Yercekimi Aldatmacasi (Gravity Hoax) A Mockumentary

Uploaded by SuperSevron on 21.02.2011

Gravity! This mysterious theory polarized the defenders of science and faith.
But lots of discoveries show that theory and practice does not always match.
Is gravity real or is it just a theory?
Hayri Kahya - Theology Professor
It's just a theory! There's no %100 valid evidence that it exists.
Quran and the other sources about Quran never mention about it.
It's definetly rubbish.
I will give you an example. How do you think birds can fly? Can you tell me that?
How do birds fly that God created?
The reactions and strong evidence by defenders of faith make it difficult for scientists to prove they're right.
Rencber Davut - Science Professor
As scientists, we accept that gravity theory has some holes in it.
There are lots of evidence that supports this theory since Newton.
But because of science's nature we can never be sure and accept things as absolute.
All theories can both be developed and collapse.
Science has to prove its theories with experiments but this becomes harder everyday.
There's a shocking development observed in Istanbul during Galatasaray - Eskisehirspor football (soccer for US citizens) game on February 6th 2011.
Sabri Sarioglu's shot which was thought he aimed the goal went up above the Stadium and never came down.
Tugay Kalemcigil - Galatasaray Fan Group Leader
I think Sabri Sarioglu was born as a reaction to gravity.
We can never see the shots he kicked with his left foot. When he shoots with his right foot, the ball goes up with an incredible angle.
Even in this huge new stadium all the balls he shot directly goes to seats if we are lucky.
When he shoots the ball it goes up with a direct angle.
A few days ago we witnessed an incredible event during Eskisehirspor game.
There was a very good goal position. He should have scored a goal. Any mediocore football player would have scored in that opportunity. But when I saw Sabri I was like "sh*t man"...
When he kicked the ball I saw it going up with a 90 degree angle and never saw it again.
Scientists calculated the force, acceleration and angle of Sabri's shots with bounce deviation and quantum trigonometry. They looked every possible place that the ball should be.
But the ball was lost. Is that possible that a higher level of existence decided that ball not to fall back on earth.
I was shocked. There was no way the calculations were wrong. We controled it many times.
Everything happens if only Allah wants it to happen.
Sabri Sarioglu is a proof that gravity doesn't exist. He's an absolute evidence.
Gravity is still waiting to be solved as one of nature's mysteries.
Mankind works really hard to figure out the puzzles of the universe.
But we have to accept that there's a long way we have to go.
We have to thank god because he sent us holy writings to lead us on this path.
Human brain is inadequate to figure out nature's mysteries. Will we ever going to answer these questions?