Bronze Rumba - Natural Top, Opening Out, Closed Hip Twist Ballroom Dance Lesson

Uploaded by aanw97 on 15.03.2009

Like this, open facing position. We invite the lady back into dance hold.
So the man goes forward replace side, the lady goes back replace forward.
Her right foot is now pointed between my feet,
dance hold. Now the natural top the man
goes backward the lady goes forward, and the lady will keep the
right foot pointed between the man’s feet each time.
We dance three bars of music, nine steps. Two three four,
a two a three a four, a two a three a four.
We’re gonna do that again this time by ourselves.
So you have a good unobstructed view of the feet and ankle.
Two three, four, each time I step back my feet are turned
out and the ball of the foot is placed behind the heel,
and I try to avoid dropping down onto my heel.
If the heel comes down it only kisses the floor.
So we have two, three four, one, two three four,
on the last one I close, change weight.
The lady’s steps. From the open facing position
from the end of the hockey stick she goes back replace forward.
Dance hold. She keeps going forward keeping
the right foot more or less stationary in one spot.
And two and three four one, and two and three four
one and two and three and four-one. Unlike the man she ends
with the feet apart. She stands firmly on that left
leg keep that straight as she turns a half and steps back right foot.
A two, replace, three, turns back left one half,
put the ankle bone to ankle bone give a nice leg line,
the left leg is still straight, the right knee is bent,
changes weight with a twist of the lower body,
now the right leg is straight, left knee bent, and go forward into fan,
two three, turn and back left foot.
We combine those groups together to give you an idea how they’re connected.
Leading the lady into dance hold. Staying square to each other as we do
the nine steps of the natural top. Closing.
By closing, the man has placed himself more to the left and the lady
more to the right. This allows us to do the opening out
without hitting each other. Lead the opening out by turning
the upper body towards your partner, keeping firm upper body frame. Two
There’s a picture for you. Replace three.
The lady must stay on her own side as we close four. Twist.
Leading through the centre of the body, one. Lower the left hand to
give her the signal to dance across you. Two, lady place left foot
in front of right foot, three, turning keeping the joined
hand between you, now dancing side for man, back for lady, fan.
We will now continue with the alemana, two three leading the lady in front,
circling the hand above her head, joining back into dance hold.
Now we could simply go back to basic like this, or…