Code Blue: What to Do

Uploaded by SunnybrookMedia on 05.07.2010

Monica [narrator]: "Michael Jurkiewicz is now a first year resident and no longer a medical student,
and that means more responsibility including a rotation in the ER."
Michael: "A lot of the life and death decisions, yes, they're very overwhelming, a lot of decisions have to be made
quite quickly. Monica: "Like when a cardiac arrest happens, known in the hospital as "code blue".
Michael: "Right now, where I stand at this point,
running a code is not something that I would be comfortable doing, but I know it is something
I will have to do." Monica: "Feeling comfortable running a code blue is what Michael hopes to get out
of a three-day education program called ACLS,
which stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support. It's hands-on training that is now one of
the largest and most active programs of its kind in Canada.
This award-winning initiative helps participants learn how to lead a code and handle all the
scenarios that come with it." Michael: "We'll be thrown into the fire with the simulator
and be pushed out of our comfort zone, and told to run a code,
and that's what a lot of medical school training is: practice, practice, practice. That's why
the simulator is a wonderful thing. Ha!" Monica: "It's a required course for all physicians at the
University of Toronto who are actively involved in the care of critically-ill patients,
as well as many nurses and paramedics.
It also involves those training in other specialties." Dr: Chenkin: "These are often
the most terrifying of resuscitations in real life, you know, the patient
is critically ill and needs immediate care in order to survive, so the opportunity to go
into the simulator lab and practice this in a less threatening environment over and over
again, until they feel very comfortable with the material, gives the health care professional
a lot of confidence when they go out into the real world." Monica: "Sunnybrook's program
also has a high quality educational standard for the ACLS instructors.
After an intense weekend of training Michael emerged with a passing grade and a lot more.
Michael: "The course is great, what a fantastic experience.
I didn't really know what to expect going into it,
but I certainly hoped that I would come out on the other end a little bit more comfortable,
a little bit more confident, a little bit more competent,
and I certainly feel that all three of those, I am."
Monica: With SunnyView, I'm Monica Matys.