05: On Your Knees/Maniacs - Red vs Blue Season 9 OST (By Jeff Williams)

Uploaded by RT4Copyright on 31.12.2011

Thanks. I'll try to remember that.
Round Three in Five
Round begin
Maine. Maine!
Look, I'm going to move left. You go-
Or you just run out and do whatever you want and get killed.
Ready? Break. Good job everybody.
Oh man it's going to be a long day.
Point Texas
Hey, Wyoming. Hey, where is he? Can you see him?
Uh you know what. Neither mind man. I think I figured it out.
Bitch in black. Hard as stone.
Need no friends. Work alone.
3 on 1. They shoulda sent 4.
Everytime you stand up your back on the floor.
A punch in the balls and a kick to the head.
Get it on boys or you're gonna get dead
Think ya got skill but you're sinking like a stone
Next time fuckers you should just stay home
You can screw Nevada
Mess with Maine
Leave Hawaii in a puddle of pain
You can beat Virginia till she's down on the floor
But if you fuck with Tex you'll be on your knees for sure
Mother Fucker
The score is 0 8. Advantage, Texas.
Yeah advantage is the right word FILSS
Round Nine begins in Five, Four...
Hey... What the hell are you guys doing?
One. Round Nine Begin.
What? Are they using live ammo on the training room floor?
Looks like it.
That's against protocol, They're going to kill her!
Someone should get The Director!
The Director? Who do you think gave them the ammo?
Watch your mouth C.T.
Look out!
Hey, I'm trying to help.
I don't need your help. Never abandon your team.
Shit! Damnit those maniacs. FILSS we need a medical team to the training floor stat!
Medical team on route.
Please remain calm.
York! York!