Carleton University Faculty of Engineering and Design

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Carleton University allows you to choose the area which interests you
and get an education
that is anything but textbook.
By studying at Carleton, you get to
be involved in the research which is being organised all over the world.
What separates Carleton from other universities is its emphasis on practicality
in its engineering program. We try and be relevant to what's happening in industry,
to what's happening in the real world. We try to design our labs and our experience we give students
to be really practical and therefore really useful.
We're not theorists; we're people who do things in the real world.
Carleton offers a lot of out-of-the-box teaching
so for example, if we were to be learning about something we'd actually go out to the field,
for example a trip to the aerospace museum to take a look at some aircraft.
Get involved. Solve real-world problems. Build something.
Go beyond the classroom.
Make things real.
My fourth-year project was an application for the iPhone.
I was able to take all of my courses from first, second, third and fourth year
and apply them to what I needed to do learn the programming language, to write all the
requirements, and follow through the entire step of developing the application on the iPhone.
Another project is the robotic guide dog. We're designing
a robotic dog which will carry out all the functions of a guide dog but it
will also do more. So, for example, the user might ask,
using spoken language, "Where am I right now?" and the robotic guide dog would have
an electronic compass and GPS system as well as a voice module so that
it could answer the user in speech.
The practical side of the classes are what were more interesting to me:
the labs and the facilities and the applications of the theories that we're
learning in the lectures.
Learn from award-winning faculty and researchers
to become an engineering leader of tomorrow.
It's not just about
sitting down and giving us information. It's about the whole learning process.
A lot of our graduates have good jobs here in Ottawa.
When I talk to industry partners that I have and consultants, they keep calling us
looking for graduates. [Sound of concrete breaking]
Get the practical work experience you need to succeed
and build connections with industry experts.
Our location in Ottawa, Ontario, provides unique access to government and
high-tech sectors.
Many Carleton engineering graduates have gone on to become leaders in companies
around the world.
The way I landed a job is, I met the CEO here at networking conference at Carleton
We talked about technology and how he got started.
MXI does hire Carleton co-op students for a number of reasons.
I think one is that they believe in the quality of education that they're getting here.
We've had great experience with Carleton students in the past: well-rounded students not
only academically but outside of the classroom as well.
I come back every year because I enjoyed being here. It's always great to
have a chance to come back to the school once a year. Quite often Bombardier hires students
directly out of the program
into our engineering department at Bombardier.
The co-op placements I had
were extremely beneficial.
Some of the placements were identical to courses I was doing.
It was very applicable and really did give me the opportunity to see how what I learn in
the classroom works in the real world.
I've done two co-op placements while I was at Carleton. My first one was at Bell Helicopter and my next co-op placement was with Air Canada.
The life on campus is amazing here.
Coming to Carleton was the best choice I made. I've met some fantastic people here, fantastic profs.

I can't see myself being anywhere else or doing anything else right now. This is where I want to be.
Carleton University. Anything but textbook.