Introducing Yourself to the Class

Uploaded by SIatRIT on 11.07.2011

NARRATOR: Congratulations! You have just been hired as an SI leader and your first task
in your new job is to introduce yourself to the students you will be supporting.
You may be worried about speaking in front of so many new faces, don't worry! You will
be just fine!
The trick is to just relax!
With preparation and being optimistic you will never fail!
Remember to be confident, positive and strong. A good introduction relies on a few key points!
An introduction to a class should be about 3.5 minutes long and the first thing to do
is say your name and major!
Make sure to explain your role to the students, that you are there to guide them not tutor
them and will be with them every class and lab they attend. Also it is important to mention
the reason why you are here is because in the past students have struggled with the
class. However, don't scare your students make sure to remind them you where there yourself
and survived!!
Remember that many of the students you are speaking to are new and have not heard of
SI before. Explain that SI is held twice weekly for one hour each. SI is a great time to learn
new study skills and work with peers. Sessions are there to help students improve the way
they think about the class. Much of what is learned in SI can help students in their other
classes too.
Finally mention the benefits of SI. Tell your students that on average, students who attended
SI regularly usually saw an improvement in their grade by one letter!!
After your introduction is a good time to hand out your time survey to the class. Explain
to the students this is the way to best schedule session times that everyone can make. Always
check with your professor to make sure this a good time to hand out the survey!
Collect back the time surveys at the end of class and pick at least 3 times that work
for you and your students. This way if there are problems with room reservations there
is an alternate time!
This concludes how to introduce yourself to the class!! Remember that by staying confident,
positive and strong you will be sure to have a great introduction!
Good luck!