Butler University Polar Plunge 2011

Uploaded by butleruniversity on 25.01.2011

Yeah! Get pumped! You're going to be so cold. We're here, Polar Plunge. I feel like we're
a mix of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Olympics. So tell us about the Polar
Plunge, what's it all about? Well the Polar Plunge is a national fundraising event for
the Special Olympics. That's the real reason why we're all out here today, to support this
great organization. It's just a crazy, really fun, exciting way to raise money. Butler has
supported our group for probably about the last twenty years. When you guys decided to
do a plunge we thought we'd better plunge here. The best program in the state, right
Grace. Right! Best program in the state. Right! What do people have to do for the Polar Plunge.
They have to raise fifty dollars if they're a student or seventy-five if they're a community
member. They come out here, put on a funny costume and just into the lovely pool we have
outside. I'm not sure if you guys know this but it's about twenty degrees and it's snowing.
It's just cold. We have an epic event going on, the Polar Plunge. Let's jump into the
coldness for a cause. Let's see what's up. BUPD, coming as the Copsicles. I'm cold watching
them. Oh, oh that could take gold. I feel like this is would be something you just have
to run, don't even think about, go through it. Here we go lucky charm. Going and, oh,
without getting the hat wet. Gold! That's very hard to do in this kind of competition.
You tell no lies. Splash zone! Should've prepared for that. Iron Man's here today as well, didn't
know. Oops, secret identity right there. We know who the real Iron Man is now. And Winnie
the Pooh. Okay and with her famous swan. Oh my gosh, I've seen few people do that, that
move is called Jubilation. I think that was called Starfish or maybe Shark-bait-oo-ah-ha.
How are you feeling? A little bit bruised a little bit cold. What did you have to mentally
prepare for this? Just not think about the pain. Okay, alright, fair enough. Was it painful?
Yeah, it was really painful. It pushes your eyes back into your head when you flop. How
was it? It was really cold. Really cold? Alright, I won't ask you anymore questions. Are you
freezing for a reason? What was the reason? I don't know you tell me. It feels good, kids
were helped, something, I'm cold. So how was it? What'd you think of it? It was fantastic.
It was. You guys look so warm right now. It's so cold you're warm? That's called hypothermia.
Now the real question is, does clothing help? I know a lot of teams bring different outfits
but then again is it better to just to go skin? I think that it's really up to the participants
to decide. It really comes down to if you want to have flair or if you want to have
speed. Oh she seems to have kept her little flippers on. Look at the little mini pools
that they have set up. They have a small layer of ice on them already. Look at this. These
are not natural noises coming from these people. Its like, 'can I survive this day after this
jump?' That was a cool effect with the hat I think right there. I thought it was fun
and it's really not that cold. Alright, well I think you're the only one that thinks that.
I feel great. I feel rejuvenated and I'm so excited to do this for Special Olympics. Let
me tell you what, this is a great cause and a great event. Thank you guys for hosting