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Modern technology makes it easier to be rude.
Twenty odd years ago, if you wanted to offend someone you'd have to go round their house
and put a dog poo through their letterbox in person.
That must have been such a drag.
But now, thanks to mobile phones and social networking, it is much easier to offend your friends!
Take ignoring people.
In the seventies and eighties, if you wanted to offend someone by ignore them it was actually quite hard.
People only really expected you to wave at them once a month
maybe write to them at Christmas, or send a telegram on their birthday.
Times were simpler. But now, if your mate texts you and invites you to the pub
- and you don't immediately respond -
they act like you've gone round to their mum's house and…
I'm not reading that – who writes this stuff?
People also get upset if you don't read their Facebook or Twitter updates in real time.
There are actually two very good reasons why I didn't read your last tweet:
One: I'm not on Twitter.
Two: Um... I don't have a second reason...
because I don't know anything about Twitter... because I'm NOT ON IT.
Sorry if that offends you. But you can't expect me to read the whole of the internet.
Although Lord knows I'll try...
usually when I'm supposed to be working.
Whilst I'm recording this, I'll probably have received five million texts
and seventy million emails from people insisting I respond THIS minute!
I mean, look – Oh, OK, just one text and one email.
Ooh. Miley Cyrus tickets will be available...
It's… spam. I'll delete - "Beep" -Gone.
I miss the good old days when you could just forget someone's birthday.
But no - now Facebook reminds you. Stupid Facebook.
For years the only people's birthdays I remembered were mine and...
occasionally... my wife's.
On the plus side, at least I don't have to send birthday telegrams any more.
And by watching this, you are no doubt offending someone.
Your girlfriend is annoyed because you should be listening to her.
Or your internet provider is angry about your heavy use of streaming video.
Or the other surgeons are shouting at you
because you really should finish the operation before you watch things like this.
But what can you do?
You have an online presence now... and it's not going away.
You can't escape it.
If you turn your phone off for a day your boss will yell at you.
If you break up with someone, you must change your status.
Even that guy who the film ‘127 Hours' was based on was tweeting "Ow! My arm!"
and "Currently hallucinating about food" throughout his ordeal.
What's the answer?
Everyone just needs to calm down. Take a break.
Start conversing in real life rather than tweeting at every opportunity.
Until next time... goodbye!
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