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Highlights of the news today Monday the 2nd of July
Now we might have lessons in gay marriage in our schools
It is true ñ foreign workers take nearly half of Olympic Park jobs
Hate clericís lawyer received £1million in Legal Aid in a year
France, Spain and Italy force Germany into £600m bailout
Rogue Afghan Policeman kills 3 British soldiers EU has ësomething to hideí in Kosovo
Thought for the Day ñ ëBritishnessí and what it actually means to you, today.
There could be lessons in ëgay marriageí set out for our school children it has been
reported. Officials at the Home Office and the Department of Education think that it
may be illegal ënot to teach children about same sex marriageí once it has been passed
in law. Under the Education Act 1996, pupils must learn about the nature of marriage and
its importance in sex education classes. Apparently last March, an unnamed official at the Government
Equalities Office emailed a pal at the Department of Education asking whether the ëintroduction
of same sex marriageí will affect the schoolís responsibility to teach pupils about marriage.
Tory MP David Burrowes questioned if schools could exercise discretion on the subject.
Colin Hart for the Coalition of Marriage commented that ëMarriage appears over 3,000 times in
law. It is simply impossible to redefine it without serious consequences, like having
to teach children about same sex marriage even though it would impinge on their parentís
moral and religious viewsí. Ministers are committed to introducing legislation on same
sex marriage before the next General Election in 2015, despite strong objections from Church
leaders. A W@8 reporter commented ëIt would be interesting to see if this law is passed
how our Muslim population would accept their children being taught about same sex marriage
as it clearly states in the Koran that any form of same sex relationships is forbidden
- it should be interestingí
So W@8 has been proved right yet again! It is official; nearly half of the Olympic Park
jobs have gone to foreign workers. These figures were compiled last December so are hardly
up to date and W@8 believes this figures can be easily increased to more than half. The
Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) had pledged to employ ëlocal peopleí but the word ëlocalí
has a loophole and can and obviously has included people from Ireland, Lithuania, Poland and
Bulgaria ñ who can have an address in the areas of Newham, Greenwich, Tower Hamlets,
Hackney and Waltham Forest. These are not exactly un-enriched areas of our capital.
Plus the fact that many new immigrants from the Third World come straight into those addresses
and can secure employment at the Park. The ODA is quoted as saying that ërecruitment
decisions are ultimately taken by our contractors ñ 98% of whom are registered in the UKí.
A W@8 writer has commented ëthe ODA have answered their own question, if their own
contractors are in these areas, it would seem obvious that they take all the foreign and
immigrant workforce available because they will be deemed as local ñ ëlocalí in this
case does not mean ëlocally borní. Once again a handout to foreign workers who will
probably find means of staying in this country when the Olympics is long gone. It is less
a question now of being racist than being a survivalist in oneís own countryí
The lawyer of hate cleric Abu Hamza - Mudasser Arani has received almost double the Legal
Aid that she received the previous year from public funds, totaling almost a million pounds,
in fact nine hundred and 46 thousand, six hundred and 88 pounds. Arani & coís ëenemies
of Englandí clients include Dhiren Barot, who planned to use cars for radioactive explosions
and Muktar Said Ibrahim and Yassin Omar whose failed attacks in 2005 still killed 52 people.
Arani runs this firm from run down offices above a greengrocer in Southall, West London.
A W@8 reporter commented ëShe is violently anti British and pro Muslim ñ her obvious
reason for operating in this country is that she is making money out of the legal aid system
whilst blowing her own trumpet. A case for deporting her and her clients should be issued
The combined machinations of France, Spain and Italy forced Angela Merkel into a u-turn
on the night of the summit. She reluctantly signed off on a deal which will give Spain
and Italy a £600b bailout from the Eurozone fund. She faces a backlash in Germany, where
the opposition SPD called it a ë180 degree turní. Francoise Hollande the new Socialist
President of France backed up Mario Monti and Mariano Rajoy when they threatened to
block a £100b growth fund unless Merkel played ball. It is unfortunate that poor little Greece
did not have the same backers as these large European countries. This ëbailoutí however
large might still prove to be just the sticking plaster on the European financial wound.
Rogue Afghan Policeman Kills 3 British Soldiers Three soldiers of the NATO-led International
Security Assistance Force (ISAF), who were shot dead by a man wearing an Afghan National
Police uniform in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, were identified as Britons. These
killings raise to seven the number of British soldiers killed by their Afghan allies this
year. Reports quoting Britain's Ministry of Defence
said on Monday that two of the killed troopers served with the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards
and the third with the Royal Corps of Signals. ISAF said in a statement on Sunday that the
gunman was injured and later taken into custody. It is investigating the incident. British
Commanders are now calling for a change in policy by adopting an American approach to
security when working alongside Afghans.
The EU has ësomething to hideí in Kosovo. Italian MEP Pino Arlacchi has said, ìThe
European Union is failing in its task to combat major corruption cases in Kosovo.î He goes
on to say ìthat the EUís civilian mission in Kosovo continues to refuse to give details
about the progress of investigations into (eleven) cases.î
Between 1999 and 2008, the EU injected more than two billion Euros in the post war recovery
and state-building operation led by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo. Arlacchi says ìThe
lack of visible results led the establishment of an Investigation Task Force by the UN Office
of Internal Oversight Services, the Financial Investigation Unit, consisting of agents of
the Italian Guardia di Finanza and of [The EUís anti-fraud unit] OL AF. This task force
found out that the vague legal architecture set up in Kosovo by the EU and UNMIK resulted
in a lack of accountability as to how donor money was spent.î He also commented that
the eleven cases relate to the privatisation of electricity services.
Thought for the Day ñ Britishness and what it actually means to you, today.
Well, Britishness, that is a much over used and under rated word nowadays. It is denied
by the greater majority of the British people and coveted in a financial sense only by thousands
of non British people. ëBritishnessí started to die out after WWI, when the class system
wobbled and Marxism reared its ugly head. All things English and educated were looked
on as ëold fashionedí. It was old fashioned to know your place, to try to educate yourself
out of your designated strata in life instead of it being awarded to you, people ëstrivedí
for better in those days, although not a golden age, it heralded a new era of professions.
Doctors and Lawyers assumed a much higher role in society than previously, when they
were thought of as bleeders and clerks. People who had been in service for generations decided
to break the mold and work for themselves. It became an era when blood did not merit
automatic reverence but it did still rule the Empire, and although there are many awful
mistakes in those times, they still did a better job than now. Britishness ended for
good in the 50ís, in fact after WWII. It died out under the Allies and the loss of
a whole generation in the previous war that were the golden boys of England combined with
the huge losses we suffered of yet another generation of youth in 39 ñ 45. We English
have always had trouble with the American way of life and yet we embraced it to a ridiculous
degree during those times. We adopted coffee bars and wimpies but still had de-segregation
to go through with the advent of the first so called ëwanted immigrants from the Indiesí
problem when they landed on these shores. It was the start of the rot of the English
structure. But in the 50ís England was a good place
to live, it might have had its slums, but they were for the most part British slums!
The reek of curry had not yet reached these shores. Church bells still rang. People played
cricket on village greens. Ordinary people drank tea not booze all day. We did not watch
TV from morn till night. We played in the open, I even went on a bus into the countryside
with a friend when I was 12 and we came home safe! We walked to school. My mother was home
when I came home, childcare was non-existent unless you class a nanny as such. Of course
there was awful poverty still, but it wasnít centered around the slums it was affecting
the middle class, one way divorce laws and archaic attitudes towards women still existed
despite the previous war. Our elders were respected, our teachers even
more so. I was brought up to be frightened of what could happen if I strayed from the
path of normality, not with a vision of what I deserved or my Human Rights, I was a child
then I was an adult, teenagers had made an appearance but were generally ignored. England
I remember was a pleasant place, a quiet place, a place where you saw people better dressed
than you and that is what you wanted to be ñ better. No, one does not deserve anything
you havenít worked for ñ but I still hold onto the fact that if my ancestors had worked
bloody hard or been in the right place at the right time then I believe in inherent
land and money. Why? Because these are the people who made this country great, not the
actors, the footballers, the comics, the so-called political worthies and in some cases the downright
degenerates ñ they have done nothing for Britishness or for the longevity of such.
No, the England and the Britishness I and others of my and subsequent generations knew
is gone, dead and no more. You cannot revive it because only Jesus can raise the dead.
So the establishment, who are usually anything but British even old British, are trumping
new ways of making us and newcomers feel ëBritishí. Well they are preaching to the damned in my
case, I simply do not care if newcomers feel they are British or hate Britain, because
there should not be any more ënewcomersí to these shores.
The dreaded Olympics, yet another branding of Britain to keep our minds away from what
is really happening in this country is nearly upon us, we have all sorts holding the sodding
Olympic torch, from really gutsy people with no legs to ageing celebs. I thought the whole
point of the Olympic torch was for a young naked guy to run all the way into the Greek
stadium from an outlying village to signify the true physical ideal of the Games ñ from
what I have seen of this mass of all inclusive and diverse humans - none come even near to
that ideal of old I am afraid. Because if it had my friends, this presenter would have
watched every move! Now this report followimg is truly worrying.
The report ìUnderstanding Societyî from the Institute for Social and Economic Research
at the University of Essex show that Muslims, in particular those whose family roots are
in Pakistan, are the most likely of all groups to identify with the concept of Britishness.
Ethnic minorities identify more closely with the idea of ëBritishnessí than their white
counterparts, new research has revealed, contradicting the perception that immigrants do not integrate
into British society. The study also revealed that identification with ëBritishnessí is
found to be higher among the children and grandchildren of migrants and that White,
Chinese and Afro-Caribbeanís associate least closely with the concept."
Well if this gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, forget it. It relates apparently mainly to
the Muslim Pakistani ëcommunityí ñ ah well then, we can ignore the little matter of Muslim
sexual grooming of non Muslim underage girls canít we? If they view themselves as British
or loving Britain, it is because in plain speak and crone speak, they already think
of Britain as theirs! It is as simple as that. In their minds, they are not Pakistani Muslims,
they are íBritishí Muslims and this is their country Britain. That is what the endorsement
of that headline really means. That report of Muslims thinking of themselves as British
is the most dangerous form of propaganda we have had yet to date, it must be watched,
because our media, even if they have cottoned onto it, will never admit that is what this
means. Thinking of oneself as being ëBritishí and on an equal or superior footing with the
indigenous white population is not ëintegrationí it is colonisation! Of course these parasites
think of this as their country as opposed to the white population, because it is. We
whites do not think of it as our country because our government does not want us to do so.
This possessiveness is never plugged in our schools or universities. This country is here
apparently for the benefit of the poor, hungry, illiterate and greedy of the world in general.
Can you imagine what a furor would be caused if we whites started thinking and acting as
if Britain was OUR country? Fascist Nazi nationalists would be the outcry from the Marxist luvvies
and worse from the websites of the ignorant. We have always known that the Chinese never
ever adopt the countries they migrate and earn money from, they are past masters at
non-integration and non delegation. The other group, the Afro Caribbeanís or West Indians
have rarely been at home anywhere even in the West Indies, they are mainly of African
stock and blood will out as my dear Mother used to say. They may have settled here and
are usually very good at inter racial relations which has resulted in a plethora of mixed
race generations, but British never! So if this latest University bit of nonsense gives
you any hope for peace in our time, do not bother!
Even the press has issued a warning that soft touch Britain is the asylum seeker capital
of Europe, I would have put the world of course. Excepting that there are some countries that
not even these cockroaches would migrate to. Why? Because they would be killed not fed,
tortured not given expensive houses to breed in or generally ignored and left to starve
not given benefits and free health service on demand. It also issued a stupid figure
for our ëtopí status of asylum seekers granted permission to stay in 2011. That figure? 14,360.
I am not going to go into print on what I think of that one. Britishness, that is the
question, well as I have said, Britishness is dead, whites want to be either black or
out of the country ñ that is the fashionable thing to be nowadays, young, rich, multi coloured,
liberal and ignorant. We need a monument to the Britishness of old and not a huge and
hugely pregnant woman from Damien Hirst - but the one thing I will say about it is that
she does at least look non Ethnic, well I have only seen the publicised backside ñ
perhaps Hirst has gone all diverse and enriched on us Brits!
AND FINALLY, It has been reported that farmer Linda Jefferies,
61 of Essex, has for years been embroiled in a "needle match" over a right of way running
to one of her fields across the land of her neighbour, smallholder, Pauline Robb, 54.
This has culminated in a Court case when they decided to sue one another. Jefferies, who
rears ërare breedí sheep, is also the devoted owner of a Hungarian Komonder dog and a Bouvier
de Flandres dog called "Vampire". She has been accused by Robb of using her dog walking
to spy on Robb and her husband. This has resulted in Jefferies being handed
an injunction under the Protection from Harassment Act after a judge found she had been using
the path for "snooping". The order stipulates that Mrs Jefferies must "move along at a reasonable
speed" when using the disputed path - or face a maximum penalty of a £5,000 fine or six
months' imprisonment. A W@8 reporter commented ëThis means that the poor lady will have
to power walk or run with two very large dogs to avoid having to pay this whopping fineí.
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.