How to Fix Home Button Not Working on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 05.03.2012

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with a tutorial on how
to fix a home button on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It might be
taking too long to do something, randomly working or just totally dead
but with this tutorial you should at least be able to get your device
usable again. The first step is the simplest, just reboot your device.
Since most devices are rarely rebooted sometimes iOS can get a bit
screwy after a while so all you need to do is hold the power button down
until the Slide to Unlock screen shows up. Just slide it and once the
pinwheel goes away hold the power button again for a second and let
your device boot back up. Unlock it and give the home button a shot.
If that didn’t work there are other things you can try. The next
step would be to calibrate the home button. While it’s rare, sometimes
your home button can get out of sync with iOS and can be slow to respond.
To fix, open up a Default app like Weather. With it still open, hold the
power button just like you’re restarting it. As soon as Slide to Unlock
comes up press and hold the home button. Keep holding it until Slide to
Unlock goes away and you see the app close. Now give your home button a
shot and see how responsive it is. If your home button still isn’t working
then the hardware button itself is likely broken. Don’t give up yet though,
there are a couple more things you can do. The easy way is to enable a
software home button. To do this go into Settings, scroll down to General and
then down to Accessibility. These are made for people with disabilities however
if your home button isn’t working you can enable AssisitiveTouch. A small button
will appear which you can push to any corner of the screen. Give it a tap and
you’ll see some options including Home. Tap that anytime you need to use your
home button and you’ve got yourself a working device again. The difficult option
is to replace the home button assembly. Depending on what tools you have it’s not
altogether expensive but it requires you to take your entire device apart to get
at the home button which isn’t easy at all. If you want to give this a shot iFixit
has some excellent tutorials for any device you have and I’ll have a link in the
description. Hopefully you guys found this helpful. If you enjoyed, definitely be
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