Love Story 2050 Part 11 w/Eng Subs HD DvDRip (2008)

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Just leave me!
Just get...
Zeisha, shall we go?
Hoshi's men.
Zeisha is leaving!
Come with us to Dr. Hoshi!
Your uncle is waiting for you there!
What rubbish!
Rahul! Thia! Where are you going?
We want to talk to our sister!
Right now Sec C needs us more!
Oh God!
Don't worry Sec C!
That's it! We need him alive!
Now Dr. Ya will handover the time machine to Dr. Hoshi!
Let's go!
My God!
Are you fine?
Karan! Why are Hoshi's men after you?
Uncle Ya... - Karan!
'You know diary, Winkydinks says that Karan had come to the station. '
'But why doesn't my heart agree? '
'Once! Just once, I want to meet him. '
'I will just ask, Karan are you fine? '
'Do you miss me?
Don't waste my time!
Where is it?
I won't tell you!
What will you do?
You will torture me!
What can be a bigger torture than seeing your face!
Have you seen your face in the mirror? It's awful!
You can give me shocks as much as you want.
And I am not talking about the electric shocks.
Just look, how my hair has stood up due...
...all the electric shocks in my lab!
He won't tell us like this?
Bring Karan!
Get him!
With my hacking...
...I will show you such a way, that will take you directly to uncle Ya!
How is that?
With Uncle Ya's ID!
Remember Q. T! I had embedded it!
And I already tracked it!
Dhinchak, we don't have much time!
The time machine will leave on its own.
With or without us.
No problem!
This is the shortcut to reach to uncle Ya!
Karan! I had told you he will come!
Why are you hitting him?
What the hell do you want?
You know what Dr. Hoshi wants!
Or else we will kill him!
I will tell you where the time machine is!
Off Marine Drive! Hoshi Park! Section T!
Dr. Khanna...
Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
I am Karan!
My little baby, he is confused!
The poor android!
ZXPD 450, waiting for your orders, sir!
That face, is your target!
Scan it! Search it! Destroy it!
ZXPD 450 come on, hurry up!
Uncle Ya!
Uncle Ya, you okay?
Karan, why did you come back?
Come back, I just arrived!
Machine 7. Lift no. 3. Go!
Come on, lets go.
Karan! - Uncle Ya, take Rahul and Thia...
Target locked, attack and kill!
Damn you!
Block all the exits!
Get me Dr. Khanna!
Q. T! Come in, Q. T!
Q. T! Q. T, where are you?
Stay there, I am coming!
I am sorry sir! We couldn't find the time machine!
Dr. Khanna!
I will take care of Dr. Khanna and the time machine.
But you... are dead!
Zebelle! Look at what Q. T gave me!
It's so cute!
Winkydinks, do you want to kiss Karan?
Come on kids, hurry up!
But uncle...
Brother Karan...
Maybe he has gone to pick up Zeisha!
But what if he doesn't return?
Track Karan's air bike, he will lead us to the time machine!
'Karan, are you sure you don't want ice cream? - No. '
'I won't share my ice cream. '
'We are going to share our entire life, who cares about an ice cream! '
'Come on! '
I had come to change my fate in time.
But maybe, my efforts weren't enough!
You don't even want to turn around and look at me, Zeisha!
I have troubled you a lot, isn't it?
But what can I do, Zeisha!
For the last time!
Let me see you for the last time!
Just one last time.
I am going away, Zeisha!
So far away... - Don't go far away Karan!
Because, there is someone who will miss you!
Will miss you a lot!
Don't leave me behind, Karan!
We still we have one ice cream left to share.
A kiss from my cold lips.
And our entire life!