Party nails : gold & silver glitter nail art

Uploaded by cutenails on 28.09.2012

Hi! If you have planned to attend a party, this nail art is for you.
It’s glamour and rock.
And it has many glitter flakes. I hope that you will like it.
It is every easy to do. So let’s take a look at how to do it.
First I’ve applied a white base from Orly.
You can obviously use another color.
Then, I use the latest Silver glitter Orly nail polish .
That I apply it at the edge of my nail.
And shade it off to keep most of the glitter flakes at the edge of my nail.
Here I add more of it.
And before the nail polish dries, I apply some glitter flakes from NFUO : gold and silver.
I apply them using my fan brush.
I apply most of it at the edge of my nail.
To make the shade off. As you can see here.
When the nail polish is a bit dry.
It's important to press on the glitter flakes to flatten them.
or else they will hold on to your clothes. Not only that, flattening them will also make them shine even more
Then to proceed to the next step of this nail art I apply a layer of top coat .
that's not to obtain a rough surface.
Then with a detail brush and black acrylic paint, I draw several arcs from the largest to the smallest.
Then I fill the inside of the semi circles
Then I add some drops and some tiny dots with a doting tool.
And finally, I apply the final top coat to protect the design.
The disadvantage with this nail art, is that it takes some times to dry since it bears many glitter flakes.
But it's worth it because you’ll obtain a beautiful design.
It doesn’t look like in this video but it is actually very bright.
This nail art would be perfect if you have to attend a party. I really love it.
And I hope that you'll like it too.
Come and share your pictures on my Facebook page, if you try this nail art and tell me in the comments below
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