Windows 8 Professional hands on Metro UI

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Hey there this is Omkar Bhagat and Today i am going to review the Metro user interface
of Windows 8 Professional Version. And by the way Windows 8 Professional is going
to be released on 26th of October 2012 And i am using windows 8 professional today which
is 7th of October 2012. And yes this is not a pirated version. This
is 100% genuine version of windows 8 professional. So how is it possible?
I am using windows 8 professional because i received this copy of windows from the computer
society of ieee just because i have membership of computer society of ieee.
And if you want to know more about ieee just log onto
And yes they are not paying me to promote their site or something like that.
Ok so now getting back to the review. I am just going to go through the review of
metro user interface and not the entire windows 8 in this video. So lets begin !
This is the metro user interface in windows 8.
And by the way this is the start menu. Can you believe it?
You can see applications are in the form of square shaped and rectangular shaped..
These are also referred to as tiles in windows 8.
All the applications appearing over here are the applications which are pinned to the start
menu. As you could do in windows 7 and windows xp.
You could pin applications to your start menu and you could unpin the applications from
the start menu. In the similar way you can pin and unpin applications
from the start menu in windows 8. To see all the applications installed on your
computer you just have to press control + tab on your keyboard.
And you will be switched over to the applications menu. If you want to go back to the start
menu. Just press control + tab again. So control
+ tab on your keyboard will actually switch between the start menu and the applications
menu. And the applications menu over here is one
of the amazing features of windows 8. Because you can have a glance at all the applications
installed on your computer. You can access all the executable files on
your computer at just one single place. And this is the most amazing feature.. I think..
According to me.. ! So if you want to search for any application..
Just..type in the name of that application and you will get that application as a search
result. So if i want to search for my computer i will
just type computer And you can see i get my computer over here. And all the options that
matches with computer query. If i want to search for NFS Hot pursuit. I
will just type Hot Pursuit and i will get my game hot pursuit on the screen.
If i want to search for counter strike, i can search for counter strike And i get all
the results which are matching with my search query.
So in this way you can use the search option.
Ok now lets see how to pin and unpin applications to the start menu.
Suppose if i want to pin the application teamviewer to the start menu. First i will have to select
teamviewer application. I can select teamviewer application by right
clicking on it. When i right click on it, I select teamviewer and i get the context
menu over here. So i can just click pin to start. And then
my application has been pinned to start menu. Now i will switch over to the start menu by
pressing control + tab on my keyboard. And when i am in start menu i will just scroll
to the end of the start menu. And i will find teamviewer over here.
So this is how you can pin application to the start menu.
Now lets see how to move this application to your desired position.
If i want to move teamviewer somewhere else. I will just click on it and drag it. I will
keep dragging it till i get the desired position. If i want to move it over here, I will just
leave it over here. If i want to move this into the second coloumn,
I will just leave it over here. If i want to move this between the two tiles,
I will leave it over here. If i want to move this into a separately new
coloumn then i will move it over here between the two coloumns or the end of one coloumn.
And i will get a grey bar over here. So i can just leave my application over here and
the application moves into the new coloumn. If i want to move this between the two coloumns,
i will just move it or drag it between the two coloumns and wait until the grey bar appears.
Once the grey bar appears i will just leave it on the grey bar. And the application has
been moved to new coloumn. Now if i want to unpin this application what
i do is right click on it and select unpin from start.
And the application has been unpinned.
Ok now lets see the metro applications in windows 8.
Windows 8 comes with some pre installed metro applications like Mail, Desktop, Games, Calender,
Weather, Photos, Messaging, Music, Camera, Video, and many others which i have unpinned
from the start menu because i dont need them. So if you want to open any application, what
you have to do is just left click on it. So if i want to open messaging i will click on..
I will left click on it and messaging application opens.
Now the problem is that when you open a metro application.. You dont know how to close it.
Theres absolutely no option for closing this application. So if you are completely new
to windows 8 and you dont know how to close this application.
What you could do is just click on the windows key and goto the start menu.
But basically that application which you have opened has not been closed.
To see that application what you have to do is just move your cursor to the top left corner
of your screen. And then just slide it down, you can see these
small transparent icons have come up. You have to just slide your mouse cursor downwards
and you can see all these are the metro application which are open in the background.
And you didnt close these applications. Like the messaging application, the desktop, music,
photos, pc settings. All these are the metro applications which have not been closed.
So to close it.. First again go in that application.. And move your cursor to the top of the screen.
And it will turn into a hand. The cursor will turn into a hand. Then click on it and drag
the window downwards and leave it there. And you have successfully closed that application.
In the similar way i will close all other applications.. just watch..
I will move my cursor to the top left corner of the screen..
And i can see three windows open. These are the transparent icons over here.
I can just slide my mouse downwards and then i will get all these applications.
Open applications. I will go over to the music. I will again goto the top of the screen. And
icon turns into a hand. I will click on it. I will drag it downwards and leave it at the
bottom of the screen. In the similar way i will close the photos
application as well. So now you know how to open and close metro
Ok now lets see some more features of windows 8.
When you move your mouse to the top right corner of your screen, you will get some..
5 icons. When you move your mouse pointer over these
icons, the background turns to black and we get date and time on our screen.
So you can see the options are search, share, start, devices, settings.
Search will help you to search any application on your computer.
Share will help you to share any stuff on your computer, over the internet.
Start will help you to switch between desktop and start menu.
Right now i am on start menu. If i click on start it will switch me over to the desktop.
And if i go again and click on start, it will switch me over to the start menu.
Then you have devices. In devices you can see all the external devices which are connected
to your computer. Right now no external devices have been connected to my computer so, theres
nothing to see over here. Then we have settings over here. Settings
consist of the start menu settings and the tray icons. So the settings consist of tiles
option. The tiles option will help you to show and hide administrative tools on your
start menu.
Right now all the administrative tools are being shown. I have checked it as yes. You
can see over here these are all the administrative tools which are being shown.
If i dont want these administrative tools to be shown then i can just switch this to
off. That is no. And they should disappear by now. Yes.
So this way you can hide or show the administrative tools on your start menu. Then we have settings
and change pc settings option. In this option you can change all the general
preferences of your computer. And this is the most easy to use interface of windows
8. And we have personalize option over here.
Users option. Notifications, Search. Lets have a look at each of them in short. I will
not go in detail.
The personalize option consist of lock screen, start screen, account picture.
You can change the lock screen, start screen or the account picture as well.
Then we have users option where you can connect your microsoft account to your user account.
Or you can add other users to your computer.
Then we have notifications option where you can change the notifications, the way notifications
appear on your computer.
You can the search options, the way you search on your computer. You can change the search
engine as well.
Then you can change the share options, the way you share on the internet. Which apps
you use to share on the internet.
Then we have general option. You can change the time, application switching, spelling,
language, available storage, refresh your pc without affecting your files, remove everything
and re-install windows, or you can choose to advanced startup.
Then we have privacy option where you can change the privacy settings, Like using your
location. Using your name and picture. etc etc.
Then we have devices, in devices you can add devices to your computer. Or you can view
the devices which are already added to your computer.
Then we can see we have wireless option. You can choose to turn on the airplane mode which
will stop wireless communication absolutely from your computer.
Or you can turn on the wifi for wireless devices.
Then we have ease of access option for those who need.
Then we have syncronization options. Sync your settings option to sync the settings
from microsoft account to your computer.
Then we have homegroup option to create home group on local area network. Then we have
windows update to keep your pc updated from the latest updates of microsoft.
And this is all about the PC settings in short. When you get windows 8 feel free to explore
these options on your own.
Ok thats all in this video and i will hopefully cover up more features of windows 8 in my
next video so stay tuned.
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And thankyou for watching this video.
And take care.