Fieldsports Britain - YouTube gamers shooting, wild boar on the Continent and how to track animals

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Welcome to Fieldsports Britain back in the garden of England.
Coming up Team Wild's Ian Harford is in Hungary after wild boar. Do you know your faeces from
your fewmets, your stools from your stinky stuff. We are on a poo Safari in Africa. It
is the Browning Owners Club Day at the Oxford Gun Company. A bun fight for anyone with a
First we have got a team of video YouTube gamers to drop their imaginary Kalashnikovs
and pick up proper Browning shotguns and a .243.
The closest millions of people get to pulling a trigger is in the virtual world, playing
games like this, and hearing the strangled cries of their dying victims in 7.1 surround
sound. These guys behind the controls are talented. But do they have the hand /eye co-ordination
to be among the best shots when thrown into the real world?
If you want to start getting young people involved in shooting, why not start with the
Xbox Generation? We've brought together some of the UK's top video gamers to give them
a taster day shooting. Most of them have never seen a real gun before, though they are experts
on gun types. First off, Neville Gill from Browning Shotguns gives them the safety spiel.
We are shooting clays now. There could be a few chips coming off the clay. So you need
to wear glasses.
Now one of our gamers, KSIOlajidebt, is best known for his Fifa football commentry. Knowing
what is available to him today, he wants to make a statement.
I hate this game. It is probably the worst modern warfare game I have ever played in
my life. No way am I going to let it live. It must die.
Wow, I was very happy there guys.
Meeting these guys is fascinating and although there's not much that a teenager who talks
about his sex life while playing Modern Warfare 2 has in common with Crowman... we are crossing
commiunities here, we are building bridges.
We know the gamers have never shot before, but have our lot ever played computer games?
Some of the people here have actually grown up playing computer games Charlie.
And you do not feel embarrassed about that. That is not a bad thing?
No I don't think so. No, I don't think so. I haven't built a career out of it, but you
I think my skill base on computer games went as far as ????? and then I started shooting
stuff so that was about it I am afraid.
Done a lot of angry birds. I have also, I have to say I am quite proud of the fact that
I have probably got more computing skills than any of the other shooters, because I
actually programme android phones.
I actually programme android phones to do what?
Exactly, I can't tell you. It is commercially sensitive.
The enthusiasm of these guys is infectious. They are willing to give everything their
best shot. MrsBlackOps is determined to get three out three on the clays.
Yes, that is good.
Good as gaming?
Better, I always said I would do this every single week if I could. I would drop gaming
and do this. I am only joking. I just love this and this is my second time ever at this
and it is great.
At this point, Crowman takes control and suddenly the gun looks like it just belongs... he knocks
20 birds out of the sky in a row and even has a sweat on - maybe he is human after all.
So how are the guys shaping up?
They have all actually got a gun and they have shot something. And they have gone, ah,
this needs some skill. And I think they will have a real positive spin on it. And it has
just been great.
Now, these are not ordinary video gamers. All these guys have their own YouTube channels
and the number of viewers they record is staggering. Between them, their monthly views beat the
1977 Morecambe & Wise Christmas Show, which is widely held to be one of Britain's biggest
ever TV audiences.
What they do is show their films they have recorded from video games and commentate or
talk about their lives. So here's a challenge: KSIOLajidebt is going to commentatate on FearCrads
shooting airguns.
Now we have FearCrads here with a sniper rifle. Can he get the target? Oh my God he is aiming,
aiming. Can he do it. He needs to breathe in. Hopefully, this is not distracting. Surely
this isn't distracting FearCrad.
I think my style of commentary I do game play and I also do, I try to take things from like
the news, just hot topics and I implement them into the video just to make it more entertaining
and more easy to relate to. So if somebody isn't interested in football would just be
like, oh this is actually pretty good, this is actually pretty funny. Rather than somebody
just looking at it and thinking this is boring old football. So I try to relate to as many
people as I can and I think that is what has helped with my success I guess.
Being the wrong side of 40 I need to find out why are they so cool and I am ... so differently
cool. All right - not cool.
Sometimes I try to give advice to people like instead of focussing on gaming all the time
because they are watching gaming videos all the time instead of focussing on gaming, I
try to advise try not to regret, like I did with my exams. Sometimes I try to give advice
to younger kids, because obviously some people look up to you in that sense. But it is kind
of weird situation to be in. I never thought I would be in it to be fair.
You are basically a sort of gaming, video, YouTube rockstar.
I wouldn't go as far as to say rockstar, but I never thought it would get to the stage
it is now. It is nice you get to meet people through it and there is a nice community being
formed and it is kind of cool that people subscribe to you to look at your content and
enjoy it enough to continue watching it. It is a really nice feeling.
So just talk me through what your videos are like.
My videos are Call of Duty game plays then I will choose a topic, might be something
I have just pulled out from the news, a bizarre story or perhaps something that has happened
from my own life, replicating it out for other people to watch.
So let me just get this right, Call of Duty is a bbbbang game?
So they see that as the kind of visual image and then it is you talking about your life
over the back of it.
Yes that is basically it. I have done videos where I have shown my face and stuff like
that. I have done the occasional challenge. Stuff like the milk challenge where you consume
a gallon of milk in an hour and your stomach can't capacitate it, it goes all over, it
comes straight back up again. Yes, people seem to love that sort of stuff, but I mainly
focus on game play commentary, yes.
So you are saying that if we want to make shooting really popular we need to drink a
gallon of milk.
A gallon of milk or I had a scotch bonnet chilli, I did the chilli challenge and did
the cinnamon challenge as well. A tablespoon of cinnamon without any water or stuff and
it burns. It is good fun though, really awesome.
Ok well we will try that with shooting and see if it takes off.
Could you do more of this?
Yes, I would do this all day long. I have had a mad experience. I am chuffed. I can
say that I have actually shot guns now, not just on Call of Duty. So I am actually happy.
I love this, you are going to see a lot more ........ on Fieldsports Channel now. Thank
you very much for that. I am chuffed, I am chuffed.
Now we wouldn't have been able to put this on for the gamers without some help from all
our favourite people. Thanks to Neville for lending us some lovely Brownings and David
Levermore from Abbey Shooting at the Kent Show Ground at Detling. He is generously offered
his time in exchange for magic beans and the promise of some of Mark's cooking.
Do you see this lot the video gamers, doing their game in the evening and actually in
the day coming out and having a bank with a clay.
Yes, one or two of them I can see, for one or two of them the gun, the recoil, the actual
live element of it they find really a turn on. Whereas others don't. Their turn on is
to sit in a darkened room for 6 hours and that is them turned on. But no I can see 1
or 2 of a group like this having another go and then settling down and may be take it
up as a hobby.
Like Fieldsports Channel, all these guys are represented on YouTube by an outfit called
Base79. The company describes these guys as Talent and they are talented - can millions
and millions of people across the globe be wrong?
We call these guys social talent. They are a really important part of the future of YouTube
and audiences in enjoyment and entertainment.
I haven't watched TV apart from may be Britain has got talent or the X Factor for about 2
years and I am being serious. I don't even watch cartoons on TV like the Simpsons. I
come on YouTube and I have got certain shows I subscribe to like the new shows being Sourcefed
and Philly D and all of the Call of Duty stuff and some other stuff.
As well as giving these gamers a flavour of what it's like to go shooting we want them
to get a taste of the countryside, so Game Chef Mark Gilchrist has brought together some
tasty morsels -
Right we have got some game pie. And I will do some rabbit and tomato pasta and all the
stuff I have got here is from farmers that rely on me to shoot their rabbits.
We had thought that rabbity pasta would be a big test - but it is thumbs up all round..
It is good that people who haven't tried it probably got the idea that they are not going
to like it, tried it and enjoyed it. Speaks volumes again.
Well later in the programme the guys are going to be pulling on one unusual skin and pulling
off another.
Now it is David on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump.
This is Fieldsports Britain News.
We start with some good news for gamekeepers - buzzards could now be subject to 'non-lethal'
control. The UK environment ministry Defra proposes a study looking into methods of buzzard
control. Buzzards are protected but buzzard numbers increased by half in the 15 years
to 2010. The Countryside Alliance says that announcement "indicates that the Government
is taking the issue of predation by raptors seriously. It is however disappointing that
the situation has got to the point where such a study is required."
A Somerset landowner has lost his firearm certificate and his shotgun licence after
leaving his gun in an upstairs room for his gamekeeper to use to shoot a fox from the
window. The fox had been killing geese. Police felt it necessary to call in an armed response
team, put out roadblocks and deploy a helicopter while a wedding was taking place at Sir Benjamin
Slade's 13th-century Maunsel House. They also discovered an unlicensed shotgun. He was fined
The flyfishing mecca Lough Corrib has produced a new Irish record trout. For more than an
hour, Welsh angling writer and photographer Ceri Jones played the fish in the deep waters
of the Loch. He knew it was a big one but could not believe his eyes when the monster
brown trout emerged from the depths to the surface. It weighed in at more than 25lb when
caught, recording an official record of 23lb 12oz. The 46 year old from the Rhondda Valley
says: "I hadn't seen the fish but as soon as it reached the surface, my knees started
to shake."
And finally reacting to a series of deadly crocodile attacks, the Sri Lankan government
wants to capture the reptiles and confine them to national parks. This is the latest
croc to be caught in a village that has seen a woman and a teenage girl killed by the animals
in recent weeks.
You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain News. Stalking the stories, fishing for facts.
Now how good are you at telling which African animal has been where. Let us go on our poo
There is no funny business here. Poo poos are as useful as a Tom Tom when it comes to
tracking down your game on the A and B roads of the African bush. Size, distribution, hard
or soft, we want to have the tools to read those stools. Offering us his tracking expertise
is Marc Hillerman, Manager at the Blaser Safari ranch in Namibia.
Right this is from an oryx. You can see there is still a bit of moisture. If I open it up
you can see the moisture in here and a greenish colour, which is a sign that it is relatively
fresh. Obviously it had the morning sun on it over here. You can see that it has formed
a sort of layer, a crust. I am guessing, difficult to say, 3 hours and it is oryx. By looking
at the size of the droppings as well as the size of the tracks here, it doesn't look like
a very big animal. So it would not be really worth following this animal if we were going
to look for a trophy.
This looks like a young warthog has defecated here. You can see the moisture in this stool.
Meaning that this piglet has not been here long. I am guessing, again you can see when
I turn it around, a crust has been formed on the outer side. The inside is still very
moist, meaning that it is from early this morning.
We have got impala droppings here. Often you find impala herds they sort of make a toilet.
They always use the same area, but when they do come and we are close to a water hole now,
when they do come they tend to defecate on this one spot. Then they drink water and then
they leave again. It does not mean they only use this spot. They probably have 5 or 6 spots
just like this. Once they come past it you will always find 1 or 2 animals that will
defecate here.
You can see this giraffe track here and this is where a giraffe has urinated. You can also
see that it has splashed all over. Giraffe being very tall animals, obviously when the
urine hits the ground it splashes and that is what has happened here. You will see when
they defecate too, you will have the droppings spread all along where they have been walking,
because they do not necessarily stand still when they do it. Often they walk so you have
the droppings spread over a long, like a long row of it. That is a tell, tell sign that
it is giraffe.
This is from a blue wildebeest. You can see the difference between this. It is a clump
of droppings stuck together compared to his cousin the black wildebeest. By the size of
it, again we are probably looking at a mature bull. But this is very old, probably could
be 2 to 3 weeks old. So he has not been around the area for a while.
So there you are. All you ever needed to know about African poo, but were too afraid to
Now, let us go to the pro-hunter end of the shooting industry. Team Wild's Ian Harford
is in Hungary after wild boar.
[Roar of stag]
We are here in north west Hungary with Wonderhart and we are hunting for pigs. Big pigs.
This is a forest bursting with game. And I need to find me some boar. Hungary has become
a hunter's hot spot for these ancient woodland creatures. And no wonder, their size and speed
is legendary and so is their temper when things do not go quite according to plan. Looking
after me on this trip are Zoltan and Tom. Zoltan is a hunting legend and is one of Hungary's
most respected big game hunters. Tom is one of Zoltan's star pupils and created Wonderhart
to bring hunters from across the globe to Hungary's hunting paradise.
Just driving around gives us a sense of what is in store and I can not wait to start looking
for a big Keiler. We have seen a huge tusker. He is just down in the plantation below us,
an ash plantation. Now he has got a bit of a funny jaw. One of his tusks is broken on
one side which has allowed the other one to grow quite long, the bottom one. So our guide
Zoltan is just going to check him out. The wind is against us so we are going to try
and come around the bottom and push up and come down wind from him. Let's go and have
a look.
The wind is going to be a problem this evening. As we head towards the thick cover of the
plantation, we hear our boar, who either has tusk ache, or thinks we are a little too close
for comfort.
He is standing in the ash because it is a good cover. We will cross the ash plantation
and pass him and turn back against the wind.
Turn back against the wind, because he heard us and smelt us. He made a bit of a grunting
He is a grumpy old boy.
He has probably got a broken tooth.
So Zoltan got pretty close to what turned out to be a young buck. Really, really young
and it looks like it is not very bright. Here we are thinking we are super human stalkers
and actually I think we have got a blind fallow deer. Anyway may be he thinks he is human.
For the rest of the evening we try and find our single tusker, but with no luck. However,
as we head back to the lodge this big boy shows himself and I can not wait for tomorrow.
The good weather means there is some sun worshiping going on in the dappled light of the forest.
A large boar is spotted taking it easy. So easy in fact that we get within a few yards
before it senses danger. We have a tense stand off with what we now see is a female with
So that was quite exciting. We spotted a boar lying in the sunshine, quite a big boar, but
we could not see if it was a male. So we stalked all the way down and got within 15 yards of
it and it turns out it is a large sow with some piglets. So she did not look very happy
that we were there and snorted a bit, a little bit like my wife does. Then she buggered off.
Very exciting as you never know what is going to be there. I was not ready to take the shot
anyway. It is great to see and we are getting closer and closer all the time.
Surely we have worked hard enough over the past 2 days to get close to a big male and
sure enough half an hour later this guy appears from behind the trees. Once he is clear, I
shoot and he drops on the spot. It is a magical moment and Zoltan is as pleased as I am.
And he is down, yah hoo.
Congratulations partner, super hunting.
Now that is some hard work. Now that is one huge pig. Now we have put some serious work
into this over the past 2 days and good old Zoltan here he can smell pigs a mile away.
We have been doing a lot of walking, a lot of stalking, a lot of spotting and there have
been hundreds and hundreds of youngsters or sows and this is the first decent boar we
have seen for a while. And now we have got a shot.
Partner congratulations.
Thank you Zoltan.
He really is a monster. Just the sort of animal I was hoping to find in this country where
they really grow them big. Nice big, healthy pig. He must be 4 or 5 years old. He is huge
in the body and no exit wound. Oh there it is, actually. Of course on the continent tradition
and hunting go hand in hand and we pay our respect to this magnificent wild boar. If
you want to find out more about hunting here with Tom and Zoltan go to
[Roar of stag]
Now it is off to the Oxford Gun Company for one of the great annual events on the shooting
calendar the Browning Owners Club Day.
If it's May, it must be the Browning Owners Club annual shoot. They have gathered here
from across the UK to celebrate one of the things they love about shooting: their shotguns.
What is the point of selling shotguns to people who already own Browning shotguns.
Well, they are our most loyal customers, so we tend to find that once they have bought
one they become addicted and buy another one. And then even another one and a rifle, so
we are preaching to the converted.
This is your Browning Owners Club Day today and these are real enthusiasts aren't they?
They are real enthusiasts and we have got the weather for it as well. These guys would
come if it was raining or a glorious day like this. They are big Browning fans, they join
the club and come to days like this which are exclusive for the club members and it
is just one of the benefits of being a Browning Owners Club member.
There are some famous faces here too. Mickey Rouse is one of the best shots in the country,
with a string of titles to his name.
Brownings Owner Club, what is the point of a day like today?
It is for the Browning owners. Like the people who have bought Brownings or Rourkes. It is
a good thing from the gun makers themselves to give a bit of advertising and a bit of
a thank you for using their guns. Obviously with cartridges as well they are doing a good
And what are Browning owners like as a rule, are they a good lot?
Well, they are nice people like me.
Well, we have been involved with another shooting show on YouTube. You should be able to see
a clip of it up there in the greenery above me. Click on it if you want to watch it.
Next up it is Hunting YouTube
It's Hunting YouTube, showing the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has
to offer.
Here is a fascinating film by Jelen Deer Services about testing transmitter darts on the Houghton
Estate in Norfolk. The transmitter darts can be picked up from up to one-and-a-half miles
and can transmit for up to 93 hours. Use them on deer only please.
You get quality TV from BASC thanks to its new media centre, editing suite and staff
cameraman. The shooting organisation is starting to spread its wings with shooting information
films, such as this gorgeous introduction to woodland deer stalking by BASC deer officer
Lewis Thornley. Do expect this film to be expertly shot and edited. Do not expect it
to challenge your views about stalking.
Becoming a regular on our Hunting YouTube film, Gregloginway has a naughty roebuck who
has been munching through forestry. Happily he has a rifle.
Looking for an uninspiring title? How about 'Andy Mill talking about Maui Jim Sunglasses'.
Who is Andy Mill? Well, he is a champion tarpon angler and an Olympic downhill skier so definitely
a righteous dude. And why would we want to know about Maui Jim Sunglasses? Well, that
means a company with budget is paying for a glorious film about angling. And that is
what you get from this film. OK - it's flogging you shades, but you cant fault the fishing.
Back Of The Landing Net is one of the best fishing shows on YouTube and it has reached
its 100th episode. In this show, regulars Chris and Jay head for Lac Rose in France.
Just four hours from Calais, this fishery holds carp to more than 50lb and catfish to
140lb. YouTube channel name is spaggage08. No idea why.
MabeKennels007 is not a spy - it's a noisy American gundog training channel. Luger is
an 11 week old GSP currently under a six-week training program. Mabe Kennels can't resist
jamming its name down its viewers' throats but, apart from that, it's a useful look at
how to train a young dog in retrieving, pointing, gun training, lead work, swimming, retrieving
on stairs, sit-stay-heel - the list goes on...
Fieldsports Channel regular Mark Gilchrist is as we all know a remarkable rabbit shooter,
so it is unremarkable he is a little embarrassed about the low numbers of rabbits he shoots
in this film with a .22 rifle and Pulsar N550 Digisight. 'I am testing my new data capture
camera,' he whines. We counted seven - and quite a few more to go.
Sercout has a challenge for you: five shotgun empty cartridges, 20 yards, a springer airgun,
ten pellets, shooting freehand - well how fast can you do it? The wind keeps knocking
them over, the focus is a bit off, the camera is too far from the targets to see what is
going on, you need to start watching at the 4-minute mark - but you will see Sercout doing
it in under a minute.
You can click on any of these films to watch them. If you have a YouTube film you would
like us to pop in to the weekly top eight, send it in via YouTube, or email me the link
Let us go back to those YouTube gamers for a game of hide and seek and of skin the rabbit.
Now that these teenagers and twenty-somethings have been fed and watered, it is round two
and we want them to try out some more countryside shenanigins.
We know they like to eat rabbit but would they be prepared to skin and butcher one.
Rabbits are one of Marks' specialities so it is time to find out if they do not mind
getting their hands dirty.
First with the whites and the cleaver is Oakelfish - and this is one unlucky rabbits foot.
This rabbit has obviously had his leg pinned with steel by an animal charity and released
so Mark gets another and eventually we start getting somewhere.
It'sa good job we ate before letting the boys loose on these poor carcases.
That is quite enough of that - lets get skinning
I think your problem is that you do not have a skin tight camouflaged T shirt on like me.
Yeah that is the problem.
If you had this on, you would just go...
Next up to done the chef's jacket is KSI - when he's not an youtube superstar likes to spend
time whittling away at rabbits legs .
Eventually it is the moment of truth - and the rabbit offers less resistance than the
Having past this latest challenge we have some more fieldcraft to throw into the mix.
Well there are no pigeons around today for them to shoot, but we are going to play a
game of grown up hide and seek. We are going to get the guys to hide in this bit of woodland
just here in amongst the bluebells in realtree camouflaged clothing from Rivers West and
see whether master of field craft, Andy Crow, can spot them.
Suddenly camo is sick, street, gnarly and some other words I have no right to attempt
uttering -
The lads dive in to a box of kit donated by Rivers West and our fashionable guests transform
into the motley camo crew. There is even Realtree envy as their competitive side comes out.
Off to the woods and the guys do their best to blend in to this unfamiliar habitat.
Enter Crowman and it does not take him long to spot the tree dweller, but the lads have
done really well especially KSI who has utilised some extra greenery. And MrBlackOps, living
up to his name, who is also beautifully concealed up another tree.
As a last blast Dom is letting the gamers have a go on his .243 rifle. They are allowed
one shot each on a box placed 120 yards away across the field.
Again the lads are incredibly professional - and Dom is not surprised they have had a
brilliant day.
No one missed. Literally all of them hit the target at 120 yards. It is the first time
they have ever shot a rifle. That is very impressive.
This is about getting people into shooting. Is that important or should we be keeping
a closed shop and out of the sight of people?
I think we have been doing that for far too long Charlie. You know what it is like on
local shoots. You turn up and the average age of the beaters is in the 90's now. Without
people like this getting involved, we do not have a future. When I am your age I will not
have anybody to right a magazine for. So it is absolutely essential. And the great thing
is they love it. I have never had a youngster come and try shooting and not enjoyed it.
They have tried all sorts of different stuff, the bows, the air rifles and they have had
a thoroughly good day. If we can get the news out there and get people to try it, we are
onto a winner. We have to be.
What a succes it has all been. We have made some bangs and some friends - but would these
kids from the other side of the YouTube playground come and play with us again?
Yes, defninitely, 100%.
Well we have got some good news for them, because the Oxford Gun Company has given them
a day's shooting each, worth £150. A lesson for novices if you want to take that up.
And next week is National Shooting Week. Starting on the 2nd June for a whole week. You can
go to a range of clay grounds around the country and try out shooting if you have never tried
it before.
Now crucial question, you hairy lot on the end there, would you do computer games again?
Especially if I can beat Crow.
Especially if I can beat Crow, there is no competition is there!
Well, we are back next week. And if you want to subscribe to us on YouTube you click on
the speech bubble which is appearing just around there, sometimes it is there or round
the screen on the outside, or go to our shows page which is
Or you can go to our website where you can click to like us on Facebook,
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This has been Fieldsports Britain, getting new people into shooting.