CGRundertow TINY TOWER for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 29.12.2011

Having a “Tiny Tower” in your pocket might have some bad connotations... but in this
case it’s a good thing! It’s Tiny Tower for the iPhone!
Named “iPhone Game of the Year” by Apple in the App Store, Tiny Tower is an economic
simulation game developed by NimbleBit. You manage the Tiny Tower, building floors, moving
in residents, called Bitizens, and managing the shops where your Bitizens become employed.
It’s a fun, addictive little game that’ll have you checking up on your Tiny Tower frequently
making sure things are running smoothly and your tiny tower is ever growing.
One of the first things I noticed about Tiny Tower is the variety of things you can do.
When creating a floor you can choose what type you wish to create. Residential will
add apartments that will house up to five Bitizens or choose from five styles of commercial
floors, food, retail, creative, service or recreation. Once your floor is chosen, construction
begins and you’ll have to wait real time for the floor to be built. Once it’s finished,
a random shop will open up. You can employ up to three Bitizens in each shop and stock
up to three different kinds of products. This is where the managing comes in to play. It’s
up to you to keep the shops stocked and business moving. Stocking will take real time again
and once it’s ready, tap once more and you’re stocked up and open for business.
So you might be thinking this sounds like a lot of waiting for a game and to some degree
it can be. But there a few ways Tiny Tower keeps you engaged while you’re playing and
waiting. One thing is the elevator. If you hadn’t noticed by now, these Bitizens are
a bit codependent. They need you to do just about everything for them, opening shops,
stocking, etc. They can’t even seem to operate the elevator themselves. Random Bitizens will
show up in your lobby and want a ride to certain floor. Take them up and they will pay you
for the effort, earning you a little extra coin. This may not seem like much, but occasionally
a VIP will show up and these are actually pretty good bonuses you can get depending
on what type of VIP show up. Some will buy up all the stock of one item on a floor giving
you some fast cash. Others will knock 3 hours off the wait of restocking items or construction
of floors. Celebrities will show up and increase traffic to a floor for quick buys and a real
estate agent will rent out all the space on a residential floor. You’ll also on occasion
have a mini-game to help find a certain Bitizen, earning you 1 Tower Buck once you find them.
Tower Bux are the other ways to speed up game play sufficiently. Tower Bux can be used to
“hurry” stocking and construction, instantly rent out apartments and for upgrades. This
is Tiny Tower’s freemium model and it works pretty well. The game is free and you’re
not missing out by not spending money, just giving yourself a lot less waiting around.
Also you can earn Tower Bux in game like I mentioned through a variety of ways. In the
latest edition of the game, missions were added as a new challenge having to stock large
quantities of items adding another way to earn some Tower Bux.
There is a surprising amount of depth to this Tiny Tower. There are nearly 100 different
types of commercial floors to build and literally millions of Bitizens. Each Bitizen has a name,
style (which you can also change), skill proficiencies, and a dream job they’d like to acquire.
Landing a dream job makes for a much more efficiently run store and very happy Bitizen.
Bitizens are just as obsessed with social networking as real people with their own BitBook.
This feature sealed the deal for me on this game. It doesn’t really add anything to
the gameplay of Tiny Tower, but it’s an interesting feature to have furthering the
simulation of Tiny Tower. Bitizens will comment on things actually happening in the game,
like getting a new job, being busy at work, a shop closing, or sometimes just posting
meaningless thoughts, just like real social networking....
Tiny Tower is well polished with lots to do, looks great, and fits your style of playing
whether you stock it up and let it run on it own or take a more active role try earning
as many Tower Bux as you can to keep you engaged and make your Tiny Tower, not so tiny after