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Hello and welcome to ennTV. My name is Fidel Garcia with the Field Sales Communication
team. Today we are talking about my specialty - travel
– travel by electric powered cars in Beerse, Belgium, travel by human powered bikes in
Milpitas, California and - how to stay fit no matter where or how, you travel.
First up, an innovative way we are reducing our CO2 emissions and our carbon footprint.
Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V. in Belgium just introduced 5 new Citroen electric cars as
part of their sustainable shuttle fleet. Here’s Senior Manager of Environment, Health and
Safety Bart DeWulf from Belgium.
The electric fleet will be a shuttle fleet, a shuttle fleet between the different main
sites of Janssen in Belgium. You can drive with this car 130k or around 80 miles you
have to charge them and after using them people have to plug them in.
I think electric cars will be important for the future because they will help us in reducing
the foot print and also will help us in changing the health effects on the people living on
the planet. And at the end it will also save us money.
Janssen estimates these 5 cars will save more than six and a half tons of carbon dioxide
in the first year alone and that’s great. Employees of the Johnson and Johnson family
of companies can learn more about the new Citroen C-ZERO car and this program by logging
on to: janssen.jnj.com and searching for Janssen Drives electric
Now, if you are traveling for work or fun – here is Chris Jordan of the Human Performance
Institute, Incorporated ...a Johnson and Johnson company and part of the wellness and prevention
business, on how to stay in shape no matter where you go.
If you are short on time and you need to get your aerobic workout in and your resistance
workout in – a great option is circuit weight training. A very simple formula to follow
here is to follow this sequence of exercises. Do something for the cardio. Then something
for the upper body. Then something for the lower body. And then finally something for
the core. Follow that sequence with about thirty to forty-five seconds for each exercise,
add a variety of exercises and go for about 20-30 minutes and you’ll get a fantastic
workout with both aerobic and resistance combined. See you next time.
To learn more health tips from Chris, employees of the Johnson and Johnson family of companies
can log onto Global enn. And look for more tips from Chris in future ennTV episodes.
Of course if you have more time to devote to exercise and you really want to help out,
you can join the Tour de Cure – a series of fundraising events for the American Diabetes
Association. In 2011, the Johnson and Johnson bike teams raised enough money to make us
the number one National team for the Tour de Cure. Here is Josh Binswanger with an inside
The Tour de Cure is a series of fundraising events. Bike rides held across the nation,
raising money that is put into research and education for people with diabetes.
I first got involved after I joined the company and I learned a little bit about the race.
I had heard of Tour de Cure but I didn’t really know much about it and the more I learned
about it the more I realized how much we can have an impact on both a corporate level and
on a personal level.
If you look across the nation and across places outside the United States where we’re riding,
there are virtually hundreds of team Johnson & Johnson riders and we’re all riding to
make the world better for people with diabetes, and we’re also riding in support of our
After coming in second the last couple of years, team Johnson & Johnson raised more
money than any other group of riders in the country. So how does it feel to be number
Fantastic. It really does. I think to me it really means that if you really engage the
power of JNJ you can do anything.
In 2011 our 51 teams raised four hundred and three thousand dollars. That is a big number.
Nice job everyone. For employees of the Johnson and Johnson family
of companies who want to learn more, go to tour.diabetes.org and click on the Johnson
and Johnson National team. Thanks for watching and until next time – keep
moving and stay healthy.