Как разобрать HP Pavilion dv6

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How to disassemble Pavilion dv6. Videos from atamovich.ru
Hello. Today we will disassemble a laptop HP Pavilion dv6.
So, let's begin.
At first pull out the battery.
Then unscrew the bottom panel.
Bolts do not remove completely because enshrined in the panel itself.
So do not try to unscrew them.
Now we have access to RAM.
the hard disk, to the BIOS Battery and WiFi
What should you do to pull out Hard Drive:
Take over the petals,
raise the first this side,
then the other side.
We can remove the cable from the board now.
This is the hard drive.
Remove the RAM.
On each side, we shift to the side.
Jumping out. Pull out.
And there is the second module.
Pull out.
Detach this cable here.
Detach CD-ROM.
It lasts only on one bolt.
That's all, CD-ROM dragged out.
In order not to lose the bolt, you should screw it.
We continue.
It is necessary to remove the keyboard.
If you look closely, the shell has a small mark that indicates the keyboard.
And fifth, the smallest.
It is located in the corner.
Put in the box.
Bolts from the keyboard.
To remove the keyboard, you need to hook it at first.
殷騂ere a small vent, where to poke.
Then the keyboard must to yield.
That's all. The keyboard detached.
Here, it holds one cable only.
To detach the cable,
lift up
and disconnect.
Now you need to remove the top panel.
To do this, remove the three loops.
Raise up.. And we take out.
Turn over.
And unscrew bolt 11.
On the top panel we're done. Now we look for bolts that remained underneath.
We turn over.
It is quite easy to remove.
Since we disconnected the cables, nothing keeps it.
What we see here:
Carried out the power cord.
Flat cable. Module USB.
Another line of USB.
Here is the module of Bluetooth.
Radiator. The cooler.
And the two processors. Central and graphics.
If you need to remove the motherboard...
Then follow these actions.
Unplug these cables.
Power supply: here it is.
Here, the most thin and fragile tail -
Him we slightly pull.
And it is easy to disconnect.
You still can not remove the motherboard, because we have so far
attached display.
The display attached with two screws on the right,
and one on the left.
Fixing this situation.
Now the display nothing holding, and he departs easily.
It is necessary remove the this plastic cover.
To remove the plastic cover, it is necessary to move the display itself.
And unscrew the small bolt that is used to close the cable.
That's all. The display is detached.
Let's see if there was anything in the cooler.
*My unintelligible mooing*
In short, take out the dust and all that.
A lot of dust!
It's time to change the thermal paste!
Now we can safely remove the motherboard.
Watch the video of how to change the thermal paste on the laptop HP Pavilion DV-6
We can see ..
The central processor. Graphics processor.
All inputs and outputs.
Radiator and cooler.
The cooler was very dirty, I cleaned it.
See how neat.
Well .. Put everything back?
How to assemble Pavilion dv6. Videos from atamovich.ru
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