Mister Sun thinks we have poorly apreciated him.
Audio by Music
I love pie
Left and Right ones placed in the correct place