Ensiferum Studio Diary: Week 6

Uploaded by SpinefarmRec on 25.03.2012

Everytime Emmi and I watch Finnish prime time soap we drink lots of beer
Today we drink this Fifth Sense beer.
The label has an owl.
You can again take a close up of the bottle as usual.
It reminds me of a cottage...
That's a pretty good grade then.
What do you think?
It feels a bit stale.
Now that you mention it... -It should be a bit heavier.
It's a bit meady... -Again!
I give it a C plus. -Yeah but this really goes well with prime time soap opera.
Isn't this good like this?
It comes twice. -It sticks to the E.
Everytime I play the acoustic guitar I drink beer.
And for this purpose I like to drink this Finnish Karhu beer.
It's so good I don't dare to give it a grade.
So there.
Everytime I go for a late night walk I like to drink this belgian style Witbier from Finnish Stadin Panimo.
Let's give it a shot.
It's light as a good wheat beer should be.
It's really good! That's all I could say.
The best so far.
It goes straight to A minus.
Here, give it a taste.
Take the close up again. -Okay.
That's good. Best beer ever.
Nobody does it better than Stadin Panimo.
That was perfect.
Like that. Like it's only one guy.
Hi! We, like most of you guys, missed Emmi a lot.
Fortunately she's here now to put us scoundrels in our place.
And as a thank you we're about to indulge her with goodies.
We have flowers, grapes and pineapple. -And also a face-pack with cucumber.
Let's give Emmi a facial.
Oh my gosh, here is the wonderful Emmi. -Yeah, there she is.
Can I offer you a grape? -Yes.
Here come the cucumber, shut your eyes.
That's a thick slice. You can eat it.
Oh that's good. Pete has soft magic hands, so...
How do you open these? I'll just rip it open.
Let's see what happens... -Oh no.
Listen how exited she is! More grapes?
I can have one.
I got it open.
Open your mouth and keep your eyes shut.
This has a strong scent...
Should we do a "Face-pack of the week?"
It's fresh. Reminds me of Pisang Ambon.
Could we mix it with booze?
Here it comes...
What does it look like? -Like toothpaste.
Smear it from there. -Yeah here we go.
Sami and Pete's facial...
Help me out will you? -Yep. I'll smear the cheek.
There is an upside to this. That is you get Emmi to shut up!
Otherwise she's all like grumpy and yelling at us and stuff!
We are adorable all the time.
I think she's pretty much ready.
Turn the oven on to 200 degrees celsius and stick her in for 15 minutes.
Let her be there until the surface of Emmi is golden crisp.
It looks good now, right?
We will put on some relaxing ambient music...
Yeah much better.
Wait there for fifteen minutes.
We'll go grab a beer.
As we wait for the face cream to sink in...
we can give a leg massage after a hard day.
Helps with the circulation.
How does it feel?
It feels really fresh and the foot massage feels nice too.
I highly recommend this. My face is getting awfully dry though...
This feels nice... maybe we need aroma therapy.