Best Of: Angry Grandpa (10mins + Subtitles)

Uploaded by xPerfectionMedia on 18.08.2011

"Holy mother-fucking...shit!"
"Wow!" "Sir, Sir"
I tell you what, you go back in there and tell that little pretty boy, you see that pretty boy with the blue shirt?
Ahh! Godamn!
Why you gotta get a picture of your fucking momma?!
He got more money than me, that's true. But I got something he ain't got. I got fucking class.
Mother fucker something he didn't do God damn ? Never say never ? Shut up rar rar!
Shut up! Is he gonna get a haircut?
Fry bitch, fry. (She deserved it). Like an egg in the pan.
You gonna die
*Sings: Love me tender, love me true, you one ugly motherfucker...*
*Sings: You can't sing all the songs you knew. Now you're a dead motherfucker.*
RWJ: "Look man, we've all got fucked up families."
That's the god damn truth...
Yeah I know what you're thinking. Why the **** is Santa Claus there-
RWJ: So with all that in my mind; my guess is this video's fake.
*Heavy breathing* FUCK! You
Oh Godamn I love this tweeter!
Buck you! I like twitter - get the fuck outta here bitch.
*Laughing hysterically*
Keep watching RudeTube. Or Angry Grandpa's © gonna kick...your...ass.
Oh God damn it.
You been eating my God damn pinwheels?!
Tina's the one who set them behind the microwave, not us!
I've not eaten your pinwheels!
You god damn liar!
You pinwheel eating motherfucking bitch!
Mom said they were behind the-
Fuck you mother fucker! x2
I've had it with you.
Ain't nothin' left to tear up.
The kitchen is finally closed.
I don't give a flying fuck! I don't care!
I got my candy. That's all that fucking matters.
Want some? No!
You didn't spit it all over me?
God damn! You mother fucker!
You mother fucker, God damn..God damn
What did I do?
You put- You got- Yeuarghfhlueargh
I'll plunge yo motherfucking ass!
What do I...How do I do that?
You don't know how to do mouth to mouth?!
Excuse me. You're the nurse here?
You plug his nose, what?
Motherfucker you ain't *Yells* putting your damn lips on me!
You God damn pickle boy mother fucker!
You ain't putting your God damn- oh!
You ain't putting your god damn- You ain't putting your God damn lips on mine!
*Cheeky laugh*
Motherfucker's feedin' fish
Eh! Bin Laden's a dead man! Yeah!
Yeah! Go ahead man, fly the flag man, yeah!
Give me my God damn flag! *Laughs*
Osama...Bin Laden
This cake is for you.
You feed the fish...and I'll feed my face *Toddler's laugh*
God damn that's annoying!
I like it.
Turn it off man please.
I'm dying motherfucker, I'm dying!
What are you, Fred Sanford? Comon, get up.
I'm dying, turn that motherfucker off!
Turn the cat the fuck off!
Somebody let me out of here!
Somebody let me- *Laughing* - Chill
Motherfucker don't taste so good.
Then heat it up.
Then I'll throw up.
Then throw it in the trash dad.
Eeeeaauurrghhh................Fuck you
Heat it up and then- Just heat it up and eat it
It tastes funny!
Motherfucker got ginger
That flavour - I don't know what that god damn flavour is but it's sure bad.
*Distressed cry*
You mother fucker, if I get salmonella...YOU...
Argh fuck!
How 'bout you eat the god damn hot dog motherfucker.
Oh shit!
Go, Bridget, go! Oh fuck (God damn!)
Holy motherfucking...
...shit! That's my god damn income tax money
And you God damn didn't tell me?
That's not important enough?!
You stupid motherfuckers, you dumb son of a bitch, you can't fill out god damn taxes
And you can't answer a God damn phone to take a message!
She answered the- Fuck you, buck-a-you! I've had it!
What are you doing?!
Oh my God...Fuck this God damn thing!
'Cause you broke my god damn dryer
You just stomped on it!
I ain't done shit, prove it.
It was a joke, it was a prank. I made it on Photoshop...
...and I printed it.
Are you kidding me, how many?- He likes grandpa, unlike you pickle boy!
Does he not know how to spell 'dumbass'?
You're gonna, gimme - That's my buddy
It says 'rumass'
Oh right, that's Michael
That's my buddy!
Anybody else wanna send me something?
Send ME something!
Fuck you!
Nuthin'- So what do you want to do, with your dad for 4th of July?
We're going to a- *Unheard below firecracker noise*
What you making in this boiling pot there? Where?
Back pot? Beans. Front pot? Rice.
Frying pan? FUCKIN' CHICKEN!
What's in the frying pan? Fucking chicken stoopid.
He like, he ready to suck that dick any minute!
Waiting for someone to put a dick in-between his fingers and put it into his mouth.
He'd do it. I believe he would.
She's trying to get it to work!
God dang you...
What the fuck?!
*Hysterical laughing* You dirty bastard!
The fuck you trying to do to me *Continued hysterical laughing*
Argh! I'm gonna grab your god damn apples! Argghh! I'm gonna make them-Arghhhh!
It's still a C.A.T
Now we need the most dangerous cat you have. Do you have a cat that's perhaps clawed anybody?
Shut your God damn mouth pickle boy!
Why don't you kiss my fat fucking ass pickle boy?
Alright here we go, this is it. This is the moment.
Get away from me- I'm just. Don't you even think about it-
*Sings: This is your moment. Your moment.*
You can get that god damn Rebecca Black stuck up your fucking ass too.
Here you go dad.
Imma get this angle - on the lips.
*Vomiting* Eurghhh.....Heurghhh
Next question, next question.
Do you still have that weather-beaten dildo that you bought for your wife, do you still use it on her? ....Okay
Yeah, I still got the dildo. I found it last night when I was cleaning.
And no, the bitch won't let me use it on her.
*Sings:'Cause we caught in a trap, I can't walk out.* Fuck you.
Man, fuck you, mother-fucker. You making fun of me now you son of a bitch.
Suck my dick you whore-dog motherfucker! I'm getting mad.
67TR8- *Extreme coughing*
Damn cigarettes, I think I'll smoke another one. What now?
That motherfucker lay in the God damn grave.
For one million dollars, would you suck an Elvis impersonators' dick?
Do I look like I have an anger problem? You stupid motherfucker.
Doctor Drew, what is your motherfucking problem?
Be a man Hogan, be a FUCKIN' man. 'Cause right now, you a God. Damn. Fucking. PUSSY!
Dim-whited motherfucker...
What the fuck you want?