First Look - iPad 2

Uploaded by TechTubeCentral on 02.03.2011

Hey guys welcome to TechTubeCentral. Today Apple did it again.
They announced a nice revolutionary device, the iPad 2.
And its available on verizon now so that’s pretty cool. And in this video
i'm going to be giving you guys my thoughts/first look of the new iPad 2 which is coming to
the market starting March 11th. So where do we start? The features or the
apps? The apps they have are the same except now part of the hardware is that they have
cameras now. So they have front and back facing cameras
and they have a white one. so this leads to an HD webcam so there's facetime built in
in webcam. Front and back facing cameras. This allows for a Photobooth app to be made
for the iPad. So now you can get photobooth on the iPad
which is pretty cool so now you can do all your photo effects on an iPad which is really
cool if you ask me. Also as you can see we have the technical
specs. We have a same display size only difference now is that you have a front facing camera
and same screen size which is kind of disappointing. They could of made it a little bit better
but on the back you have a bigger speaker grill, an on and off button and the same buttons
as before but they also have a camera as well. Your dock, adapter. They have a Wi-Fi and
3G Version and a plane old wifi version. The prices are still the same. They come in
16, 32, and 64 GB models and you buy one for the specific carrier.
You don't just buy one that works with at&t and Verizon. You buy one so that--- You cant
just buy one that works with at&t and Verizon there are two seperate ones. So I wonder what
people are gonna go with. If they are going to go with Verizon or AT&T. Personally I would
say verizon because its a CMDA network. Ok normally when
your on a CMDA network it drops calls. But since you don't make calls
on an iPad it won't be a problem and they also have an unlimited plan.
They also made it a lot more powerful. The display has stayed the same but it has a new
duel core A5 chip. So they did have an A4 chip and now they have an A5 chip.
Which leads people to believe that the new iPhone 5 will have an A5 chip.
So the camera is 720P at 30 FPS. You can also hook this up to an HDTV now.
So that’s really cool. Input and output is the same. They have an accelerometer, gyroscope,
audio playback. Like I mentioned before you can use HDMI so
you can hook it up to a TV. This will be coming out March 11th.
So there's some nice built in apps and the graphics are supposedly 9X faster as well
as the battery life stays the same It's also thinner. Apple has managed to get
a thinner device, with two cameras, available on both networks, black and white.
See here you have it hooked up to a TV which is pretty cool and so you can mirror what
it sees on the iPad. More powerful chip, better graphics and you
can also hook it up via VGA. So this is going to be a very nice
tablet now that it has multitasking, cameras, (they had multitasking after an update) .
But now that it has multitasking, cameras which I don't get why you would need a camera
in the back but, cameras, A5 chip that's duel core is going
to give it a nice and being able use HDMI. Having it thinner, the same price, on Verizon
will have the iPad do a lot for them. And the white one does look good.
I don't like the white iPhone but I do like the white iPad.
The white iPad looks a lot better than the white iPhone 4 which hasn't been released
yet but it's really cool that that they are releasing it in a matter of days
so it's announced on the 3rd so thats 8 days from now it will be released.
So are you going to buy an iPad 2? Leave a comment down below if you have already
made a preorder (if they are accepting them at the moment
I don't believe they are they might be) and what are your thoughts on the iPad 2?
Are you getting one do you know someone who's getting one and do you think it's worth the
purchase? I'm personally not going to get one because
i'm not a - i don't wanna throw the cash down just for a tablet.
But that’s just me. I'd love to know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank's
You Guys for watching this TechTubeCentral video and i will see you
guys in the next one peace.