Abraham: FROM GRIEF TO JOY - Esther & Jerry Hicks

Uploaded by AbrahamHicks on 24.03.2009

From Grief To Joy
So how are you?
Do you feel more
in control of your experience?
You beginning to feel
a little invincible?
Aren't you eager to get out there
and sort of mix it up?
Don't you love knowing
that you can be or do or have anything?
Don't you like the idea
of the cooperative Universe?
Don't you like the indicators
that are letting you know
where your vibration is?
Does it matter
where you're putting your boat
in The Stream
when The Stream's moving thataway
and all the stuff you want is down there?
Does it matter?
It doesn't does it?
I read Ask and It Is Given last fall
and had a fantastic winter
manifesting and
my dad got sick
May tenth and died June fourth
and my mom's prognosis now
is two to six weeks.
And um
I've found it very challenging
this past summer
and now to -
you know focus on happy thoughts and
think about things
that make me feel good
when we're -
me and my brothers and sister and I
are inundated with the grief
the anger
the obligations to
clean out the estates.
They're divorced um
so it's two different households.
And I wanted
to hear your input on that.
Well your parents
were smart enough to croak
back into alignment.
It was sort of a
last ditch effort for both of them
but worked just the same.
And since
you're not going to croak any time soon
we suggest you
find a way to clean it up here.
And we're going to give this to you
in a way that you can really hear it.
We'll give it to you softly and easily
but we so want all of you to hear this
relative to the subject
of the people that you care about
making their transition.
So there are two big points
that we want you to hear
and when you do you'll feel better.
when someone that you care about
goes away -
whether it's a lover leaving
or someone moving far away
where you don't see them
or somebody having their -
what you call death transition -
and you think you're missing them
you're not missing them.
What you're missing
is the alignment that you had
before you were focused in this way.
In other words grief is not
sadness that your father or mother
died or are dying.
Grief is the missing of who you are.
Grief is the feeling
of you vibrating over here
when you're really vibrating over here.
Grief is the feeling of separation.
And we know it's easy to say
yes but I feel this grief because of that
but we say
put a different because of it.
Instead of saying
I feel this grief because of something
I can't do anything about -
I can't make my dad come back
and I can't keep my mom from going -
I feel this grief because
I'm focused in a way
that has me separated.
You can do something about that you see.
So the grief you feel is always you
not letting yourself be who you are
and we know
you feel like that's plenty good reason
but we've got to say to you
there is no good reason
ever to separate yourself
from who you are.
So that's the first thing
we want to say to you.
The next thing we want to say
is that as you come to understand
that you are Source Energy
here in a physical body
and that that which is non-physical
is always aware of you
and as you remember that
those people that you care about
who are now cavorting
with the non-physical likes of us
have easy access to you
but you don't have easy access to them.
In other words
you must be a vibrational match to
where they now are.
And there is
such a tendency to say
I will feel better
if I can change the conditions
but since I can't change the conditions
I won't feel good
and what you've got to say instead is
I can't change the conditions
but I do insist on feeling good
in spite of the conditions.
Which means
you have to care more
about how you feel
than how others around you feel.
In other words
there are a lot of people
that don't think you should be celebrating
your parent's reemergence
into pure positive energy.
There are a lot of people
who don't think
that it's a wonderful thing
that in one fell swoop
they have let go of all resistance
and they are now coming full
into who all that they have lived
has caused them to become.
We think that is reason for celebration
not reason for grief you see.
So it's an interesting thing
that someone can
get themselves into a position where
they release all together
and reemerge into non-physical
and then those that are watching
could take it so utterly backwards.
You've practiced the subject of death
in such a negative way
that you don't even know what it is.
You don't realize
that it's the beginning of pure alignment.
You don't realize
that it's coming into the fullness
of who you are.
You don't realize
that it's getting all of your power back.
If you knew how wonderful
the death experience is
you wouldn't give it
to those buggers you're so mad at.
So long you've been equating death
with something that is bad.
That could kill you -
That could kill you
they tell you.
Oh that could kill you.
Oh -
As if it's a terrible thing to die
when there's no such thing as death
and it's not a terrible thing
to reemerge into the fullness
of who you are.
You need a different label for death.
You don't want to say
my father died
you want to say
my father released all of his resistance
and came into the full alignment
of who he is
and now is aware of me
and I have access to him
in a closer, fuller way than ever before.
You hit it right on the nose
because my follow-up question was
the idea -
I'm not married
and I don't have any children and -
the idea of being alone -
you know without my parents -
was a scary thought to me.
But I'm an adult
I shouldn't be afraid of that
you know?
After Esther's parents died
Esther started introducing them to people as
we're Jerry and Esther
we're both orphans.
To try to make fun of that.
In other words
that was a little levity
that didn't go over very well.
You're still sort of
hung up on that death thing
aren't you?
Here's the thing
that we really want you to hear
and it's what we said before
but you couldn’t hear it
but now you can.
You're not afraid
of being alone without your parents.
Focusing the way you have
has made you alone without your Source.
In other words it's the -
it's the diminishment
of your connection with who you are
that is this empty feeling
not the loss of your parents.
You don't miss your parents
you miss the feeling of connection
that often they provided.
Ooh that's big isn't it?
You don't miss your lover
you miss the feeling of connection
that your lover
sometimes helped you to make.
You're not missing
your parent that is dead or dying.
You're missing the connection
that you associate with
or with someone loving you
and we want to say to you
you'll never be separated from -
Let's put it in a different way.
The Source within you
will never stop focusing upon you
and will never not be there for you
and will never cease
to call you toward it
but sometimes you can fixate
on things that don't let you go.
But you'll get over it
because it's not natural
for you to feel that way
and while all this hubbub
over all of this
is sort of
insisting that you keep focusing there
so you're more out of whack
than you've been in a
long long long long time.
You're more out of whack now
than you've ever been in your life -
because of all this you see.
But you'll snap back faster
because now you know
how it all fits together.
This won't be difficult to you.
Just a little time
and a little concentrated effort.
You don't even have to apply
anything that we've
given you here today deliberately
you already know it so naturally.
You could just sort of
say things like this too shall pass
and all is really well here
and I don't want either one of them
to remain in physical.
I don't want dad to come back
and I don't want mom to stay.
I know that this is
the path of least resistance for them.
All is well.
I know that they're on their way
back into pure alignment
and I'm on my way
back into pure alignment.
The difference is
they're going to croak to do it
and I'm going to focus to do it.