Introduction to the Secular Student Alliance

Uploaded by SecularStudents on 16.11.2009

No, mom, I haven’t joined any student groups yet. I’ve only been here for a week!
>>Hey friend, join our student crusade!
>>Look at this aborted fetus!
Yuck! Why would you show me that?!
>>For Jesus…?
>Take our free personality test! Sciastrologically proven to find alien ghosts in your brain!
Uhhh… no.
>>> Tired of spending so much on medical bills? Join the student healers! [coughs]
>>>> Join our universal oneness through Buddhist meditation and, like, Eastern stuff… We
have punch.
I’m really late for class.
>> Hey old friend! Free holy bible, no strings attached!
Oh, come on!
>> Gotcha, praise him!
Is there no student group for me?!
>> Ahh, it burns lord!
[together] It’s Big U!
>>>>> What’s wrong little U, can’t find a student group!? All these people are from
student groups, silly! Oh, look, punch!
Look, I just want a community of normal, creative, rational people working to make the world
a better place.
>>>>> Oh, well why didn’t you say so!? Try the Secular Student Alliance!
[voice-over] The Secular Student Alliance is a network of college and high school campus
groups around the world. The members of these groups live ethical, fulfilling lives without
the supernatural, think it is more important that we can live together than that we all
agree, see democracy as an ideal worth living up to, and believe science and reason lead
to more reliable knowledge than faith. Join the Secular Student Alliance at your school.
Or, if you don’t have one, you can start your own. Or, to support our efforts, donate
to the Secular Student Alliance today.
Hey, mom, I think I found the student group for me!
[voice-over] The Secular Student Alliance: mobilizing students for a new enlightenment.
Take the first step, and visit our website.