Top Ten Creationist Arguments-Part 2

Uploaded by TheThinkingAtheist on Mar 9, 2010

Because the response to our first top ten list was so great. And because there’s so
much good material out there. We humbly present another Top Ten Favorite Creationist Arguments.
1) The God of the Gaps. Essentially, any hole or "gap" that remains unexplained by science
must be an act of God. Gaps in the fossil record? No problem. God did it. How did the
human eye become so incredibly complex? God did it. What explains the precise orbit of
earth within the solar system, which allows life to flourish on this planet? God did it.
Throughout our history, primitive man's understanding had enormous gaps, and God became a convenient
explanation for all sorts of things, like tornados, solar eclipses, genetics, rainbows,
diseases, floods, the planets, etc. But as man's understanding of science has grown,
the God of the Gaps has continued to shrink. 2) Well what came before the Big Bang? Science
simply doesn't know. But science will admit this instead of relying on myth and legend.
If you insist on placing your God into that gap, we'd like to counter with our assertion
that the Big Bang was actually created by an extra-terrestrial named "Ted" who accidentally
blew up his apartment while trying to make beer. You have your unsubstantiated theories.
We have ours. 3) The bible tells me so. This is a fun little
piece of circular reasoning. How do you know the bible is the Word of God? Because the
bible tells me so. But why do you believe the bible? Because it's infallible. But how
do you know it's infallible? Because it's the Word of God. And so on. The bible simply
proves itself. This argument also works for the Qur'an, the Torah, the Vedas, the Book
of Mormon, Tobin's Spirit Guide, and all of the works of L. Ron Hubbard.
3) Morality doesn't exist without God. Actually, the bible itself talks about how non-believers
are capable of doing "wonderful works" (Matthew 7:21-23) (Ephesians 2:8-9). And salvation
is by grace, apart from works. PSALM 14:1 (no good capable) So even scripture confirms
that goodness exists outside of God. Empathy, concern and the capacity to care for others
makes sense in the evolutionary model, and love and compassion can be seen even in the
animal world. Besides, if you're looking for morality, you probably want to steer clear
of the bible, which advocates genocide, rape, incest, the slaughter of babies, kidnapping
and slavery. We have a whole web page dedicated to this stuff, folks.
5) But you can't take the bible literally. Of course not! It's only the foundational
document for millions of believers worldwide...the perfect, divinely-inspired Word of Almighty
God.'s either accurate and perfect...or it isn't.
6) I had a personal experience. And you can't tell me it didn't happen. OK. We won't. We
won't challenge your assertion that you heard God's voice, but nobody else did. Or that
you suffered from a sickness, you got better, and it must've been a divine healing. Or that
you had a near-death experience once and saw a bright light. Or that God spoke to you in
a dream or vision. But we will say that people have also sworn they were abducted by aliens,
ridden Haley's Comet, heard voices in their heads, and seen Elvis Presley working construction
on Route 66. To quote James Randi, "No amount of belief makes something a fact."
7) Who are you to question the existence of God? Well...I'm an adult male. 6 foot 1. Brown
hair. Brown eyes. I like music, movies, non-fiction books, sushi, long walks on the beach. You're
kidding...right? No mere human has a right to test his belief system? We're not worthy
enough to demand tangible evidence? Under that logic, you could follow ANY god.
8) Pascal's Wager...the argument made famous by 17th century French philosopher Blaise
Pascal which asserts that, if you believe in God and you're wrong, you lose nothing.
But if you disbelieve in God and you're wrong, you lose everything. So why not believe! Just
in case! Essentially, Pascal's Wager is the coward's way out...a "fire insurance" policy
which says, "We're not sure about God, seems kinda weak, but we sure don't want to go to
Hell." Does that sound like true belief and conviction to you?
9) People who practice a faith and then reject it often hear our #9 argument: “You were
never truly saved to begin with.” Any ex-believer can relate to this one. Apparently, anyone
who was a person of faith and then walked away from God must not have been the real
thing. You were a pretender. Superficial. You did it wrong. In a related note, everyone
who has decided to eliminate junk food from their diets must never have eaten the right
junk food. 10) You have to study the original Hebrew
and Greek.
And that’s Round 2 of our Top Ten Favorite Creationists Arguments. If any of this seemed
unclear or incorrect to you, we’d like to use our secret 11th argument.
And we know you’ve heard that one before.