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What the hell?
You think a section chief's so damn important?
If you think so do some sales for yourself, j*rko**!
Say it to his face!
Don't put up with it... if you got something to say, just say it!
Dogu-chan is a Youkai Hunter from the Jōmon period
Alongside me, Dokigoro, she fights off all manner of Youkai doki-o!
Ah... there's also the servant, Sugihara Makoto
But he's not important doki
Now... let's see what kind of Youkai we'll fight this time, doki-ne?
Episode 4: The Rudeness Incense Youkai
What are you doing?
Eh? I'm cooking!
Looks delicious doki!
You're hungry aren't you?
Hold on, it'll be ready in a moment
Is it even food?
It's yummy! Want to try it?
N-n-no! I'm outa here!
Eh? Makoto, where are you off to?
You ran out of change, so you put it on the tab?
But he said he'd pay when I came back for the bowl
You're so dim!
The lot of you!
Koike-san's always trying to bilk us like that!
That's why I've had enough of you country bumpkins!
I'm sorry
Komachi-chan! Customer!
Y... yes!
Will it be the usual?
Yes please
One liver with chives, hold the liver!
Oh so that's the reason!
That's the reason
What are you doing here?
Seems you like that girl
What is it about her?
She's on the plain side...
and she's only got little b**bs!
You're too loud!
Birds of a feather flock together
Humans prefer types who are similar types to themselves doki
Similar to himself?
Incapable of saying what she really means
Just like Makoto doki!
Indeed, it could be...
Indeed, doki-ne
Fancy a drink?
I promised to meet a friend
That's terrible
You know I'll give you some spending money
Next time, I'm all yours
Well, I'm off then...
Hey Komachi...
Why don't you keep me company once in a while?
Besides, if you go home,
you'll just be bored, right?
Even though you're no good at your job
I still employ you
It's only fair, right?
Touch it!
My a$*!
What are you...
Are you crying?!
Make sure you lock up properly!
Be more honest!
I shall set it free...
...your heart!
Free and Easy?
NOTE: Bureiko ("free & easy") is written here with kanji meaning "rudeness incense"
It's a special kind of aroma
There's nothing for you to worry about
We've got some real good people at the company
They're very kind to me
You want to visit?
Visit the company?
No way! No way!
There's no need
I know.
I've got a bonus
I'll buy some clothes for Yukie
What are you saying? She's grown up already
It's a shame to see her in hand-me-downs
So long then. Yes. Yes.
Ready! Aa-ah!
Yes! Aa-ah!
How is it?
Yummy dokiii!
Success! But I'll make it even better
Pine cones!
And ...
Tree bark!
Ohhh, magnificent doki!
I'm sorry!
Come here!
What time do you call this?!
I'm sorry!
You're useless - just useless!
You can't cash up properly
You break plates
You won't touch my a...
Idiot! Shithead!
Friggin' d*mba$* yokel!
Be more honest!
Stop your bleating!
I'll beat you to death, you extremely lewd old man!
I'm sorry!
Hold it! Pay up!
A minute ago...
Your boss...
Why did I say that?
I was kinda surprised
Then you scarpered
It's like I was like someone else
Maybe it's because of these
What's that?
The one who gave it to me said
"Be more honest...
... set your heart free"
I see
If you want, Makoto-kun, you can try it too
Maybe it's just my imagination but...
If you burn it, some stuff seems easier
Is it OK?
Thank you very much
I should get going
Will you be alright?
Come for lunch again
Liver with chives...
Hold the liver
Uh-uh, it's nothing
You were really fearless this afternoon
Really... I'm very sorry
I forgive you, but...
Let's drink?
You know what I mean
I mean...
It's alright isn't it?
Just touch it a little bit...
... my a$*!
Can you afford to do that?
You know it - you lied to your parents
You told them you work for a trading company
Well said!
If you want to quit, quit
But the way it is today,
a woman with no education or qualifications...
You'll have a hard time finding any work
It'll be good for you!
You don't have to put up with it
If you bottle it all up, it can't be helped