Android 4.0 Accessibility: Using the On-Screen Keyboard

Uploaded by googlenexus on 16.12.2011

>> ALAN: Hi, welcome to the third video in a series on Accessibility in Android 4.0,
Ice Cream Sandwich. This video will cover using the on-screen keyboard to enter and
edit text.
>> So my phone is currently at the home screen, and I’d like to send a quick email to my
friend, so I’m going to open Gmail from the Google apps folder on the home screen.
>> NEXUS: Folder Google. Folder opened. (speaking icons) Gmail. Clicked Gmail. Folder closed.
>> ALAN: To send a new message, I can find and tap the “Compose” button at the bottom
left of the screen. I’ll start at the bottom right and go left to read all the available
>> NEXUS: More options. Refresh. Show all labels. Search. Compose.
>> ALAN: And I’ll tap once to activate.
>> NEXUS: Clicked. Edit box.
>> ALAN: By default, I’m in the “To” field. The keyboard pops up automatically
when I’m in an editable text area, so I’ll just start exploring the keys near the bottom
of the screen.
>> NEXUS: J F D.
>> ALAN: I can tap once after exploring to enter a key.
>> NEXUS: R R.
>> ALAN: And I can enter that key again without exploring by double-tapping.
>> NEXUS: R.
>> ALAN: Of course, I only want one “R” so I’ll erase that last one using the “Delete”
>> NEXUS: F J. Delete. R deleted.
>> ALAN: And I’ll finish typing the address. Since it’s a Gmail address, I can just type
the first part and it’ll automatically finish with
>> NEXUS: A A M M A A N N.
>> ALAN: And I can move to the next field with “Return” or I can explore to find
the “Subject” field. I’ll just hit “Return” to complete the email address.
>> NEXUS: Return. “raman” replaced with “”
>> ALAN: And I’ll hit it once more to go to the “Subject” field.
>> NEXUS: Return.
>> ALAN: And for the subject, I’ll just type a quick message.
>> NEXUS: H. Capital H. U Y Y E E L L L O.
>> ALAN: Wait, there was a typo there. I’ll touch explore the subject field to check.
>> NEXUS: Edit box. Hy-ello.
>> ALAN: That’s a typo. To correct it, I can use left and right swipe gestures on the
keyboard to move within the text field.
>> NEXUS: O.
>> ALAN: So just swiping left...
>> NEXUS: L L E Y.
>> ALAN: And there’s the typo. To correct it I can just move one to the right.
>> NEXUS: E.
>> ALAN: And use backspace.
>> NEXUS: Delete. Y deleted.
>> ALAN: And I’ll swipe right a few times to go back to the end.
>> NEXUS: L L O.
>> ALAN: Okay, there’s the end. And I’ll finish the email quickly with EOM. So I’ll
use symbols.
>> NEXUS: R. Space. Symbols. Left parenthesis. Open paren. Letters. E E O O M M. Symbols.
Right parenthesis. Close paren.
>> ALAN: And I’m ready to send using the “Send” button near the top right of the
screen. I’ll explore over to that button.
>> NEXUS: Star. Edit. Edit. Send.
>> ALAN: To the right of that...
>> NEXUS: More options.
>> ALAN: Alright, so. Thanks for watching, and make sure to subscribe for more videos
on the latest release of Android.