Dishwasher Repair- Replacing the Drain & Wash Impeller (Whirlpool Part # 675806)

Uploaded by partselect on 03.11.2011

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we are going to show you how to change the
drain and wash impeller kit on your dish washer. It’s actually a pretty easy job. All we
are going to need is a number fifteen and number twenty torx driver a quarter inch nut
driver or ratchet and socket and an adjustable wrench and a small flat blade screw driver.
Let me show you how we do it. Now the first step in this repair will be to remove the
lower dish rack, just pull that out and set it aside. Next we’ll remove the nut that
holds the lower spray arm in place, take note of a little bushing, makes sure that we’ll
keep that on at the same position.
Next we are going to remove the eight screws that are on the top cover. Use a number fifteen
torx, I’ll just friction fit into the back spray tower, which is held in place with that
rubber from it. So we’ll pull that out and set it aside, and next we are going to remove
the centre screw in the impeller. You need your quarter inch nut driver and an adjustable
wrench. There is a hex shape nut on top of that impeller where there’s molded right
into it. So, hold the impeller still and then remove the screw. You can discard that screw
because the new one comes with the kit and just carefully lift the impeller out and discard
that. That will now expose the four screws that hold that chamber in place. Now may be a bit of
water left in there so that you could use a towel to swab that out or a sponge.
Now with our number twenty torx we’ll remove those four screws and will just carefully
lift that filter housing out of the dish washer and pull that tower aside enough till we clear
the drain impeller and we’ll just set that aside. Lift the chopper blade in the space
of bushing out and then with our number fifteen torx we’ll remove the one screw that holds
the cover to the drain impeller lift that part out and save that, remove the old drain
impeller and with the flat blade screw driver now carefully pop the old seal under the housing, now with
a rag wool wipe out that area that the seal sits in so that we get a nice clean surface
to adhere the new one too.
Now inspect the new seal before you put it in to make sure there are no chips or cracks
in the carbon surface on I, it’s a pressure type seal it has a little spring in it, and
the carbon face will mate up against the stainless steel bottom of the drain impeller and it
has to have a good seal. Make sure that seal seats firmly and nice and straight, if need
be just lubricate it with a little bit of water around the edge to make it slide it
into place easier. Make sure it doesn’t bind on the shaft of the motor.
Next we’ll install the in drain impeller, we’ll reinstall the cover and a single screw that holds that cover in
place and the cover shouldn’t lay flat before you put that screw in and if it doesn’t
that means your seal didn’t seat far enough down in the pump housing. Next put on the
new chopper the spring will have a notch that will fit into a hole on top of the drain impeller
and also a hook on the chopper blade.
Now we are ready for the filter housing. And you’ll take note that the four screws are
not symmetrical so line those up with the configuration on the pump body. And it should
end up this notched portion dead centre on the front, replace the four long screws with
a number twenty torx head on them. We’ll install all four of them before we tighten
any of them up and make sure we don’t warp filter housing to cause any bonding.
Now before we reinstall the circulating impeller, just take note that the difference in the
length's of the two shafts on them. That’s where the spacer would have come into play
in the original ones; so we will not need to use that on replacing with the new impeller.
It does have a flat side on the shaft, sit it over top of the post of the drain impeller
and we’ll take our new screw, once we have it almost to the bottom we can put our adjustable
wrench on the impeller. Hold that impeller from turning while you tighten that screw,
verify that the impeller will turn freely and you have no scraping. Next we’ll remove
the gasket for the pump cover with a flat blade screwdriver, fit it down in to the opening
and peel that old gasket out, install our new one. Make sure the channel is clean nothing
fell into it really any soap crud or food debris.
Now we are ready to reinstall the pump cover, simply insert the outlet into the water tower
at the back and next we’ll reinstall the eight screws and secure it to the pump and
again we won’t tighten it until we have them place take care that you don’t drop
any of these at this point as they will go down into the drain area, then you will have
to uninstall everything that you’ve already done to fish it back out of there because
they are stainless screws and they won’t react to magnet. Now we’ll just alternately
tighten every second one, we don’t create any warping in the cover and do the same procedure
with the next set. And now we’ll install the lower bearing for the bottom spray arm
position the spray arm in place, make sure it turns freely and now we are ready for the
bottom rack and our repair is complete. We told you it was an easy job, thanks for watching
and good luck with your repair.