Over Weight & Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

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Overweight and Breast Cancer
Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ND
There is an association between being overweight and an increased risk of breast cancer. This
has been very well established in literature, and it’s especially true for women who are
over 50 years of age. In fact, for women over 50, there is a three times greater likelihood
of developing breast cancer. After the age of 50, your fat cells produce
most of the estrogen in your body, and the larger the fat cells, the more they produce
a type of estrogen known as estrone hormone that gets into the blood stream.
Higher estrone hormone acts on the breast cells telling them to divide at a faster rate.
And when the breast cells divide faster, they make more genetic mutants that can lead to
cancerous mutations; leading to a greater risk of cancer overall when you’re producing
too much estrone in your fat cells. The other thing of course is when your fat
cells are larger, you secrete more insulin after a meal, and high insulin levels also
act on cells to tell them to divide at a faster rate. So both insulin and estrogen in someone
who is overweight will encourage cells to divide too quickly, and in this case, we’re
talking about breast cells. As a result, when you’re overweight there
is a greater risk of breast cancer. You can’t afford to have this risk lingering behind
the scenes because breast cancer is a leading cause of cancer death, as you know, in our
society. The ideal target is to get your waist circumference below 33 inches; that’s when
you’re within the safest possible range. But remember, being overweight is not the
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