Na`Vi.Dota 2 at the "best Paris" gameclub @ ESWC 2012 (with Eng subs)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on 03.11.2012

Guys, is ESWC held here?
Yes, it’s right here.
Are these your places?
This is my place where I’ll play.
Oh, no, it’s the captain’s one.
The vice-champions Na`Vi are training here.
Why vice champions?
Because the champions are iG.
You are the ESWC champions.
Yes, the champions of ESWC are training here.
All the best for us.
Show us your better play.
Where have they gone, what are they doing?
They’re solving some issues.
They seem to have problems with English.
He picked up the key and will now turn on PCs, won’t he?
Guys, have Shiba called yet?
He’ll come here in a moment.
They were drawing here.
The French wanted to take these places.
But we’ll feign like we didn’t know that.
I don’t wanna play.
At the ESWC I hate French, I hate Paris,
I hate its weather, I hate this place and I wanna go to Moscow.
Dima, what about you?
Yeah, it was ok.
ClickNet had a godlike venue comparing to this.
At least the cuisine was divine there.
You could go there and enjoy the life.
Outside or wherever.
The WC is nearby if something’s wrong.
Oh, really?
Within 2 steps.
Here it is.
It’s always open here.
I won’t close it. That’s the sense?
Puppey, do you have such clubs in Estonia?
It’s 10 times better here.
Sometimes you behave like a jerk.
Parlez-vous francais?
Will we go to ESWC next year?
We should book it a year in advance.
The clubs.
For money that are not paid.
Approximately ‘98th the first
Something like the first “orky” club.
Maybe even better.
Hey, guy!
Sasha, go to WC.
Oleg, install the devices.
I can’t.
I’ve done it!
The keyboard is already on the right place.
I will connect nothing more.
Guys, let’s play without the headphones
Because I won’t connect them.
This function wasn’t foreseen.
Ok, look I get this one s**t
Smile must have it, or what?
What headphones?
I can’t play without them!
To Natus Vincere’s organization,
I’m Alexander XBOCT Dashkevich
I play with a frayed dirty scroll mouse
Look, everything is broken here.
You should wash your hands before using it
And use it carefully.
I’m asking you for 2 years already
This mouse is already 7 years old.
I’ve already applied for…
The Police?
For the Police , public prosecutor's office
To change this mouse.
And I’ve received a personal letter from
ZeroGravity written with Latin letters
Like the ESWC answers when we ask for the prizes.
Which means I have to play with my old mouse.
1 button doesn’t work.
I can’t even make last hits with it.
How many championships did you win with it?
A lot. So, it’s really expensive.
$700. I’ll sell you for $200
Honoring our friendship.
Can you understand?
The International, ESWC,
13 thousand of StarLadders
47 ASUS Cup
And everything won with this mouse.
And a mouse pad, I can show you it as well.
There are traces of cognac, whiskey and Puppey’s stains
Everything is there!
I’m fed up with you!