Mask of Satan (1960)

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The 17th century witnessed a violent and merciless battle
against hideous bloodthirsty creatures
who in the chronicles of that time were referred to as vampires.
Brothers found the courage to accuse their brothers,
and fathers their children,
lest the Earth never be cleansed
of this horrible race of ferocious murderers.
But before putting them to death,
human justice anticipating divine justice,
branded forever the cursed flesh of those monsters
with the red hot mark of Satan.
Asa, from the lineage of the Princes of Vaida,
the Sacred College of the Primats of Moldavia
has declared you guilty.
I, head of the family of the Princes of Vaida,
in my capacity as Grand Inquisitor, sentence you,
and as your brother I repudiate you.
You have committed many sins
to satisfy your satanic love
for that servant of the Devil, Igor Javutich.
May God have mercy
on your soul
in this supreme moment.
Cover her face
with the mask of the Devil.
Nail it down!
May the cleansing flames reduce her to ashes
so that the wind will obliterate all traces of her existence.
It is I who repudiate you,
It is I who curses you in the name of the Devil.
Go ahead, nail me down!
You will never escape my claws, nor those of Satan
The unchained elements of the power of darkness are ready to strike you
Beware, Griabby!
My vengeance
will strike down you and your offspring,
because in the blood of your sons and the sons of your sons
I will continue to live, immortal!
They will restore to me the life that you now take from me.
I shall return to torment and destroy throughout the night of time.
As if by the Devil's command,
the sudden fury of the elements
extinguishes the purifying flames.
The terrified people run from that cursed place.
And for all that long night,
the churchbells toll to keep away the spirits of evil.
When the storm dies down, Javutich's body
is buried in unconsecrated ground
in the graveyard for murderers.
And the corpse of the witch
is placed in the tomb of her ancestors.
How much further is it to the crossroads of Mirgorod?
Six or seven versts, sir.
Did you hear that, Professor?
If we stop at Mirgorod, we'll never
be able to reach Moscow by evening.
Yes, but it doesn't matter. We'll spend the night at the inn at Mirgorod,
with good smoked salmon and excellent vodka.
We will arrive at the Congress tomorrow.
But we'll miss the inauguration
and Professor Blistanov of Saint Petersburg's speech. It's such a pity.
How long have you had your degree?
For three years, and I have been assisting you for two.
When you have been in this profession twenty years,
you'll learn the true value of the small talk of the Congress.
Take the road through the forest, it's much shorter.
That is a bad route, no one takes it anymore.
You are afraid of the witch
Afraid, no. I fought against Napoleon,
but to tell you the truth,
I'd rather find myself face-to-face with that Frenchman than to meet up with a ghost.
This will help you to forget the ghosts.
Come on, let's get going.
What's causing that strange sound?
It's nothing, just the wind in the trees.
What's going on?
The trees are extending their branches to strangle me!
Try not to strangle yourself with that vodka.
Why is he driving so fast?
I guess it's a combination
of my tip and his fear...
Is it serious?
No, no. Fortunately, it just slipped out of the socket. I'll have it fixed in no time.
Very well.
It certainly isn't very cheerful here,
and there's that sound on top of it...
It's coming from there. Let's see what it is.
That solves the mystery! It's the wind in the pipes of this broken-down organ.
What is happening, your Lordship?
Nothing! Continue your work!
More than a thousand years of battles, hates, and loves.
Now there's nothing but dust in these tombs.
Only the memories of old exploits remain here.
The history of ancient Moldavia is caught in these stones.
Andreï, come here!
It's the witch of the old legend. Do you see this bronze mask?
It was always placed on the face of a condemned witch
So she shall wear for all eternity her true face.
And why is this window there?
They thought that the witch might rise again,
and that the cross visible through the glass would keep her nailed down forever.
Hey, my Lords!
Where are you? I need someone to come and give me a hand!
Gentlemen, please don't leave me alone
in this infernal place.
He is frightened to death. Go and help him, will you? I want to have another look around.
Sure, I prefer it outside anyway.
There's no air in here, and it's a bit gloomy.
Professor Kruvajan, What is happening?
Why did you fire? -Look here.
It threw itself at me.
That's very strange.
Usually bats fly away from human beings.
Let's go, Professor, we'll be better off outside.
Otherwise the coachman will be convinced he is right.
What are you doing?
Almost intact after two centuries.
Professor, you are injured.
Actually, I hadn't noticed it.
A splinter of glass, just a few drops of blood...
Those empty eyes seem to be looking at us.
Let's go.
Who are you? What do you want?
I am Professor Choma Kruvajan,
and this is my assistant...
Dr. Andreï Gorobek.
I was walking in the park when I heard a shot.
I killed a bat down in the crypt.
You must excuse us for taking the liberty of entering the chapel.
We thought it was an abandoned ruin,
and we couldn't resist our curiosity.
It's all so strange
and mysterious here.
Everything is going to ruins here.
My father, Prince Vaida,
Refuses to repair even this old chapel.
This place, in his eyes, is cursed.
My Lords, the wheel is ready, we can go now.
We're coming.
Please excuse us, Princess, but we have to go.
We still have five versts between us and Mirgorod.
We are spending the night there.
Allow me not to say 'goodbye' to you, I hope to see you again...
Thank you. I trust you will spend a good night at Mirgorod.
Did she bewitch you?
What sadness in her eyes!
And this?
A souvenir of the witch.
What a strange sound.
Like a voice breaking off.
Wolves! That's why in the forest today
we couldn't find any tracks of wild deer.
No, it's a different kind of howling.
Those are not wolves.
The gryphon moved.
Constantin! Katia!
-What is it? -Father?
It wasn't painted like this, was it?
It was alive for a moment, now it's dead again.
-What are you saying? -I'm certain of it.
Yes, Father is right, it wasn't in that position before.
Katia, you were always impressed by that portrait,
I don't know why.
That portrait is like a smoldering fire;
it burns with a mysterious secret life.
There is something different
about her eyes, her hands...
Sometimes I'm afraid to go near it.
Constantin must be right.
My imagination is playing tricks on me.
Let's not talk about it anymore.
How cold it is.
The chill that seems to come out of the fireplace tonight penetrates my bones.
Why don't you get some sleep, Father? Your eyes are tired.
My eyes aren't tired...
my spirit is.
Go, go... I want to be alone now.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night, my Lord.
No, wait...
How many years have you been serving in this house?
I was born here, my Lord.
Today is the feast of Saint George.
Do you know the legend of the curse that was placed on this castle?
Two centuries ago today, two people were executed for practicing witchcraft.
Princess Asa and her lover and accomplice,
Prince Javutich. The mask of Satan was nailed forever to their faces.
One century later, an earthquake destroyed only the ancient chapel
and the witch's sarcophagus was found split open,
as if Asa was trying to break out and accomplish her revenge.
In fact, on that night, Princess Macha
died mysteriously.
Beautiful Macha... the very image of the witch.
She was just twenty-one that day...
Like Katia.
And Katia is her living image.
As if the witch chooses her victims and torments
them with her own beauty before killing them.
It is this resemblance, this echoing vengeance of Asa
that terrifies me.
I am afraid, Ivan.
You musn't be afraid, my Lord. The cross will protect you.
Even if what you say is true, these creatures are terrified by the symbol of Christ.
Always keep it near you and you will be safe.
Yes. You are right, Ivan.
It is the atmosphere surrounding this cursed day that has upset me so.
Drink this, my Lord, before it gets cold.
It's Death!
I have just seen Death!
It's a warning.
I will defend myself! They won't win!
They won't win against the symbol of Christ!
-Everything alright, sir? -Yes, thank you.
You were right, Professor, this vodka is superb.
Right now I feel as if I could conquer the world.
Start with the castle. If I am not mistaken, someone made quite an impression on you.
An excellent idea! Another glass or two...
...and that's exactly where I'll go.
You'd be wiser to go to sleep. Mysterious princesses are easier to conquer in dreams.
Besides, we must be up early tomorrow.
You're right.
I'll tell them to wake us at five.
No, I'll do it. I will take a little walk and inform our hostess.
Alright, good night.
And watch out for bats!
Watch out for your head!
-Why is it always the same story with you? -I don't want to go there.
And who do you think should go? Me, with all the things I have to do?
Excuse me, sir, isn't it shameful that a girl of her age
is afraid to go by herself to milk the cow in the barn?
Your mother is right.
Yes, but the barn is right beside the old cemetery.
Don't be afraid of the dead. They hurt nobody.
Did you hear what the gentleman said?
I'm coming! Now hurry, I'm busy.
I've been waiting for half an hour.
I'll go tonight, but tomorrow I won't.
Hello, Irina.
Javutich, rise!
It's OK, Irina, be still... are you frightened too?
What a storm!
Papa, what is happening?
It's me, Katia.
We must find a doctor, but where?
At the inn.
I met two doctors in front of the chapel today, they said they were staying at Mirgorod.
Hurry, Ivan! Go down and wake up the groom!
I'm here, master! What is happening?
Go to the inn and get one of the doctors who is staying there.
Doctor Kruvajan!
Princess Vaida sent me. She begs you to come to the castle.
I'll come, but first I'll have to notify the innkeepers.
You won't need to.
I have already done so. They told me
where to find you.
In that case...
I have been waiting for you.
I need you again.
Look into my eyes.
Look into my eyes!
Come closer.
Just a few drops of your blood
brought me to life again.
All of your blood will give me the strength to accomplish my vengeance.
Come... embrace me.
My lips will transform you.
You will be dead to men, but you'll be alive in death.
Be quiet.
What's keeping Boris so long?
He will come. Have courage, Katia.
The griffon... The man in the painting...
-What's he saying? -He's delirious.
Only the crucifix can save us.
In this day of... damnation.
Did you send for me?
Thank you very much for coming, Doctor. He looks really bad.
We will see. You may go now.
What's wrong with him, Doctor?
Nothing serious. He has just been very emotional.
We were asleep when all of a sudden we heard him scream.
He was trembling, lying here with his arm outstretched, holding this cross...
...holding this cross as if trying to drive back some horrible apparition.
Don't show it.
If he sees it again, it might provoke another attack.
Eternity has been broken. You were able to do it!
You tore me out of the earth, heavy as lead.
You won't be alone anymore.
I will bring you her body, she will be your prey.
She was born for this fate. She is your living image.
Destiny has its way, Asa.
In her you will live again,
speak again, and smile as she does.
We will live once more, as we used to.
Go have some rest, Constantin. Father is quiet now.
No, I'm not tired.
Go, both of you. I will stay here.
Oh dear, the tormented barking of those dogs...
-Ivan, try to quiet them. -Yes, my Lady.
Go, Constantin. I'll sit up with him.
-I'll call you if necessary. -As you wish.
What's the matter? Quiet now!
Why don't you go to bed now? I'll stay here and watch over your father.
But aren't you leaving tomorrow at dawn?
Don't worry, I'll stay with him all night long.
He is much calmer now, isn't he?
Yes, he will be sleeping quietly the rest of the night. You needn't worry.
Go and have some rest yourself now, you'll need it.
Doctor, I don't know how to thank you.
Call me if you need anything.
I'm sure it won't be necessary.
Your room is across the corridor here.
Goodnight, and thank you again.
Poor Father!
Doctor Kruvajan!
Katia wait! Don't go in there!
Don't look!
Professor Kruvajan?
It's me, Andreï.
Your friend has already left.
Last night he was called to the castle. It seems
that Prince Vaida was suddenly taken very ill.
He hasn't come back.
And why didn't he notify me?
Maybe he didn't want to disturb you.
My daughter saw him get into the coach that came from the castle to pick him up.
-Could I have a horse? -Right away. Come with me.
Be careful! If you knock down the basket I'll spank you!
Excuse me!
Is this the shortcut to the castle?
Yes, sir. Take the road going uphill.
Damn it, I told you to play someplace else!
A shirt! We have to catch it!
Be careful you don't fall into the water too!
Doctor Kruvajan!
Who are you?
What do you want?
I am Doctor Gorobek.
I heard that Doctor Kruvajan was brought here last night.
That is correct.
We called him to attend to my father, who had fallen ill suddenly.
The doctor was left alone with him, but then he left.
If he hadn't abandoned him, my father might still be alive.
The behaviour of your colleague is really incomprehensible.
You're right.
I don't know how to explain it, but I assure you this comes to me as a great surprise.
I know Doctor Kruvajan very well,
and I don't understand...
Something serious must have happened, I'm sure of it.
It is very strange. He hasn't returned to the inn.
He hasn't returned?
Please, come up.
Oh my god! It's Boris, the groom from the Vaida's.
What's going on, mama? Nothing.
Yes, it's him, and what a state he's in! How did he end up here?
The current. He is dead.
Let's take her away from here. Where is her room?
Quickly, some water.
His face has changed completely.
It's very scary, it looks like the face of the Devil. It made me sick looking at it.
Horrible! It's as if the Devil had devoured him from within.
Speak quietly, it's better that they don't know yet.
They are already grief-stricken enough by their father's death.
Ivan! What's this all about?
They found Boris' body in the stream, my Lord.
Boris' body?
Yes, and in a terrible state. His eyes are popping out of their sockets,
his teeth are exposed, and his hands are contorted.
Where is he?
We've carried him into the sacristy. The parish priest is with him.
You there...
Yes, come here.
Is it true that you saw the carriage that came to fetch Doctor Kruvajan yesterday evening?
Yes, my Lord. I saw it when it left the stable.
When I heard the noise, I hid myself.
But it wasn't Boris who was driving the coach. I know him well.
It was a stranger, an unknown face.
Are you sure?
Yes, my Lord.
I'm going to the village to see Boris' corpse.
And you come with me. You must tell me everything. Everything that you saw.
Do you understand? It's very important.
Certainly sir, I'll tell you everything.
Come on now, go back to the village.
It's him!
Yes, it's him!
It's the man who came last night to get Doctor Kruvajan.
I swear it, my Lord, it's definitely him!
I am certain of it! The moon was shining on his face.
Airy chatter!
Fantasies about a portrait of someone who has been lying dead for centuries!
We're all going insane!
Calm yourself, Princess.
I am going to the village, but I'll be back.
Gather your courage.
Why don't you stay the night here, Doctor?
Yes, I beg you. We will all feel calmer.
The same horrible death as the prince.
The wounds on his neck look like the work of a wild beast...
...but one that punctures the flesh without tearing it.
I am a doctor, and I only believe in Science. But this...
And what about Professor Kruvajan?
Is it possible that a man such as he
could abandon a patient without saying anything?
I passed by the inn, but no one had seen him.
Moreover, the inkeeper's daughter swore that the man in the portrait at the castle
is the same as the driver of the coach who came last night to fetch the Professor.
I don't know how to explain it.
A man in a portrait, you say?
Yes, the portrait hanging near the fireplace.
A painting that is two centuries old.
Of a man dressed in black with a griffon on his chest?
Yes, why?
Oh... nothing...
Oh, Father,
The Prince would like you to prepare the funeral for tomorrow.
Very well. Everything will be ready tomorrow morning.
Help me!
What is happening?
What's the matter, Princess?
-There is someone in my room! -Where?
-Behind the curtain! -Let's go!
Ivan, keep guard over the stairway.
Over there, behind the curtain.
-There's nobody there. -You must have imagined it.
No, I saw a hand, reflected in the mirror.
Don't you believe me? I saw it!
I'll go and get a sedative.
Professor Kruvajan! You frightened me.
Where have you been?
I have been searching for you all day.
Your hair...
Go away, Andreï.
Don't get involved in things that don't concern you.
Since you didn't come back to the inn, I brought your luggage here for you.
I was trying to decipher the inscription.
Krug! Brug!
They carry the signs.
Yes... and I think that maybe...
Come, quickly.
Carry everything into the salon for the funeral service.
Take this. Carefully.
He fled from you as if possessed?
Yes, the moment I showed him the icon.
He disappeared without any explanation.
It's very difficult to translate these ancient Cyrillic inscriptions.
We have to find the keyword.
Let me take it along to the library, where I can compare it with some texts I have.
At your disposal.
My Father...
My sister has been suffering terribly from all this,
I would really appreciate it if you would urge her to leave the castle.
I tried to convince her, but in vain...
I hope I'm not intruding...
No, I just feel so desperate and alone.
I understand, but you mustn't despair.
You must always have faith. In yourself, in life.
In life?
What is my life? Sadness and grief.
Something that destroys itself, bit by bit.
And no one can rebuild it.
Here is the very image of my life.
Look at it...
it is being consumed, hour by hour, like this garden.
Destined for a life without purpose.
Even if all Mankind abandons this castle,
or even deserts these grounds,
there is no reason why you should do
likewise with your life and your youth.
Go far away from here, and you'll be happy again, Katia.
Forgive me if I call you by name.
And remember that I'll always be ready to help you.
You're very kind, Andreï,
but today everything seems so hopeless.
I feel a sense of terror, a premonition of death
that tortures me without giving me a single moment of peace.
If only I had your strength, your faith.
You mustn't despair.
Lately everything must seem very confusing to you.
But even here, in this garden,
the Sun will reach into the darkest corners and chase away the shadows of the night.
Help me.
Please, help me!
Without you, I wouldn't know how to survive this ordeal.
In moments like these, it's difficult to find the right words...
...but when this is all over, Katia...
Thank you Andreï, thank you very much.
Forgive me, but it was threatening to set the whole place on fire.
Who knows what's behind there?
When Ivan was putting out a fire that started in the hanging,
he ripped through this canvas. Look!
Be careful.
It's completely dark here.
A secret passage!
Then my father was not delirious.
His last words were:
"The silver griffin... the man in the portrait..."
And this is where I found the dogs with their throats sliced after Kruvajan disappeared .
Let's go.
Stand guard here, Ivan, and make sure the door doesn't close.
Yes, sir.
It's the same face as the portrait in the salon.
It's the witch!
How did you know about her?
I saw her when Doctor Kruvajan and I visited the crypt.
Hold this!
Two days ago, the sarcophagus was untouched, and the witch...
She looks as if she has just died.
She is breathing!
What a terrifying phenomenon! I'm going to fetch the priest!
Return to the castle and don't leave Katia alone. Quick, we don't have any time to lose!
Go that way, you'll get to the stables quicker.
After all you have told me, everything is clear.
We are facing the unleashed powers of the Devil.
The ancient words on the icon explain exactly what must be done.
We must find the grave of Javutich...
before sunset!
The Mask of Satan.
Like the one I saw over the witch's face.
It's just as I thought.
We will find him here.
Look! A freshly dug grave!
Open the coffin!
Doctor Kruvajan!
But last night,
he was still alive.
I saw him!
No, he was already dead.
But it's impossible, Father.
He moved, he even spoke to me, and then he ran away.
Sometimes Satan, with his great capacity for doing evil,
even plays tricks with the dead.
You see?
Here is the proof.
Now we have to find a way to let his soul to rest in peace.
The inscription on the icon...
...indicates the only way.
The spell is broken.
Poor Kruvajan.
We have to act.
Quickly, now that everything is clear.
The witch turned your friend into a slave of the Devil.
Dead during the day, but alive by night.
So he could carry out the malignant orders of his master.
Then the Princess, too...
Yes. We have no time to lose,
or the witch may regain her life.
By possessing the body of another young woman.
Yes, Katia.
Run to the castle. It's already late!
Before the sun goes down, you must pierce the left eye of the witch.
Go now. I will do the same to the body of Boris, which is still in the sacristy...
...and then I'll join you.
Constantin! Ivan!
Is anyone there?
Where is everyone?
Help me!
Where are you?
Help me, Father! Help me!
Don't leave me alone with all these horrors!
I'm no longer your father. My blood is no longer your blood.
The spirits of evil have broken that tie between us forever. Cursed fluids flow through your body!
Constantin! Ivan!
Open up!
Your vengeance is at hand, Asa.
Finally the hour of our freedom strikes.
Where are you?
You are ignoring the fact that you were born for this moment,
and that your life has been consecrated to me by Satan.
But you sensed it, didn't you?
That's why my portrait fascinated
and terrified you.
You felt that your life and body were mine.
You felt like me because you were destined to become me.
A living corpse.
The love of that young man could have saved you from this curse, you know.
But I was stronger. Now you will enjoy a beautiful new life,
full of evil and hate, with me.
-Constantin. -Don't worry about me.
Save Katia. Don't lose time.
Save Katia from the witch.
Katia, thank God I have arrived in time!
She wanted to kill me.
Do something before it's too late.
I couldn't do it. Quickly.
Yes, you are right. We must destroy her.
Now I know how it can be done.
Don't look, it's horrible, but there is no other way.
But... this is your cross.
Katia... How is this possible?
I understand.
I am not your love.
There she lies, devastated, lost forever.
My vengeance is complete.
Her entire family has been annihilated.
Look at me, Andreï. Look into my eyes,
like Kruvajan did that night.
and like him, lose yourself deep in my eyes.
You too will feel the immense joy of hating.
Look at me.
She, she is the witch.
Don't be deceived by her face. Look at her body.
She is transforming herself into Katia
by draining her life's blood.
Two centuries ago, a storm prevented the flames
from destroying the wicked soul of the witch.
Today, her innocent victims
have broken the spell.
Why was she taken away from me, Father?
Katia's beauty is dying with her.
My life has finally come to an end.
How can I ever forget?
How can I resign myself?
I will never find peace again.
Look at her young body, destroyed.