SPF: Thanksgiving Dinner

Uploaded by ArizonaStudentUnions on 20.11.2010

Kyle: Hi, I'm Kyle.
Kacy: and I'm Kacy. Kyle: and today is...
(together): is NOT Thanksgiving!
Kyle: But, even though today is not the day that sends chills down every turkey's spine, doesn't mean you can't celebrate.
Kacy: In fact, today at the Park Student Union, you can enjoy a Thanksgiving-feast from 4 to 8.
Kyle: That's right, so for seven dollars and ninety nine cents, you too can have an exquisite Thanksgiving meal served at the PSU.
Kacy: it's guaranteed to be both wonderful and delicious.
Kyle: wonderful and delicious...I wish my Thanksgiving last year was like that.
(water dripping, dramatic ambient music plays)
Kyle: (sobbing)
Kyle: How did we get here?
Kacy: That's not important
Kyle: Alright, whatever. What IS important is that today from 4-8pm at the PSU is Thanksgiving dinner. So make sure to check it out.
Kacy: Well, I'm Kacy. Kyle: And I'm Kyle.
(together): Happy Not-Thanksgiving!
Kyle: See ya next time.
Kyle: OK, but really, how did we get here?
Kacy: Do you remember that water I gave you? Kyle: Yeah
Kacy: it wasn't water
Kyle: Again? That's the third time this week!