REGZA Tablet AT300 (Thrive)とApple iPad2の比較・レビュー Comparison of iPad2 & Thrive

Uploaded by Hikosaemon on 22.07.2011

So I just bought the Toshiba Regza Tablet (aka Thrive) that just went on sale today in Japan
I think people considering buying this are probably tossing up whether to get this or the iPad2
So let's compare them a bit
So first up, the iPad2 that I bought first
So, I've reviewed this before, but to recap, the reason I waited for this and didn't get the original iPad
Was basically because of the camera
Without it, you can't do video calls on Skype and stuff
And since I got this, I've been really enjoying it
The only real problem is that my wife finds it so easy to use
She uses it all the time now and I never get to use it
So my wife likes the speed of the tablet, smoothness, the quick starting of the apps
And of course there are so many apps
My wife isn't so intersted in apps, but the internet is fast and easy to use
Internet just booting up now.. speed is more to do with my WiFi at home
Basically the screen is great, design is great, it's light
The camera, to be honest, isn't so great
But I'm just happy there's one there
It's just a very well made, top quality great tablet
Still, when you start using it, you do start to notice some issues
For my wife, there are web pages she demands, like and
Sites like those that use a lot of Flash can't be viewed through Apple's OS
There are apps with light versions of flash that let you watch videos and stuff
But you can't view full flash sites
So my wife is pissed off that she can't see sites that she needs to use
For me, there are things like having to get an expensive bluetooth external keyboard
Also there is no SD slot, so to see photos I had to go and buy this accessory
So I got the camera kit with USB and SD card reader connectors
So if I plug in the USB dongle, I can actually use a USB keyboard
But I was hoping that with the SD reader, I could quickly view photos taken with my DSLR camera
But of course you can't view the files on the card
You have to sync the photos to the device first
I felt like Apple was just messing with us requiring this
And you look at the connector, it clearly just costs a few bucks to make
But they sell it to us for over $60
So basically, it isn't expandable.
And for Japanese web users in particular, there are limits to how much of the web you can browse
So I told me wife "I'll buy you a new tablet" with the plan to take the iPad2 off her hands and swap with an Android tablet
But now that I start using the Toshiba, I'm quite liking it
Now I'm thinking I might just hold onto this
So there are lots of Android Tablets out there right now, so the reason I got this particular one is
My impression is that this tablet best manages to cover Apple's weaknesses
For example, Samsung has the Galaxy Tab and Chrome Tab
But, well, they are being sued as basically iPad rip off devices with switched operating systems
I don't know if that's true
But like the iPad, there aren't a lot of connecting ports
And there seem to be lots of Android tablets just trying to imitate Apple
Toshiba's tablet in contrast feels like something new
It really feels like they built these looking to make up in the areas that Apple falls down, which is pretty cool
Also just personally, I'm a fan from using Toshiba products and like the company
So I went for this
So I've only been using this a day, but it was easy to find right away where it makes up for areas that Apple fails
For starters, sites that you can't seen on Apple devices - starting with
Oh, you can see the fingerprints - I plan to get a protective film for this like I did the iPad
I haven't bought one yet
But the image you can see on this site is from flash, and can't be viewed on an iPad
So that is something worthwhile
The fact that you can see pretty much 100% of the web with this tablet
Also there are LOTS of connecting ports
Maybe you can see - mini USB, USB, HDMI, and around here, there is a full SD slot
Where you can take a memory card straight from your camera and view files without syncing
You can view video files depending on the format
I'm a bit annoyed it won't play the MTS file format used in a lot of hi-res cameras lately
But you can play a wide range of formats of video
And on top of that, you can also view video files saved to SD or USB memory stickv
As for internal hardware, this powered by a Tegra2 chip
Compared to other android tablets to date - I've used a Samsung Galaxy and found it sluggish
Which made me wonder a bit
But this moves well enough to almost not give anythign away to Apple
Web pages and applications pop open quickly
No complaints about booting times for applications
So one thing I love being able to do with these ports is this...
Insert a USB dongle like this
I don't know how well you can see this...
Let me just adjust the focus setting...
So, you can see... I can just plug in a regular wired or wireless USB keyboard for a PC and use it right away
And today, I managed not only to browse shot photos, but even to upload them to Picasa from the device, which you'd never dream of with Apple's product
Another fun feature...
Is how you can use the HDMI port
Plug this in..
The screen is a Samsung...
So as you can see here - wonder if you can see properly
So you can project what you are seeing on your tablet onto the screen of a big tv
So there are lots of things this can do that Apple iPads can't
So I'm enjoying that
So looking at YouTube on the big screen
Here's a recent video I made...
So just switching to full screen mode...
So just like this, you can enjoy your movies on bigger screens if you want
For me, being able to immediately review photos I'm taking outside on the spot
And having full support for Flash
And it's a very powerful tablet
I've come to think this is a great tablet, maybe better than the iPad
Where it pulls up short is the lack of available apps
There really aren't all that many
In particular, Skype on this does not yet support video chat, that I want for talking to parents abroad
That's a real shame
But Skype is adding compatible formats
And I'm sure I'll be able to use this for video calls soon enough
The cameras themselves are much better than the iPad2 ones are
But the iPad has lots of games, music apps, and photography apps to play with
If you really want apps, you don't want this
There is also the fact tha it is made about twice as fat as iPad
But it feels natural to hold, and is light, really about the same as the iPad2
You can't really tell which is lighter
So weight isn't an issue and it is easy to grip
But my wife tried holding it and thought the rubber backing felt cheap
For me, I like it, but my wife doesn't, and she said she prefers the movement and feel of the iPad
So she wants to keep the iPad and borrow this as needed
For me, that's fine. At the moment, maybe because it's new comes into it
But I personally prefer the Toshiba tablet
So, there we are, still only used it for one day
The only actual complaint I have is that I couldn't get the USB drive to read USB memory sticks even though the USB keyboard was okay
It wouldn't detect the memory sticks, and this was using good ones, not cheapos
So it feels like it might be a defect that I will check out
So I'll use it some more and update my thoughts on my blog
But for now I'm digging this and it has made a good impression on me
So I'll keep using it and see
Which is better depends on your needs - if you've never used a tablet before, the iPad is easy to set up and use
I must admit, I muddled around trying to find the settings on this at first
Which got me a bit flustered
But they are both very useful tablets
And I think they both compliment each other's weaknesses well
If you are ever planning to get 2 tablets, this might be a good combination
So, sorry that took so long but that's it