PahVote Resources

Uploaded by MrWilliamAlbright on 12.09.2012

Hi, welcome to the Resources Section!
Do you see a list of links?
They offer a wealth of information
and is provided by the PahVote team!
Our goal is to encourage research on issues
relevant to our country.
These links share a common purpose in raising political awareness,
but do have different aims.
For example:
OpenCongress and GovTrack allows you to watch our Congress' activities.
You can pick any Congressperson to see their voting history
approval ratings, and more.
You can also see who voted which bill
Also, sometimes when Congresspeople vote on bills, they get
money from certain industries. You can see who!
FactCheck is a nonpartisan, and nonprofit organization
Their responsibility is to analyze any political candidate running for office.
It could be anyone, from President Obama to state governors.
If any of them makes a questionably true statement --
Sometimes, politicians can say something that becomes hot news.
And you're not sure if that's true or false -- check out FactCheck!
Lastly --
NPR and RCP are both great places for news!
NPR is an independent, nonprofit organization
committed to delivering top-notch news.
RealClearPolitics is a website that collects political news
and polls all in one place so you can easily see the everyday political conversation.
It's important that you and I understand all
sides in the political dialogue before you can decide
what is important to you, and your country before voting.
Remember, a vote in haste could end in regret.
Go ahead and explore!