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John VO: what does it mean to be disabled at first glance you might think i have a pretty good
my name is john robinson
i was born a multiple amputee
early on in my life my parents struggled with the questions about the future
would i be independent
would I be able to feed myself
would I be able to dress myself, would i get an education and hold a job
despite having what many would consider severe disability
i try to live the average life
we have an above average set of challenges
today i have a wife, three children I even have a job. I play golf and hike
believe it or not don't see myself as "disabled"
sometimes a question what this word really means
I am not the stick figure in the wheelchair you see in the parking lots or on the bathroom
and i suspect neither are the millions of others
whose lives are vastly different
yet connected by the label society
has placed on them
people like Sara Juedes John: "the question
that's been asked me a lot
what is the label?"
so when someone asks you 'Sara what happened' or
'what is it?' What's your answer to that?
Sara: I always just tell them
I was born with
multiple physical limitations
I see "disabled" more as what
you can't do
I want to be seen for "Sara" not for "Sara with a Disability"
i think i take everyday as it comes and i
and i don't take the small things for granted at all
John VO: join me in my personal journey across america
as i speak about my own life experiences meet others who have overcome their own physical
and mental challenges
learn how science and technology are leveling the playing field
in the workplace
and discover what it really means to have
a disability