Make Sodium Silicate

Uploaded by NurdRage on 05.09.2009

Greetings fellow nerds
I've seen some videos needing sodium silicate,
but none on how to make it,
so in this video I'll do just that.
The procedure is actually fairly straightforward.
First get silica gel beads you find in those packs
with boxed items to keep them dry.
Pulverize them as best you can to increase their surface area.
Get about 10mL of water and add 4 grams of sodium hydroxide.
Heat it up to completely dissolve it.
Now add in small portions a total of 6 grams of pulverized silica gel
while heating in between additions to dissolve it.
This particular ratio of sodium hydroxide to silica
gives a solution of sodium silicate better known as liquid glass.
If you need stoichiometric sodium silicate,
use 8 grams of sodium hydroxide.
If when making it the silica doesn't dissolve
you might need to add more water.
Clean sand can be used in place of silica gel.
But you'll need to go with molten sodium hydroxide in a steel container
like we did last week
as sand dissolves extremely slowly in aqueous sodium hydroxide.
Alright it's done,
here we have a concentrated solution of sodium silicate.
To test it,
first I'm going to dilute it to 100mL
and then add a few crystals of copper sulfate
to perform the famous chemical garden experiment.
In just half an hour we can see the start of the garden.
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