Excel 2007: Using Templates

Uploaded by gcflearnfree on 23.05.2012

Suppose you need to create a Microsoft Office Excel workbook by this afternoon but you don't
know how or you know how but don't have time. You can simply solve the problem by using
one of Excel's dynamic and easy to use templates! Use the templates in their original format
or customize it to fit your needs. Let's take a look at these templates.
To access the templates click on the MS Office button.
Click New and the New Workbook dialog box appears.
You now have the option of choosing a template from your computer or MS Office Online which
requires an internet connection. We can make a selection from many different
options such as Budgets, Invoices, Receipts, and Schedules just to name a few.
Let's take a look at Invoice template online.
Pet Sitting! Summertime is almost here and I know a lot of kids make extra money pet
sitting. When you find a spreadsheet that you like,
left-click it to select it and then click Download.
When the spreadsheet opens, you'll notice these brackets with pre-filled text.
This is called placeholder text. If we click on the text, it will appear in
the formula bar. We can change the text here in the formula
bar or just start typing in the spreadsheet. Speaking of formulas, the biggest reason templates
are so amazing is because they come formatted with embedded formulas! All you have to do
is fill in your information and Excel will do the rest! Let's fill out this invoice so
you can see what I'm talking about. I'm going to enter the date, the services
provided on that date, the time I started working, and the time I stopped working.
See, Excel calculated my total time worked! Now, I'm going to charge an extra $5.00 because
this person did not have a scheduled appointment. If we scroll down and enter the amount charged
per visit, Excel will add the extra charges from above and give us the Balance due.
If you're ever curious about which cells have formulas you can always click on the Formulas
tab, and then click on Show Formulas. Excel will show you where all of the formulas
are located and show you how the information was calculated.
To turn this feature off, just click Show Formulas again.
In just minutes you can prepare an invoice for your business.
Go ahead and start customizing your template today by changing the text, font, fill color,
and images!