The Rise To The Top: How to create and profit from your own interview-based web show?

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Good morning everyone. This is Yifat, Your G plus go-to gal and
today we have... David, I can not pronounce your last name..
I mean you'll mess up my first name
I'll mess up your last name. Of all people you can't.. for now is just don't want to pronounce
no one can pronounce your name it's David Siteman Garland
Garland. I can do that! Garland.
So David Garland from The Rise to the Top uh... the number one badass show on
the internet for podcasters and mediaprenuers which is a name
that David
came up with and now is..I think it's a common jargon right David?
yeah you know we're working on that. and we're trying, you know, brand the language here
You know?
That works. So we're all mediapreneurs here
Hold on. Blair can you mute yourself? There we go.
so what we're talking about today's actually how do you make money from
this kind of shows from the internet shows
and what's really interesting about David is that
he just has guts. He started twenty four
took some Bar Mitzvah money and opened he's own.. I love Bar Mitzvah money
It's true. It's true. and opened his own TV show, right? So how do you even decide
to do that and
how do you manage to get your first getting your first initial and you know
entire indicting
right had part of a uh...
it'll be rd story when it comes this kinda stuff because what happened was
you know i was twenty four and twenty eight now
and i would as i've always had a big interest in broadcasting and kind of a
new aid in
but as you know how i could turn into a business or anything like that ur
you know what i was even something that was something that i
even thought about
does twenty four years old i was at a coffee shop
and i was sitting at a friend of mine i say you know what it would be cool
is to do a show about entrepreneurship
you know this is it's changed a lot since then the backed them last twenty
i actually started he found a lot of people don't know this
on traditional t_v_ in saint louis missouri around from side to all my
and ended up creating a traditional t_v_ show that's how it started called the
rise that stopped
that was on a_b_c_ on sunday mornings in saint louis how do you mind i'd like how
do you you know i just wanted to thank him like a i was at my hotel that sanity
walked out to give you a shout at cellmark's ne plus so here's your is
kinda weird story behind it and i think it's kinda interesting
outline about itself
right before i was doing this
i was involved in a hockey startup of all women thing since it was called
role in-line hockey
and but i was part of sorting is asian a radio station came to me and they said
given extra time line
it was like saturdays noon to one
would you be interested in doing a hockey shell
you pay us five hundred dollars a month
but air time
he could you anything you want to do sponsors you can do your own ads you can
do your own show do all these things
u_p_s_ is five hundred dollars a month
housing all my god it sounds like the most fun
so i paid five hundred dollars a month
went out not sponsors that i had
at the time from preliminary in stuff like that
and that's when i started to learning about media and leveraging its i'd pay
but i would also make more money than i was paying if that makes sense
so t_v_
so much again leading demo you uh... decide you're going to create your own
show they don't it's gonna be brothers and one thing i think your i'm just
going to have sponsored by the hundred five hundred nearly two month at such a
joyous yeah
at the meeting so
uh... and then you go out in the eye can never done this before but you don't
need to sponsor me 'cause i'm having this t_v_ show
yet and this is what my sardar on the radio right of the first thing that i
no experience
well you know experience all vitally expenses that i never stopped talking to
a life
like it's not like i a an annex racing radio anything like that so
eyes i had no idea how to create a show i wrote down every single word i was
gonna say side no idea what to do a sidewalk dropping a scrap of light
twenty pages and give her a litany like new out you're freakin mind uh...
olympics inside so it can be no idea what i was doing
and enso
i took that models though
she t_v_ that's when i started and things have changed a lot since then but
at at the same idea that we do on the radio which is essentially buying time
if you will
and then it leveraging that time to create your own show and brand i'd
brought that the t_v_
um... the basically the same model
and that's how i started for the first year and a half before i brought it
a hundred percent online
that is amazing because that really and bring her she picked international
you greetings voting out of nothing out of your ideas into head and uh... how do
you find a cure for students and uh... i do not happen
yet and i think this is a aside so so
gray question about doing the gas because
until i think it's important when i started i didn't have this like
amazing business brand or anything like that meeting that it wasn't like i
accomplish like fifty things that are a thousand things and i came in the night
i had this like amazing rolodex of all these people are just all up anyone that
i want to make a month i had a rolodex of like my mom and my dad and my grandma
you know i mean
so there wasn't
too much of of sections that i have when i started my think a lot of people start
in that way where they don't have a part of connection do that's also it's a huge
so what i did and i think this is the advice
that i give all the time the people are incheon doing interviews
i started with people that i already knew even if they were very very small
my first guest
on the rise the top
was simply a
order of a bar in saint louis that created this really cool
baht per slash sushi bar that i was pretty cool
and i i do
you know was a frequent tests ok so i i went in there is a hey would you like to
come on my show
and that's how i got the first person and i always encourage people
tapping your network
anyone just to get
get the thing going and starting you know as opposed to going after the top
of the line are going after those major major gas right away
i think a stronger approaches to really go
for someone that you know
and then always ask
for a referral from there
on and that's how it started building
one interview one showed a time
and so what was your
main differs gold as it sounds like he started with your interest you like
amnesty you know interview enterpreneurs was done again and go along with a
creeping on and so many credo you know spun off to show
yeah and and it's funny because now
the way that i teach this is a lot it is somewhat different than the way that i
did it because when i did it was sort of like a ops at if u l you know and i
teach a much more like you know
straightforward approach now because i've learned so much
among of on the years but you know my goal when i started honestly
make enough money to survive
as well united because this is my business i wasn't anything else on the
side or anything like that
michael wise
and i make enough money to survive
and start building the brand from their build the audience you know that's that
was really it was building an audience and making enough money to survive
uh... what it was my early on goals of the show
and how do you know that you're building on the and see you know how many people
watching you well
the t_v_ show was going on yeah so what i was doing was
and i knew that i kinda wanted to bring this online
uh... you know and and that's one of the story of how it kind of evolve
but yet my
will ever happen was the station kens constantly on edge
it easy to sell you know
here's how you promote a show you gotta buy all these ads enjoys a good things i
was like
do die
just spend all my bar mitzvah money i don't have any more money to spend
u_n_ hats renaissance united and so
i took are much more
grassroots approach to building the audience on t_v_
and so what i did was number one
uh... have always been a very you know social person in general so i i've
really really really focused on social media so what i mean by that
connecting it to you
anyone that i could in saint louis businesspeople in saint louis groups in
saint louis
anything that i could just realize when i started it was
very very localized now we're in over a hundred countries online but when i
started it was
just in saint louis missouri
and so i wanted to know everyone so i can acted everyone online atlanta
networking about someone's anything that i could
just to try to get the name out there and start to interact with people as
number one
and the second thing that i did
uh... which
was kind of just are shot the dark but end up working out well
was i started hosting really small aventis for entrepreneurs in saint louis
so they were called
we did one should learn as we did
rise dinners we did all kinds of different things where had sending email
or face book message of something like that and we get thirty forty
entrepreneurs that will come out we had dinner and we have a little no
discussion and different things like that so
a great way to sort of build the brain activity
and do grassroots awareness cuz of the time
i didn't have money but i had time
and so that's what i spent the most uh...
amount of things doing was focusing on ok
need being number one marketer for the show at the time
that's awesome cuz it sounds like you know basically its connections and
which is what social meetings for writing about as i was like the biggest
while did something happen you like on big now i can you know approach
ali brown i can approach on the millionaire matchmaker yet that was
uh... that's a whole punished by eleven million massacres that whole area sorry
about this book uh...
and die
that's a great question i i i never really thought those terms of like home
and it's got my bigger anything like that
you know
there with their work
an interesting benchmark
when people started to asked me to come speak or write articles
and i thought that was kind of an interesting thing because
i started this sort of on
position myself
is sort of the entrepreneurial world now i called the media print or world will
be different but back then it was more
entrepreneurship and small business
it'll i started getting a lot of questions about
social media or creating content or different things like that on just as a
result of the show you know and so i think that was a interesting point where
i started to view it as a little bit different uh...
less of the media brand and more of a brand
that's really educational
and that that also give me more confidence about
you know approaching bigger gassing going down that route suspended
interesting way it wasn't like oh we had this amount of people anything like that
you know
so no one in the last interview with arlene eileen brown
uh... she was talking about how she doesn't plan ahead right things change
all the time and i've been mostly blinded like maybe sixty days on ninety
so for you to get out of the biggest one from the beginning this is what i'm
going for it is his home but again there this is the people that going to get me
that he's going to do
i would love to tell you the s on sfga i would love to say pat had his saying and
it's like a whole day planned out
all i have been you can't really see it behind me i can't answer rotating almost
a little bit
if you if you see every hitters like some boards
o'clock at night
microphone but i've got
entire business planning to bring that in quotes
is is written on this little board that i have coverage yet love it
it's important to spread out in two thousand feet
which is right over there
and all i did was as i said okay here's the rice that's hot
and here's ideas that i can do with it you know
educational products live bands on you know all the different ways that i i saw
that that it could work and i really take it
uh... as a one year
approach at a time since two thousand eight was you know one yen in two
thousand i i take it as sort of a year in a time
but with the room
rumania cheer to make innovations and changes in the grand his change so much
started that list and recognize that the good work
continuing to evolve in thinking about
what the company is and how we best serve people and things like that has
really on health improvement from the beginning
so you know doing to me um... skype calls
where you record then and use them on thier mailing least uh... i think every
day right
no i identity masarik
ag at once a week now than i do another thing that i'm calling ideas gtv which
is shorter utube like videos once a week as well so i'd like a long for me
interview that could be anywhere from
thirty to fifty minutes that goes out
on uh... wednesday's m_n_ on most mondays i have a good mother like bonus
many video something like that
and you started getting people to sponsor your so they're like okay i love
your audience obviously people are coming from your show it to our side
here some money for it
yet it's got to tell dad now here's here's one of my
most counter-intuitive things that and i have an aa
ominous share with you
uh... yet so when i started i thought the number one the revenue source for me
for the rest of my life doing this pic was going to be sponsorships
i don't really know it when i started i thought that
i mean that makes most sense right i mean you drea ami like okay your show
you know shows have sponsorships and so that the advertisers that's where she
got out
so i focused for years
just in that area reaching out to companies doing that
focusing on sponsorships
and there was a moment
and this was after we'd stop doing that had the t_v_ production we started doing
skype videos and they're very tenet
unedited on client
conversations we've had all kinds of funny stuff happened like you know
baby walks in the room and throws out that happen once upon a my gas like just
funny stuff happens we'll leave it all in
so starting sponsorships
there was like dissipates any moment talking as my friends were great
strong internet marketing
the top of the time
and i realized
i was becoming a media brands
as opposed to an education brand
and i want to be an education brett
academy here brimming okay so let me explain discusses like and so i i was
anyone that's
on the street i stopped them and tell them about their stomachs excited about
it right
a media brand is that
the content is your business
you are creating she let's just in this case a shout
you're creating a show
your revenue stream is based on the size and and the engagement of your audience
and you sell to advertisers and sponsorships
another way to look at it
also a media brand could be that you do a show but it's a private showed people
pay for it so maybe it's v_i_p_ a membership or something like that make
yet education brand which is what the rise to the top is
is that yes we create media and do all these things
but the real business
is creating educational products
an educational events
and other things that help our audience
okay so there's a difference that so
what what i realized was that
well we do still have sponsorships and it's a great sponsors
that really the long-term success of the rise the top and also write courage a
lot of people to come in
on is into having
customers not just
advertisers and sponsors as customers
on and so it to me it's the most critical shift
that made in business
and so at the beginning industry cabinet to re-enact and beginning you're going
to respond to just kind of a rent
that started worrying and then you them
moved from t_v_ to online and you're doing your shows online and then you
realize that they sponsorship is not worth the money is the monies actually
people buying my educational products and that's why i'm going to put on my
that-that's asa ryan products i had to be in a broad term right as a product to
be everything
you know product
additional products physical products
um... you know events return events on stuff like that so
that that the point though is that this is why i thought was interesting when i
started my goal was to go is why it is humanly possible
right like which i think most broadcasters want to be like you want to
have the biggest audience you can't
yeah so my
subject matter
wise relatively broad like
on the scheme to think so i'll chip in your ship is a very broad subject matter
it's very very specific and it took awhile to get there
but its media preview worship which essentially is entrepreneurs
who crave or or interesting training media
you know on and how they can leverage that to build an audience and all that
kind of things that bats
where we're at now
its differences
if you're going to go abroad
you know
it's all about
sizable audience and a new people in for advertisers and all that kind of stuff
if you're not growing
you're gonna be in trouble for revenue in the long run
that being said
you can have a small or
but more passionate audience
and actually make more money if you're selling your home products especially
if you're selling higher end products and
that is no more the biggest realizations that ever happened i have ever seen
i've seen people that are have audiences of a hundred thousand two hundred
thousand that are taking very much money at all and i've seen people that have an
audience of children's red arthurian hundred people but they're extremely
passionately by a lot a high-end products and stopped and i think that's
a stronger business and i've been
some of that will never
or ok certificate questions one is when you started you had no idea about
creating for tax and putting all that stuff together
how did you learn how to do this how did you learn how to price your product you
yahoo you bringing desolate let me explain and it's funny doubt they
mention this and that really talk about this is a psychic cool subject because
uh... would ask you about something coupon
on this board that i mentioned
it says
products database with all of those products
also products of sometime right
no idea
what the products we're going to be
but i knew that i wanted to be some kinda products uh... and services to
offer right
so the very first product that i had
was actually a book
of all thanks
your book is awesome
yes thank you
thank you and it was like my first thing i think that let's say a mention of a
after timber
smarter faster cheaper on amazon
montana's i never get it and but happened was with this book and this is
my first product in this sort of woke me up and i was a huge learning lesson too
writing a book and getting out there's a huge learning lessons
really shifted my thinking but
but the publisher actually came to me
so so i wasn't actually out there soliciting a book or anything like that
uh... wiley publishing came to me and said we'd like you to read a book
technical writer but you got money all right about now but asif uh...
you know so
i and get out my first product
launch if you will
smarter faster cheaper which has all the strategies to
market to promote your business by creating content
so the book was my first thing
that i literally sold
turek the
if that makes sense
you know everything else was i'll go check out my sponsors are my ads or
anything like that this was the first
directly to people
now what's interesting about this in this is the big lesson where where i
shifted from there
the book
and i shared sacrifice a theatre that night
amid open book her
but but the thing is
a lot of books get out there and they only sell it for five hundred copies
which is crazy
but you know they don't sell books don't sell well
it is done in general it unless you have this huge mass of filing
and realize i was just kind of
developing a falling on my book came out
and what happened was the book
has sold
it like over like five thousand cox
attacked mime-version what's that
which puts a antonette term because i'd never knew what success was with the
book no one told me like you to sell this many copies to be done it for this
pay copies to be back
mhm i realize from that really quick i love the book isle of that it's helps so
many people
i'm glad that the reviews are good i'm glad the people of enjoyed it
but from a business perspective always
rate for credibility in brand building and all that kind of stuff to gain
getting stuff out there
a book is not a money-maker by any means
if ronald reagan and i guess it's gonna go moral wrong
uh... lead generator or promotional marketing nor meeting in a mother right
which i screwed up
because while it did all those things
i didn't really use it for a legion so meaning what i should have done if i
were go back into it again right now if like knowledge i picked up
no i would have a smarter faster cheaper
digital corks
or some kind of back and consulting product something like that that goes
with it that's a higher in fat
and and and that's what he thinks
so when i warned from that
and this is a big lesson
my friend ryan lee who's a great internet marketing diane
super super cool guy
he's like you know for the same amount of effort that you did to promote and
market your book is when you come out of the booker product of any kind it's on
you know to get out there meaning like the publishers intuitive
and so
he comes to me says you know for the same efforts
bet you did it
to promote your book to five thousand you know five thousand sales
what if you had a course or something else or a higher end product
that you can promote
out there
i guarantee you if you put in the same efforts
while the sales volume might not be five thousand
if you have something that's maybe five hundred dollars for sale
you're gonna make
so much more money and serve people and a higher level and it's going to bring
your brand in the next level
and that change my thinking
and that from that point far from the those conversations because
i said all my god
if i may like
but all the blood sweat and tears in the market promoting in juneau is different
things there should be hopefully a financial return
mine right and so that's when i started to you
say okay from now on
what i'm and focusing on higher and
products and services and that's where that's right shifted since that
so card copy cat that he had a great in profit from your interview based when
she was in you
wouldn't give u_n_ shows away for free
young and right so how do you make money from them
secret sauce right
so here's how i make money in the cypress people so
there's really
the renate your ways
that you can make money from an interview based web show
uh... and i'm very biased to tell you which ones i think of the best
so far as i i hear that freeze that way it's okay
number one is the one that we talked about early on
and that is that you have a three show
but you have sponsors and advertisers
again which i do have citrus online carbonite a few other you know we have
some advertisers and sponsors so thats that's one revenue bucket if you were
the second revenue pocket
is that when guests come on you're showing the surprise of course on your
show and and what you have
you can promote their products and services for percentage
and earn affiliate commissions
so this is an essay working every match
you know for example if if if and s comes on my show and they have a new
course i'm shooting high high phone videos which someone had to specifically
on iphone videos
we offer a deal to my audience and tell them it's an affiliate link
and they'd get
you know i get fifty percent of the sale of something like that
on anything assault
menu and they don't mind you know because you provided convent snow like
yeah lady right
and it's not pushy
you know it's like the way that we come on is that the interview happens in the
last couple minutes we do end of berry soft cell
you know it's like a
do you like today's content if you like this dot check it out
there's also other ways you can corporate stuff michelle it might be
thinking yourself well
you know my
my gas might not have something
okay fine
what about other products and services that are out there inured bench that you
can just organically promote on your show
and given affiliate link so it's like a sponsorship without permission
uniden sank so
let me get example
uh... on my there's a fitness program that i i'm a part of concepts that body
i'm a huge fan of the program
and if i organically mention to show or if i do a show where we just have to
talk about fitness
i will link it up in the show notes my affiliate link
joyner dollar proc
i get a hundred dollars on kamesh
and so i just worked out with a and so when i tell people as let's say
let's say that you have a show about dog training
antalya showed a doctrine could be very well
but let's just put any of the show about dog training
well option one
you go out uh... you know
but is only tables of debts and you know
uh... hines or whatever and you like a sponsor mission that's option one
let me ask you for any pru
roof that do you know their money comment gives a return on investment or
something like that
yet it's tricky and that's why i don't incur as number one and i'll explain why
visa or that's number three as well
but number number one
you could go out as someone for sponsorship right
number two
you could go out there and find the best dog training products that are out there
and basically put them on your site and mentioned in your show
or commissions
so you get paper sale
and then option three which is my favorite one era and this might let's
get back to sponsorship conversation
is a you create your own products and services
uh... you propose
on your shelf
for lack of better chart you know it so if you're the dog training show you're
offering your dog training special dive your dog training course or whatever it
might be annual organically promoted imatinib on your show
the way that i like to see a is sort of like
uh... art museum model
but this is not to push it's not too sales each
but we go to our pcm it's often freight acid content
but that they're also happens to be places that you can buy gifts
and is the gift shop and their stuff like that that's all around when you get
an art gallery a lot of cases
and that's the way that i sort of you this view as people come in for your
overdid the common email subscriber something like that and you also have
products and services for sale that they can see on the site and that you can you
know organically bring up in your shows and things like that arm and when i've
noticed with that
you are now responsible for yourself
and not just a sponsor trying to prove our ally everyday intelli throw up
because i've been adding
our allies is a tricky day you ask that question 'cause it's tricky write me a
it's tricky like i can't
can i go to my sponsor
and tell them
x dollars
a hundred percent have been generated
perhaps dollars that they spent
it's going to go
i'd love to hate in election and we have late summer tracking things right
but that being said sponsorships are a very very tricky game ten o'clock in the
because here's the problem
the problem is
how do you get how u increase sponsorships
well you can either increase in volume but i mean by that is that you have more
sponsors begun yet now you have additional thank eighteen sponsors and
it's getting awkward
you increase your audience size can you try to charge more
the problem is
if you have a dog training show how many people in the freakin world are
interested in that urinating boomerang
like eventos honors
i know that but i'm saying let's say that you have one thousand passionate
mark of that shot let's say of one thousand fan
ives could care less about your one thousand fans 'cause that's not how they
they're not gonna get
advertising for one thousand people
you know i mean even if it's a perfect people just don't do as justice is a
backwards we have three effect
a lever
if you've got let's say at the great talks begin course it's five hundred
twenty five percent they're all audience
i_d_s at which is two hundred and fifty people
buying something for
five hundred dollars
that's a decent amount of change
that's gonna be more than
anything you could get for a thousand people when it comes to sponsor and
yeah don't agree with you
so i think the next question is everybody who comes to the internet
i want passive income i want to create something that i do want time and then
people come back and benny month of the month and i can be in hawaii vacation
aim i've been talking about you know that it should read free cocktails and
that the rainbows and sunsets and recommended but not right by their
and and so it might need a model that you're describing is constant work
because its weekly which shows that you create n
content product that you come up with and by that relationship that you're
working with when can you take a vacation and just enjoy eating come well
actually i just got back from we'd identified two-and-a-half weeks off
until i went to europe so and didn't even by my internet blue start you know
if it's out of it it was even a day and take another one coming up in
everling you know whatever
personal to challenge was just let's just be frank with that that's not
it's not the easiest thing in the world this is not
but there is passive income opportunities only put it this way
if they're going on vacation
and you do a show
there's an easy thing to do here i preach tape the show
before i got the cation
and i have a virtual assistant event posted so i
critics shows
i write out the emails i send it over her as a post in at nine a_m_ on
wednesday morning and i'm but i'm going to do it
white house is worth the from the business perspective
when you have things for sale that do not require you
it is still passive income
attacked let's put it this way
i have mike course trade awesome interviews which is teaches divided
interview this website right
i left
i came back
and there was ubuntu people dot block radars and that is why i was gone
event also
was and how to do anything
you know so is that passive income yes it is because it's money that doesn't
my specific time
to be working one-on-one with people the big thing that i tried to steer away
is what we call dollars for hours
you know i i mean i'll do it if it's like a lot of dollars but birthday a few
hours uh... but for the most part
it's not leverage of all to do so because again
julia so much time right and so from by creating some kind of products
oncourse i as opposed to a service to knowing your product could be software
your product could be
a digital corks
your product could be you know whatever it is
but setting it up on your site so that all sales are automated
that you're not worried about it
uh... when you take a little vacation you only thing you need to worry about
is making sure that you stick with that whatever you're consistent posting
schedule is free shock so it's a leaky mistakes
his people
don't set that
consistent schedule but if you're getting out something once a week
uh... you know it's not that hard even for nearly for eight weeks to shoot in a
suck it up
and get it done
so this is actually our dip and we will be enough to discussion anyone here
jumping you have any comments questions
i see people writing down everything that you are you reading regression
here's my question i'll start with the big one and we'll go to smaller ones
dole destiny like a big one
orders the big one how do you know
no when to charge for something verses one it's free is nowadays it seems
there's so much stuff being given up for free on the internet
it seems impossible to start charging
bless your heart by michael a question
bless your heart alright so i i i i i have an answer though for this uh...
what are people pay for what you could not pick right
in my opinion when i see is that
unless it's a membership site people don't pay for shots of people don't pay
for you know just to watch our viewers show about
on you know if it's inspirational or anything like that people pay for how to
and people pay
so let me explain when talking about
byproduct wet when i came out
and i had a today for a long time so it's not such a great question maj that
was like how how might a charge for anything i just free shot
irani right new york edited echo enjoy you know how the swatch of free shots of
thanks for coming con not the case because when i realized
the main questions that were coming to meet in my email
all the time on comments and stuff like that where people asking
basically the rise to the top system how did how did create the online shows how
to do the interviews adam arkin and promote m
how to get the gas how do these different things
and so what i did was
i put that into eight course a system
if you well again nine module video course and then
a bunch of other things as well screencast stuff like that
into eight products
and the product is distinctively different than the show
on and so that
it just made a hundred percent senses so but i've realized is that
if you do your show as you know education
and entertainment
and you know inspirational but every fall on those categories but then you
have something that's a how-to
those are the best things
at cell
online period in my opinion so that that's the way that i think
on is a good way to look at it and another thing
is that
people who want to buy stuff from you know i know that sounds kinda crazy
i was at a conference
uh... in november and a big fan of the show came out to me
she says listen
uni to charge for something
she's like i want to buy some abbas dot net euc asap
but you don't have anything for so you need to have something cool for salmon a
bite she's likely to speed up don't you think that
bag was in charge
is like i've sat
and so you have to look though in terms of
you know d
need in the barking and bill that would be houts you and information product
something like that on and i think that's the best way chart that helps
the truth i think them in throwing their justify work with the if
a main product is how-tos numbers that's how aree help people
i'm going to have to distinguish between what how-to is free and went out to a
charge for and therein lies a little bit of the trickiest
especially with the openness of seems to be going on with the internet of
everybody wanting to help
uh... and so to distinguish between when my house to it can be better than
someone else's free on bail on charging for
you know if the bill reputation first i would imagine yeah i i agree i excited
there's a speech recognition credibility factor that comes in also
something to keep in mind
there's a mental thing about giving information away like people are like
dot if i give too much away
than people are not going to buy the product like if i give away my top tips
on doing in interview based web show
no one's gonna buy the product
i found that to be the opposite
so i've done
smaller video blogs giving away tech center in the course in different things
like that
people still wanted because they want your perspective they want your
packaging they won all in fun of them so i haven't seen a problem with giving
away houts you but then also having a how-to product i know it sounds kinda
counter-intuitive antonia right now it still works which are
crude but there is no question industry mcsame uh...
they're asking do you think this kind of success is reputable in small economies
chest small economy medium economy big time it is just what
the reason that
it's successful
is because it's based upon
it's it's not based on volume it's based on it
your reputation your credibility and your expertise and how you package that
together and sell it
lasts about the amount of people or
you know whether the economy is whatever i mean you wouldn't believe the markets
of people that are making
six figures plots
with stuff like this where they have a showman they have something leverage dot
i mean everything from health and wellness to you know there's one about
a girl that that just talks about anorexia
and and and so that there there is very specific things out there backend make
money as they say there's a riches in inches
quick yes elaborate
i think that that's so so truly remember
you've got a couple of weeks ago you had a mark trap a command
and he's an n_c_o_ specialist and
and he was given away fantastic to so a full our wonderful free
at the end
i'm saying
to myself
i want to give you my money
uh... because i am not going to put it in ten years or ever like you haven't
heard learning
what u you know
is that not worth my time
but you've convinced me that i want to work with you
at so
so yes it but i think this example
nottingham that wasn't done through
gentiles and i think he's like hey i'm an affiliate dying i promote other
people's stuff
and now but he did so much a way that when he says this is my affiliate link
you wanna buy from him you want to get something because he's giving so much
you know before yet and this is a really good model hydrated and uh... that's
that holds people back because people think people are like in the scarcity
that aren't successful bestseller like an asshole the might tips even advice i
will hold them into the day i die or you give me money iranian and and what he
notices note the people that and i i can tell you this right now people to come
on my show
and let's say they have a plot to something to promote
the people that sell the best
uh... r_r_ result limo sales
are the ones that have been
most open with their advice
and the ones that are the least open with their advice sell the least a
hundred percent time
actually i have a couple of things that was discussion pieces
had to come to think about and going to start adam for interrupting you daily
dot was actually made thank you
on by rain
and the whole thing about you but i've got help people want to pay for things
there's also the mindset of the simple fact that you're doing this you're
giving away all this information free and if if you don't make money doing it
you're going to start doing something else great pleasure manager job nobody
wants that yes uh... and there's all steve of of
demeter sec
now my brain just crashed i'm so sorry i had from completely forgotten what i was
about to say
and i i i i don't know how
jump in there is a somedays mention though is that
you know uh... fret a buddy of mine carried a nerd sharply guys on the on
shore night like you wrote a book about how the thank you connie
and notice
that that is definitely factor like meeting where
people are so appreciative
read amazing stuff
that there are like all my god
imagine what i can pay for how great is that going to be
you know and so
uh... relieved sadie who does i wanted you to be rich he likes to go out there
and say you know what
i like to give away
stuff that's better
and what other people are charging for
and then when people come in and buy there that much more happy
that they're going to have a common alleles well and paper back to you you
were talking about the uh... that the add that to get the kind of
it protect mindset the the tendency to keep your by steer self
i think about information is that when she is that once you give it away when
she selig it can be copied over and over again because it is information it does
not make sense to hold back information to you
simply based on that insult you see the copies
yeah great in the way that you get around that because less if you'll make
that argument like information you know once to be free and might get you know
no one's gonna pay for the information
i'll tell you what they are gonna pay for
number one is are going to pay four how you package that information gather
number two they're going to pay for
your perspective
on that information
and number three they're gonna basically pay for it you know you are parading and
know the reputation and credibility that you've built up in your ability to also
very clearly to people in those of the four thing so like you know i a lot of
people there i call my god
there's so many things out there on blank and is not going to do it and i'm
like well if you can build strong brand equity in that space you're going to do
just as well as all these other people by bringing your own unique voice to it
uh... sorry randy cooper
pierre in new merit blast caller
uh... hair hot unit are
pretty no for are are
and then
no collateral
garden are
american andrea
why i appreciate that he had its side united so i'm so excited the headache is
a bit and might want to know that it has you know you know watching this new
online event for immediately newer sets that's uh... we're just watching right
now it would literally two clicks literally right now it it was like this
morning so
so i appreciate that and uh...
you know i anna and thank you for machine at the interview would deign
that i did last week uh... etc for those who don't know
game actual comes on he's a he's really good at et software for service jij
behind you softwares are back in business
board i had food poisoning was illegal x all teens during that the side and i was
in on the missile predator that by the way
if that was reality canceled
and uh... i think it is a better methods etc date is a better man than a that's
all i have to say about that
walter berman
yes michael
president contest dick thanks guys are really enjoying this uh...
just one question david how many people say no
uh... you know when you started out obviously
yet getting those interviews nominee you've actually got a choice though
how many guys actually said no
here's some answer that
all locked
but less than you think
so himself so yes i was off so here's what i mean by that
when i started i was kind of like
uh... machine gun fire
if you well i was trying to reach out to be bites i'd read our blog post ceramic
love mum
patted him on the shell and so i got you know everyone and everyone and everyone
in and i have heard a lot of knows
but i also did hear a lot of yeses
but one thing that i've learned and this is a rates here
for arm
getting people to come on
your show or episode
the promotional factor
of that
when someone has something new coming out
i don't care what it is
they've got new pibjammu us i don't know what it left
whenever anything is are coming out
even the most inaccessible people
ecom accessible
um... when it when it starts when when when that happens so when i've noticed
is paying attention you know
to those people
uh... is one of the most important things you can possibly do is paying
attention to you know that those jurors heroes of people that you want to have
and when they have a booker product come out you get to approach them not from
the perspective of light
you know pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty please come on i've got an
audience of six people
coming on and saying that you know why
love to hell
promote your book and the other chart though michael it that is just because
you're interviewing someone and you're going to help laga book a product
whatever that doesn't mean the interview has to be on that because if you think
about the tonight show anything like that
ill just talk about the movie the whole time to talk about like
we're dating exploits and funny stuff whatever then at the end right by the
new movie in theaters coming soon you know i mean so it's almost like your
foot in the door
and then you can craft the interviews in there so it's one of my
by pieces of advice on on that annexin sense
david had another question but ok
uh... uh... you'd said you know earlier from your perspective that's the whole
point here
and his you had said that uh... when you first started you were promoting things
that were at a lower dollar and smell your realizing you could spend
just as much effort and promote some of its higher dollar and it's a better
return for you
okay that's that's a great perspective should learn from
what about the idea when he said this three different thing you said there's
either sponsors and advertisers
there's affiliates
and then there's making your own products
you're leaning very heavily obviously on making your own products
if you're new if your brand new to this think about if you are a brand new two
would you start with affiliates first
and then go to making your product to read that dive right straight into the
uh... make your own way question it's obviously depends on the persons i think
that's in bilateral on a discount
you other she weighs one super passion about products and services
my second
thing that is great is affiliates
the third thing i think is sponsors
but that being said you know
i've also believer hedging things in having you know where you have different
things going on so that if something dries up you're not having a problem
but that being said
euro products and services of the peace likely thing
uh... to try out the if you well
so but i'd first people to do if they're starting and
if they have a business already there are any huge advantage
if they're saying this because then
they can organically
promote what they're doing you know i mean select for example if i was
shop a fire whatever something like that
i could give the shop of five show
and we all you know right interview shows store owners are something like
that and you already have
that back in business in place you've got a huge bit
let's just say you're starting from scratch you don't have a proctor service
affiliates as you mentioned gas article
great way to get started rescue different reasons
number one
it gets your audience used to the fact that you've got to be promoting
it gets there used to that it kind of conditions them
that there's going to be plugs there's gonna be the occasional promotion
so that you don't you two hundred shows in the ninety one and one you liked by
the way please click this link w o status dot
you know if so
even if you're not making a lot of money from it
getting people condition
to the thought that there's gonna be some business behind this show
is a good thing second of all
there's a psychological advantage to having a show think about that for the
work that's my favorite four letter word
it's the first thing i tell people about increasing interest of course
is saying listen
raising yourself as someone that has a show and a show host
automatically gives you a psychological credibility so she could do in a video
different things like that
and with that
you can reach out
to affiliates you know potential felix is ahead
i'm doing the show
it's brand new
okay it's gonna be on acts
i wonder parts and services
i'd love to offer special filia till tonight audience
we make a connection and what i've noticed is that businesses
uh... army
much more likely to say yes to show host cuz they love that concept on even if
your brand new and it allows you now to start getting her audience condition and
also start to build relationships of people
so that f_ lee ron let's say you do you want to go the sponsorship route
you might be able to leverage in affiliate u_s_-sponsored something like
that we're on
so in summary you'd say it's a pretty good idea to permit affiliate concept
and then the mentioned thorough know your own
products that you're making
yeah i think it's again if you're starting in the n you literally and you
have enough money in the bank that you can tolerate this there for for a while
you have no back in business and you're just getting rolling you've no idea for
a product or anything like that
outside with affiliates
no prob and so i think that what you're saying he's you have to build the
audience you have to build a relationship and you know some of the
condition them
that's missing out of performing it is free but it comes with a little
cherry on top
right i mean like you know
a lot of people were saying well when's the best time to start promoting stopper
what's best time to
you know mention applaud or something like that
there's never an early enough time for that because you can
it just
it's not being sleazy recession damage inside
pushy sales precisely i hate that stuff but i'll also inside
not having a business weber so as i see too many people that are like
scared to death to try to sell
to their on tns um... and i think
beating yourself you see that you know your first or dollars sale
of something that you directly sold
will make you so much more happy than venue possibly hit remember like the
first affiliate that someone bought
something else like three dollars or something like crazy back in the day and
i was like i was doing like a loops around the neighborhood two thousand a
you don't have to think that what you're doing is working
so i have two more question actually i wouldn't worry when i hear the story of
body millionaire matchmaker uh... may have been a uh...
uh... let's talk about the talk to the top
yeah by process of alice is a funny story
so paddy saying a millionaire matchmaker bravo tv
big you know celebrity nature we're doing a whole lot of interview some
personal brands and media pre-war type thing in the suicide two thousand
summer on there
and i was trying to impress my then girlfriend is now my wife's i guess i
uh... but i was
alice like you name someone i'll go interview
nobody has accused hamas others
it is like
paddy's day a million and that's becoming op crap
boot no idea why i might go now annika and this is before we're doing skype
interviews by the way so this was when i actually
i'd like a freelance camera crew and stuff like we'd actually gulf we did
this in los angeles with los angeles
unlike okay
what am i going to how many do this
i'm i went to our website of course is no contact information for her
unlike alright dot problem one uh...
when i did was i found
i found contact information for someone else there
and i'd guess her email address
this shared s
ida said okay well here's
here's ssgt
you know whatever it was and i remember but
i'm gonna try her name with that
and then i might add dot attach this but it's really not a great reason for her
to say yes
so i'm gonna try to play out the only thing
and i think might work
and that is playing opposite jewish card
okay no israeli jets
cecil and this is about a year ago unsafe around this time in two thousand
and so i said patty unlike
elect happy early russia shana
they don't have like any no arnab
at this uh... showed that it ended up
damien and donald dot a dot of the head of the date over the holidays and i've
got a lot of plans but better than that
would love to do interview
will fly out to los angeles we'll do it at your office by way of no plans for
any of this by the way but as the whole idea
jew minutes later
she responds
and she's like
i'll do it
is long as i can get hair and makeup done that day
wow i might possum so
things were in the motion to be to get plane tickets mitigated
like i'd i'd call a camera people out there
later office
bite my
girl for the time now wife went to bed
went out with us we all matter we had a great interview end and i gotta tell you
valley was interview on some
the leverage from an interview was awesome because
not only did it to be too great on the show
but i took clips of that
and actually did guest videos for some other websites
but then brought traffic back to the rest talk dot com as well
from that interview
the kind of a strike was very interesting about it is that the
matchmaker doesn't have contact information i mean how you're going to
try to get to cover much he would someone
no i a deadlock deadlock now mysql sat down nellis tells auspicious stories
back in the day when i was uh...
when i was done in youthful
keeping high-level because actually shows that all you have to do is ask
yet exactly
so i'll let me ask you to heidi talked into town
what is a power they've made them about what will all get out of it
and there is a man im special deal the building it right now
i am so pumped about this this is like
i wanted to
do something big and working on this behind-the-scenes for months and months
and months and months
so i have all these students a trade-off seminaries have all these people are
asking the questions all the time
great media
and there was two major problems that people had and we talked a lot about
both today
problem number one
was how do you grow your audience like a weed rightly how to get people
in your contact
number two
is how do you make the bling bling ideal ever sat in the money
and how our people right now leveraging
and so i did was i decided you know
much bigger than just something i i wanna do myself
and so i recruited
some of the top speakers yourself included on who talk on ways of building
audience and making money
you know through online videos podcasts web show six at a rock
have put this together into a huge online event at the end of october
october twenty ninth univ amber seconds online siegel watch your pajamas and a
cat or whatever help we need to have to start oscar watching the kids we're
on the bottom line is uh... i want to create something spectacular ts
really help people grow older audience here from case studies
your specific how-to tips on crime
experts and other people
walking the walk and talking the talk
on so we got a as huge lineup uh... at the website
and you know the cool thing is when you get a ticket
not only can you tell the live sessions so we've got to think
twelve live sessions
lasted a lifetime access to all the recordings forever
seek and you know watching your leisure and also a bonus session that we already
have op on dominating on youtube i would james wed moore who's an awesome video
expert that stuff celts that was rated big idea behind it's hard to the top
bob and i think you mentioned
did you know we're doing is between now and september thirtieth asa tickets a
better three hundred ninety seven that includes everything
uh... the between now and september thirtieth people to get
fifty percent off so one ninety seven and this and she wants today
and i may be a check
i could check by phone i'm not going to buy detail right now on kids off to you
and unbelievable sight and is excited to how allot of people that are struggling
in those two areas tube really here for the bass in the business
and so if you guys are watching these undecided hears they're feeling on
healing or you can actually go cd event to read everything about this
and if you're watching it on my side it's why they think right there
i think that you can do that peace uh... many if not on david's profile i'm
assuming right on your jeep last even having their round a rise in the top you
can see the links
yeah yeah yeah check out make sure to support the fact that go into her
affiliate of course but you know it's the talk to the top dot com and by the
way i wanna hear everyone's thoughts
when you go there
on the design
because it action ayam obsessed
crazy person with branding and design
and i havent slept in months because i was sitting out of the how to design
but i don't know how tight
give direction on it and i was so obsessive on this thing and i think bite
my goal is to while you when you go to the site when you see it so i love that
i was actually really impressed and i was not wanting to copy occurred before
their minds that arid by lack of that of the first comment simon says it's likely
that design yahoo dot to tell you i got aside and gave it up
it also has gotten another everything on one page it's great
play scramble to let you know and i kept it a thousand people because i want to
keep it where
it's you know
i thing where it's not everyone is a very specific audience that that's this
can be four men to stock
very excited for it
good enough to be a you guys who got there and i think i mean you could lead
a veto when he's out of the book was profile and this is a needs first came
so at anyone
prisoner and though i think one of my question is do you do your arm your
shows recorded not on hangers on arabella wall to the world and our live
when you to the people are coming to it
the question is why are you going to start doing that
uh... into
scenes uh... reporting this shows and you know up more than a week and i think
they're going to get a chance to see anything wrong with it doing he got
yet now i i love it i mean that now that i've lost my hangout virgen de job today
hot you know it's uh... i i think i think it's as it is very cool i mean how
late i like the platform i think i a deficit possibilities
at i want to try it
you know i can't promise anything to do it every week i feel like that but i
think it could be a cool
i would really like
the ability to interacts
the people having everyone come on here and i can see everyone and i think that
just ads like such a cool
element i mean i've been uh...
super impressed by it first yes i i doubt that if they want to get a shot
and he was a list of our
that's awesome
i like uh... maxi and that is showing daddy pizarro how was your first
he doesn't get into bed and the people who are in the briefing that was good to
me but you'd al i think that's a better data in this you know again this is a
great way and that
but i want is that
you can see how people
are creating this kinda interactivity in interviews in conversations and just
just when you see company like google or
no other stuff that's out there that
that they really are trading platforms like this and i i think we're just gonna
see things get better and better and and and i think it's just
is just such a cool thing bill the sharp alive i think that's that's really a
special thing and uh...
faye's we're about to be interested as having more commons they'd agreed to
stay longer in tokyo
ghanaian that's i'd absolutely
water bottle
itself but i heard our holidays have comments that i'm not sure you want to
hear all welcome
bazaar without a very very wrong
i'd encourage everybody here this in this trip filmstrip as well as out of
their triggered by the review then do it through for you know it only after this
because in the same any popular makes open up a bit further ideally prisoner
costing is me and i'm happy to do it but
i don't know i know you've got to be successful that we've got to get there
and a chocolate babies that means the sponsoring exactly exactly just like
dozens of chocolate so dan
etc aneta current guys for on this isn't going to be cabey's brain bringing
needed to reach
cooperate or are we going to thinking the furtherance and do you think that
uh... google earners will po
checkout in incorporated and sometime in the future and if so
what kind of uh... possibilities
how to get back to the good affect the jeep moscow lesson at that
all right and i'm going to be i_d_
yet they never really degraded uh... you know your pages specifically because
global used and catering to businesses
but even more than that lately what i'm doing now where you could see are you
and then hang out on your own website and using to hangout to drive traffic to
your psyche have comments
their abilities social signals there it is the interactions and um... and you
can bring whatever uh... advertising t want right here on the side as well so
he doesn't have to be inside a handout actually evening on because people are
watching it live
you actually better back you drive using it to backtrack if your site
but i'd like the is of of
the friction what's that that intent
being radiance and for certain things
whether they all you have is on the ten people that can buy it whereas if it's
on your side they're running what is it
can purchase
so if you have a meager reach if it's not embedded into nato
three others that there's a whole bunch of property
separate their you know whether you can monetize on social media you have to
pull somebody up to their your own website that's a whole nother
that's another story with management
well that certainly david expertise no david your your own profiting from
social media
yeah i mean i think
alright so
e and ballet feel free to argue with me on this and how are you read back on
the number one biggest equity you can build
in terms of subscribers for showed channel or anything anything that you
and relies on issues social media fan it's adults off that's about it
email subscribers
literally the most critical people the possibly have
in the media pre-world how are you at
intel and soul i'd go blue in the face
because his bank
i made this mistake early on
uh... when i was starting
i would basically encourage you to subscribe everywhere
right everywhere anywhere you want to subscribe great and all for that
but when people come to your site
you really want to get them on animalistic to go to my site the rise
top dot com
beginning there was something very interesting if you pay attention
and that is the only option you have to subscribe on the site is by email
although there's no social media buttons there's nothing like that on the site at
all period
then turned to him grated argument i'm retarded arena and there's a thing
since then
might email list is going to be a hundred percent
since the switch to that
my sales have increased exponentially of everything up i think
we look at the numbers here
up since we switch that cuts sixty seven percent sales
all social media profiles have also increased in size
since i've done that as well because people have what happens is
when people come to your site
they now becoming email subscriber if they want to the some pop ups or
anything like that okay
by i'm not sending traffic backed out to social media sites social media sites
for sending traffic to meet if that makes sense
sabrina social media actually in the email anthony subscribe like you're my
profile smattering amending it
breaks a hip exactly crash they had something to say on this if i may
the great thing about what you're talking about the great thing about the
the pluses effect you can develop people through the social media
cell by having them subscribe to your google plus account you are accurate you
could say quite easily that they are subscribing to brown there's been a
cancer continuing to look less and then you have been tremendous
that nobody's flat-out
it is a fine friends about this way also
god forbid this happens
let's just say one day ic
do go plus disappears
twitter disappears linkedin disappears backing out all these things just a you
tube goes up in a puff of smoke that
not likely but you don't like it could happen at any given point
your only equity that you have at that point is your website in your email list
for the most part
you know and and it's not to downplay social media is extremely important
or many other reasons i think uh... handy for sharper audience building for
bringing people in all his so many different things engaging talking to
people as so many for the meeting
ought to buy social media
but i a m
i see a mistake for a lot of media print orders
not building that he may list if i've started two years before
focusing more on the emails
we'd be doing this from our yacht
but that may be floating around and i d like to be like bikini clad women
yugos actually and somebody right on time and tell people right now about you
don't think this is changing you don't think that things are shifting in other
words people are being they would rather stay in their social environment like
google close and don't want to leave you don't think that's the future
on what my appreciate them that want to stay in the ecosystem that's totally
fine had not inside that at all
but i am saying that the thing that brings all this stuff together so that
you know if the farmer just focused on one platform
is that people always have and you know if you don't have an email you can sign
up for social media applied
on and i can tell you right now promptly business perspective so that means
anytime you're watching a product devin counts matson ate or anything like that
ball it's fantastic u_n_ on all the sites totally great
the number one response and this is it just be this is like data from hundreds
and hundreds of other people enter into space if i i don't like to just route
menem blanket statements may remain um... is that is that in they would
boring email subscriber because those of the people that pay the most attention
of the most in ph and they're the ones that by so that that's just the way that
i feel about it
i don't want to downplay the importance of social media says that if you're not
doing that email list aren't you might be missing out on some big equity
how long do you know how often you communicate with your email list
consistently twice a week
in sicily twice a week
um... however
high also sometimes especially now since launches things like that right increase
it from there
by on the most part it's it's twice a week
and out of courage anyone that's doing it that has a list
at you on that communicate with them minimum once a week
and what is it you communicate with them
so it depends on how it's segment about over i a different types of people write
like i've got
customer as i've got yankee subscribers things like that
so but i'm sending them
um... is higher always send in the latest episode with with some extra
commentary and some thoughts on that you know they're going to hurt you now
i'm always sending them off fresh content of this not sales pitches
anything like that is just more bike up friday
uh... cloth if you will to receive updates information first for me
on you know written by me iraq iran every single one of them
and uh... you know that that's that's kind of its way to communicate new
episodes new videos new products
i knew anything i go to them first wealth or do you do this uh... before
you broadcasted in social mother would let them feel special further part of
the list
that limit they get some action started as a lesser your serve out
you always hear about uh...
you know promotions are things that are just for the less we give the ideally
we have other idea to u_s_ you know
uh... we do all kinds of things like that like so
the people that are my trade awesome interviews customers just giving example
ronnie is that i can email them
before everyone else for the talk to the top
and they got a special thing just for customers that they could go to so they
got like a special
customer deal
just for them
just a failed to their united mean so so that there is that you get you can kind
of do that way
but also yet we put it we email it really put it on social as well on but
the key is just that
that the biggest response we get as i said that number one is my email number
twos is face book
what is their greatest ko that you have to learn in order to get your yard today
easy content writing copywriting designed e-mail marketing wavelength
being a better interviewer
by an independent and dance
the number one still though
is understanding
internet marketing
with all that stuff on the blanket so many by that is
copywriting on all the stuff that falls under an internet marking by get onto
the reason i believe that is because then
that translates into so many other things that yeah
like if i do anything else those skills will go west
but hey it's not just one thing i mean there there's so many things at a point
but i think
understanding marketing
uh... is so critical to really any business
contacting castro spent a lot of my own
your personal money learning and and a lot of time hai i think it's one of one
of the key thanks
some so it's actually marketing first kind i think all indian
writing an understanding of market and then their estimate
images understanding right
the different tools and the different ways unlike what is it what are the
people doing in
how do you wouldn't want to price things and how do you
how do you you know right good headlines and like all these different things as a
skills that you can use for so many other different areas you know and i
think that
uh... when you apply that with media and you add all this stuff together with the
business then you have kind of like a comic weapon
so now you talk about alum you know and when you're planning a six month plan
but where do you see a sample which he'll be doing where you want
he was somewhat alley i i like to take it you know
one year at a time in ninety days of the time you know
uh... you have kind of like you know i've been doing did you wanna reach you
know yahoo webbing
i'd i'd like to tell you something but like i i have a lot alike random little
things i'd like to do like
but it's traveling a sporting events is the fact that i really wanna win the
floor hockey championship next week brown
i mean like really bad by tonight a sickening leader eight right canceled by
thursday schedule next week because the truth is it's wednesday i'm hoping that
we women then we go out and party uh... which i never did set out to be fine
but really you know
uh... this online event
i think to be a monumental thing
because one of my goals is to do more events like more online events
on ons in different areas and i think that
keep eating in a bill that i mean my goal is to help media pr in yours
you know
build their businesses make more money
dominate online to elicit something so is long something filling that
on and staying busy in staying engaged at the university perlman and do it
on sunday i was muted independent unit though that if you don't have any more
question where twenty twelve minutes will return
muddier than were incident
that might be he said he saw the cops and i have to go to the bathroom air and
uh... minimal time stuff but just just a warning
we're like spirit
yet you know that that's going well that's great burning republic
without someone is category back to the beginning this little police or we're
just getting started
and they were not going to go
that t_v_ or radio route you were they wanted to start online you came online
later they walked start or mine what would be some first steps
then by the way
i wanna tell you that my brain really took off when i focus on how to
personalize almost like a t_v_ i was first starting by the way i thought
t_v_ was gay bi likha hai stream and all my listening to cherry
and it ended up in opposite
corporates are as online is wide open brand for shot like a hundred-percent
here's my first art
my first advice on that number one
spend more time on branding and looking good on your website than you think
here's i mean that
too many people throw up a template
or something like that when you start reaching out let's say to a gaseous are
reaching out to you
anyone that's gonna come your site for any reason whatsoever
and it looks like crap
uh... you're off to a bad start
uh... because in my in my opinion people that are starting on line business
hasn't things like that
really quickly will fall into one of two categories
antonio's category ought to be in
amateur hour
or up-and-comer
amateur hour up-and-comer you want to be the up-and-coming
on the and the reason for that is because
automatically people will take you
a little bit more serious even if the only website visitors you have is you
and the cat
uh... because if you look at some of the better things i've come up online chris
kill about on it is a good example marie florally another great example
when their sites keen out the will to do it
um... they spent time
focusing on brand and where they want to guess at site my number one advice
number two
is that
more specific you can go
so what i mean by that is if you're thinking about doing a site
on all i know
you know orchestrating a brand around something specific
it's better than going broad so if i was gonna do
uh... let's say by passion or anything i want to do was dogs
that's too broad maybe dog training okay a little bit more specific packet back
at work well you might even able to give dog training for cocker spaniel
alright maybe kinda small
but if you're the number one person in the world and our training for cocker
spaniel ste
you're gonna be able to make some money online
so being able to drill down a little bit
then going broadly just too many sites out there i think that a dislike about
or about technology
because if it doing that you're gonna be in the media mindset as opposed to
you know really in the business mind set so
uh... being able to drill down your brand a little bit i think is one of the
most critical things you can do
and then the third day and i think this is
the most part
thirty-four thing i'll get
third thing is
before you start
italy's p thinking
or have a game plan
what your business actually is because of the log in a show and stuff like that
is normal not business itself
what is the best speak reading software uniquely educational products
online events uh... you know are you gonna have some kind of business in mine
michael sells so does social media exam is a good example
on great website
the social media stuff
he had his goals lined up for the meeting he said his armidale
quickly amazing content for business owners all about social media
we got to monetize by doing uh... online events and i'm eddie my first online if
that when i get axa mana subscribers and then we're going to try it from there
and that's a focus on
when you have a game plan like that
uh... it helps out big time getting out of the gates
uh... in the fourth thing
is thinking about
what wheatley at least
brought clickable content can you give the people for free as to help build
your list and bring people and as a baby a web shows could be a podcast is again
be funny photos cartoons
blog-post something like that
that you can create on a weekly basis
um... that's gonna be you know building a credibility
bring people to your site
on and also building a less and also number five has at one end
build the day unless that subpoena people
you have to do
get the less going on day one where people can sign up for emails whether
it's a free death's door
just think it's your smiling face
get people
signing up for you know less those i mean i five
one two three four five tex
so i think that we are going on
i think we're gregarious kyun this show itself is not your business
this show is to promote your business or short show it to everybody that's right
do as i say it not as i did with the fact that effect is that there is the
ten and tell you right now i was i was sad
almost like
you know i was so stressed out and freaking out really likes i didn't have
game plan
if you will
a little bit doesn't your date i can't change but
having a good a game plan of where you want to go
and what your business actually is
which at which in nineteen ninety percent of people is not the media
itself the blog is not the business the show is not the business their is
the business right here
figuring this out is is critical
so when you send them to uh... when you send your information to your lease
descend into like a secure area news and then just hear website
being lightly specials so when you sent us specialty care a special interview
something like that i knew
making eight uh... secured just thirty people nearly there'd only one who can
see ed or did you put it on your website on your blog and everyone who comes to
us i can see it but it is that an email about it
yet it it's exactly that
the list it in you know that it it's it's not it's not brave if you have
you'd be surprised you don't have to
sl i really can't get the special torture less right
but it's not like
you guys get all this before everyone else in the history mink liking
people sign up because they want the great concert they want to creep
honestly what a great services and and n
when you called your site only option is to sign up for that so
it's it's not
like you have my strategy is quite i'd just like to offer certain things them
earlier her first
but content
you know when it goes up at nine a_m_ on wednesday let's just say raid and they
get the email right away but then yes it does also go up on social
and we're not doing that
special sites i think that share
that's awesome guys that actually comes in on your overhead in your worries in
the admin side
i mean this is a can of delight gandhi
you can start worrying about that stopped the tennis afew educator i half
of all
soaring about like always my email subscriber feeling
like they can also see on this month yeah yeah
that's awesome
so i think well david you are such
i will not lead to instilled in us and sharing a i think they all that like
step-by-step we need to do how do you make money from your interview best when
show or any other blog or any other kind of the two putting out there
uh... derisive did talk to
the rest of the top right
as divine so and i think
literary it straight got the rise of top dot com is my main site comsats right we
got on the content and then
uh... people to talk to you got to talk to top account but please do click on
your link because they're not you'll you'll you'll have doubt you'll be
you'll be feeding
uh... you fats chocolate habit rebecca and and we all wanna support that
yes hitting the top and indicated there were denied
although they did on his google glass
uh... even volume there if you're going to be sent out and i'm guessing to
ration care more questions i'm sure you'll picking their and thank you again
for all your questions on your comments whiny noise nine thank you so much
they're an umbrella stoically bohat