The Morning Show: 3 Minute Grill with Jim Painter

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(female speaker). ...Morning Show, it's the three
minute grille and in the rush to the holiday season it's easy
to overlook any kind of healthy food in the rush of all the
other goodies and treats that are brought into your office.
It's really hard to overlook that.
Today, Dr. James Painter of the EIU School of Family
and Consumer Sciences is here with a couple of students.
There are some other ones off camera.
They're going to show some healthy things.
Why is it so hard to do this?
Why is it so hard to eat healthy?
(Jim Painter). You know, it's hard because
we have the wrong things in front of us
and the wrong things are easy to get to.
And so one of the keys is--and there's a lot of this
pre-prepared healthy food available in the grocery store,
we just don't get it.
We need to get it, have it at home so it's ready,
we can use it.
(female speaker). And it makes it much easier
and quicker to prepare because if it takes too long,
I'm not going to cook it.
Now Carrie O'Donnell is here.
Now you've got a couple of one minute meals
that you say can be done in one minute.
Okay, show me.
(Carrie O'Donnell). First we will be making
a chicken caesar salad.
Basically, just open the lettuce, pour it in.
(female speaker). Okay, and this just is
Romaine lettuce, which is really good.
(Carrie). We're not going to put it
all in here and then we're going to add some broccoli.
(female speaker). Now is broccoli typically
a part of a caesar salad?
(Carrie). It's not a traditional
caesar salad ingredient, but since typically Americans don't
consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.
(female speaker). That's very true.
(Carrie). That's why we add it in.
(female speaker). Okay, these are all ready to go.
(Carrie). And then I'm going to open
up the chicken, which is pre-cooked.
You can find it in any grocery store.
Dribble it in there.
(female speaker). There you go.
That's okay, we'll clean that up later.
(Carrie). Parmesan cheese.
(female speaker). Now, is parmesan cheese
a high-fat cheese or is it--it's pretty much okay, isn't it?
(Carrie). No, it's pretty much low-fat.
(female speaker). And then croutons.
(Carrie). I think the longest part of this
is opening the bag.
(female speaker). Well there you go.
(Carrie). And then you just pour it in.
(female speaker). Okay.
(Carrie). We're going to put some
caesar dressing, light then right.
You'll find that in any grocery store.
(Dr. Painter). Were you timing this?
Did we do it in a minute?
(Carrie). Pretty much.
(female speaker). She said one minute in my ear.
(Dr. Painter). Oh, okay.
It's ready to go.
(female speaker). So I just toss it
and it's ready to go?
Okay, and it's very healthy because you've used
low-fat dressing so all these other things aren't very
high in fat and you get at least one serving of protein
and one serving of vegetables, right?
Two if you eat a lot of it.
(Dr. Painter). That's right,
you can get three or four.
(Carrie). It's pretty much all
the main food groups basically.
(female speaker). Okay, good idea.
Now you have another one minute meal that you,
we'll switch sides here.
(Carrie). This is going to be
a spinach turkey wrap.
(female speaker). And these, again, are all
convenience things, that they're already ready to go.
(Carrie). We have a spinach tortilla.
And you're going to take your deli turkey, two slices,
or more for the meat lovers.
(female speaker). [laughter].
(Carrie). And then you're going
to take some shreds, you can find these too in the...
(female speaker). And that's already been shredded
up so you don't have to worry about doing it yourself.
(Carrie). Yep, sprouts, some tomatoes.
(female speaker). Okay.
(Carrie). And a dab of honey mustard.
(female speaker). And that's optional,
so if you don't want that on there,
but why wouldn't you want that on there?
(Carrie). I know, gets it all juicy.
And you roll it up.
(female speaker). You roll it up
and you're ready to go.
Okay, and that took less than a minute.
How easy!
Thank you so much.
Coming up our next segment on the 3-Minute Grill,
we're going to take a look at some of the ways to make
your desserts a little less, well, sinful this time of year.
We'll be back.
(male speaker). ...Morning Show.
We've seen healthy entrees, but how do you get healthy desserts?
Dr. Jim Painter with the Consumer and Food Science,
isn't that the program?
(Dr. Painter). Family and Consumer Sciences.
(male speaker). Family and Consumer Sciences
at Eastern Illinois University is here,
he brought two of his students to join us.
Traci Frieling and Maggie Korte are here
to share some recipes with us.
Nice to have you this morning.
(Dr. Painter). Thanks.
(male speakerer). Alright, first we're going to
start with Traci and you've got something
that looks awfully good right there.
(Traci Frieling). What we have right here
are some pies and it's very important when you're making
holiday food choices, especially with dessert,
there's many different choices, many healthier choices.
So what we have right here is we have a pecan pie,
which has about 500 calories, 455 calories a slice.
We have a regular pumpkin pie, which has just under 300.
And then right here we have a pumpkin custard pie
made with Splenda, made with fat-free evaporated milk.
And this right here has 108 calories a slice
and it has a high fiber crust.
So we're actually going to have you try this one
and tell us what you think of it.
(male speaker). Well, you don't have
to ask that twice, I'd be glad to.
Let me ask while you're dishing this up,
are there other differences amongst these pies?
Obviously, the ingredients are a little bit different.
(Traci). There's a little bit different
texture in this one because this is a custard pie
so it's prepared a little differently.
(male speaker). Okay, alright.
Now what am I supposed to be tasting for?
(Traci). Just tell us what you think.
(Dr. Painter). It's supposed to taste good,
(male speaker). It does.
(Traci). And we can even spruce it up
a little bit, put a little bit of whip cream on there.
(male speaker). You can just feed me
in the whole three and a half minutes, that would work.
But we should talk a little bit too about lots of calories
in some pies, but you said this is reduced calories.
(Traci). That is reduced calories
because it's made with the Splenda
so it hasn't, the only sugar in this is in the crust.
The crust is made with All-Bran,
so All-Bran has a little bit of sugar in it.
That's where all the sugar's coming from.
(male speaker). Now Splenda's different too,
Jim, in that you can cook with Splenda, but some of the
other sugar substitutes you might not be able to.
(Dr. Painter). That's right.
And some of them had some problems
with health and safety issues.
This one has not and this one has really come through
over the last decade or so and it's been clean.
(male speaker). Okay, well that's good news.
Thank you very much for that Traci.
We appreciate it, very tasty.
Now, Maggie, you're going to show up something about cookies.
(Maggie Korte). Yes, these are sugar cookies,
but they are not made with sugar.
We used a sugar substitute, which is a lot healthier.
And it also is important to, when you're making cookies,
to pick, like, these are oatmeal so these will be healthier
than the sugar because they have oats and raisins.
(male speaker). Okay, so you're adding
healthier things to kind of make the recipe in general healthier.
(Maggie). Whenever you're cooking,
just use substitutions that you think would be healthier.
(male speaker). Okay, was there anything
in particular you did to these cookies
other than the sugar substitute.
(Maggie). Not really,
just taking out the sugar.
(male speaker). Okay.
(Maggie). And then if you want
to spruce it up with some icing or glaze...
(male speaker). Yeah, I noticed
what you did here.
You brought some pink and some green glaze.
You made these?
(Maggie). Right.
The glaze is made with fat-free Philadelphia cream cheese.
(male speaker). Okay, keep going, I'm munching
(Maggie). And then also Splenda
and a little bit of skim milk.
So it's very easy to prepare.
(male speaker). These are good.
Is there a concern about making something maybe
with the sugar substitute that's too dry?
I mean, is that the reason, is it that something might be dry
or is it just because I can't cook?
(Dr. Painter). It is, when you take the fat out
and you take the sugar out sometimes things are dry.
You can try one of the sugar cookies, you can see that
those are a little drier than normal, but you can,
by putting a glaze on the top, correct that
and they can really be very tasty substitutes.
(male speaker). That's not that dry,
that's quite good.
Alright, so now my mouth is full, so excuse me for a second.
Dr. Jim Painter, Maggie, and Traci, thank you very much
for your recipes this morning.
We will have these on the website
a little bit later today.
We have them on now, Gabrielle is giving me a thumbs-up.
Go to, click on the Morning Show link,
and you can find the recipes there.