Pre-calculus 11 and 12 | Pearson School Canada (v2)

Uploaded by PearsonCanadaSchool on 20.09.2010

[music] Boy 1: Ever wonder why the world is such an extraordinary place?
Girl 1: I could probably give you a million reasons
Boy 1: But if you had to pick one
Girl 1: I'd say it's because no two people are alike
Boy 1: Yeah - Think about how cool that is
Girl 1: There's no one else in the entire world like me.
Boy 1: The way I smile... Girl 1: The way I talk... Boy 1: The way I run... Girl 1: Eat... Boy 1: Sleep... Girl 1: Think...
Boy 1: Even the way I learn.
Girl 1: I'm completely unique
Boy 1: So am I.
Boy 2: And what about you?
Girl 2: You’re not the same as every other teacher in your school.
Boy 2: You should have something that gives you the freedom to choose
Girl 2: The amount of technology you want
Boy 2: The number of investigations you use
Girl 2: Or the amount of review you do with your class.
Boy 2: Freedom. Girl 2: Choice. Boy 2: Personalization.
Girl 2: With Pearson Pre-calculus
Boy 2: It's all about you. [music ends slowly]