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welcome to SEC sports a roundtable we've had a
little time off
to recover from the big win from
university of kentucky wildcats or not in a recap that hope you guys were able
to uh...
check kar le blog if you didn't uh... it's on the website feel free to go out
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to catch up with this that way weekly lau blog as as it occurred so instead of
rehashing everything
from all different angles that have already been done we just decided to do
it as we saw it
uh... and and sell to lob blog www is up on the website and i'd be remiss without
first off welcomed room
trying to be here in a in the book
that kentucky national championship is is old news of the new news is that
none of those guys are they kentucky anymore or straight endeavour palm and
that's good
if you're kentucky failure take ties with the lows in the house or the
national championship blows or
you pretty much the the
ring the centre of uh...
of schools in
what do you know when you get players in for a year body is regular national
jamie chip
that's a kentucky national championship nobody can take away
blakey cut it down because i know i guess i thought i was inside look at but
i was gonna say that
those players they really feel like kentucky players who are in there for
one year some times to soak past john wong intervals like a kentucky planner
comes much of a kentucky players john walcott whether one year is a real
allocated to are like alex i wore his good player with
and his love john wall i do i think is again very good player but
you know it's it's the system that that's out there it's it's
calpers adultery for job with playing within the boundaries that set forth
and doing that now it works eminence
and then you can fault that's a small well
i wouldn't say works for every keitel thick every coach could get but he was
able to get out of those into that those five underclassmen but left
uh... you know you look at the kentucky class
they're sexually you look at it what it what some normal basketball team
hold on the bench thirteen players about rice who twelve twelve or thirteen th
which address
mhm so
you-know-who or going we're going to more conservancy twelve
well that means seven
kentucky players are no longer be there this year 'cause there's five
underclassmen that that's all the news but
with orders in the millers we forget nobody's mention the fact that miller in
vargas aren't there any longer either so now you've got seven players
uh... that that are at their own the that it had some sort of playing time
and what will give that to vargas you know you had
minimal point out that the other six players had
tential playtime
i mean i would think if you take
but the the minutes they would be well over ninety five percent because the
only other player that's only any action was wiltshire
gallia and he's the only one basically left
you dot o_ r_ adonal who else is left on the bitter they've got wiltshire in hood
as far as you note talented individuals have been recruited in that are still
with kentucky
you write you know that covers bear so to speak
and cals trying to reload you know if you look at the uh... signing day that
something else that
did happen like right on top of
you know that the national chain to nowhere the national signing day for
and uh... you know a little surprise with u_c_l_a_ coming in and still
shabazz bid
and i think that's where his dad really wanted to ask mohammed to go
uh... so i think he wont out that battle but
a kentucky got though warren eighteenth the number forty if player i think it
only son three players
uh... for this upcoming season but that gives them the overall number one
in recruiting class for three years in a row
i had to sell her kids at those of the same three years of john calipari spin
uprooting at kentucky
uh... so i don't think there's a any coincidence there
uh... as far as that goes but you know that that's three positions there are
still some spots it's gonna have to get field
on that kentucky bits in that kentucky starting lineup that week would that
still an unknown
uh... you know i don't know that act i couldn't begin to go off of the net who
who they are kids you know i'm not matt crawford i couldn't rattle off those who
knows how he's been on the podcast before in any
he's amazing individual with with the stats on on the recruiting southington
i'm not that god
but you know you've got a think a center are gardner forwarder easter got some
positions that are
are still left up for grabs their kentucky and then maybe you gonna
you know cow's milk might have a a transfer up his sleeve
uh... yet uh...
they've got a a kid i think was inherited it was a
latency state he was a fav store
player and he's a he's going to be a point org
uh... this next year they'll also you know they've got and there was no well
who that the mississippi state
wages remains the same
okay but there's another there's when the transferred from mississippi state
do not talk
i get my information for macro he never mentioned that nasa aditi additional he
played this year okay any had like
three minutes a total seasons but well as to count on him as much at the narrow
they've got neurones noel who do it but you know
i'll say the number two player in the nation
shabazz muhammad
uh... just one from normal i was off rollins connell the with the one i stick
but a you know that top tube lawyer in the nation
they've got uh...
ballot spot uh...
with respect he's in a little kid herein
clarksville ironwood as much as from nashville so
he's what his eighteenth on arrival so yeah he's a he's a top fifteen tiger
uh... or to go towards a solution to your he's a five star in the other
surname willie cali i don't really know much about but
of four store so
once again i mean they've reloaded u_c_l_a_ ad
do believe has a chance to overtake them in the final
when when the dust sells they've still got they've got the number one and
number three guys techies number two frightening kentucky's got the number
two this is based off a rolls
number two
and in the number fourteen
and once again my
complain i said earlier
stupid advertisements on right in the middle of your screen in the uk little
pop-up in and unlike edo anywhere close to it and i want to know you must want
to read about it
you don't want to do what they t_v_ networks uh...
apologized relentless tell you how about
palmar complaints with the a_t_t_ network well
third-order where in nashville an adult you've you could say the same thing
about spring i think that's who you're on and
he talked over rising gone there there it they've got complaints to the there
not a perfect stupid sherri and i wasn't our mother systems are not the the ad
they came up with having to be a eighteen cm
yet so back to the main a he's reloaded again
the problem is kenny get these guys to buy into a team atmosphere
can you get these guys to buy into a
and put the team first and lately this is exactly
and uh... i mean i love the entire i would normally says no i don't think you
can but i mean
they did last year so
source and i don't know if you get a natalie davis
and uh... i don't know if he's got a michael kid gilchrist now those are once
again he's not really was sandwiches hai
uh... noel he's uh... these six ten
yet have the employer mandate is a very good
i don't use it
different type layer that dan davis is not a stay around the room
shah blocker i don't believe i think he's moral score
could be great but
i mean i can tell you get the number one the number eight number fourteen player
in the country
already committed so and they've got a five star coming in so
and will tours offer latter so you're gonna have encounters a four five star
the year before that
people your guys the opportunity to ask you both are a lot john hood that guys
wing we like your white shooters you know
holder and is that not all white your cousin amanda
he hadn't been really this myth of the the court birch that means that we have
seven does first new six amount to be drafted
and it is very tough to he's got a ring and we don't yet
and it's what some believe bliss kentucky's at half six players drafted
in the n_b_a_ draft this year six players off that team drafted
and also a concern
to about a month
and we were we were discussing tennessee
to go back to the the last six players that were drafted and the versatility
i believe you have to go back to
dire in nixon liked the mid eighties and if he was and i know he was rapidly
played the n_b_a_
and if you go back to dale ellis unlike eighty-three so
it's ridiculous um...
the talent that they calgary gets in there and
thank god they won because
that just
to have that much talent and that many players go perot
and another one would have been would've been ashamed
but let me know was that the year before we head
uh... i would think
pretty close is before
brand night
uh... well three
brown-eyed josh harrelson
and uh... in this campaign scanner and play i mean
things are still cling emily kellerman needs
his turkey from turkey so
and never played a game for kentucky but thought
so that we were three four five two the first years wall
cousins in but some right
and orton
and or that's right um... four four
for four six four four six and a few good was therefore
therefore for certificate which united
and a majority those guys were a
note you et
yet catcher pierson get
patterson matters and better patterson
get drafted to that for sure so
now five
five four five five four six out for six
fifteen players last reels pretty good
that's ridiculous i mean increased think about
seventy-eight roster in the percentage of players that are were already there
there is a a number i would say a great number of u_k_ players
uh... playing the n_b_a_ but they were still uh... affair number starting out
there now u_s_ sixteen extra kentucky players to the mix no
and then there's a lot of attrition in the n_b_a_ but
your life span there's not very alarming
patterson was in the daily got only alan even if he's been
called up any
yeah emi so you do have a lot of that but you know you get me guaranteed money
for these gas largest doesn't mean
is goes to show you i mean if you're a
your kid that isn't near main goal is to play
in the pros after a year or two then what would you go to kentucky and
everybody gets drafted and
and you're right if you get there for the first rather did not guaranteed i
think three-year contract so
you know why why what you do that
it's it's the same thing and i had this conversation with with matt
do you find though this this national television fills as good as a last ones
but do you know that same connection with those places i'll be honest
i don't know how much they go on but i by sears and he doesn't seem as much to
see the media's is scotty hobson
and i can guarantee you are likes demise is a player much better than sky tops in
whether it is for one year discount feels like
yeah like this guy but he's not you know i didn't
allotted for one year
he's not part of the family exactly i mean daily reform saini second lol that
comes into the
the mixer for
reno easter
thanksgiving and christmas and so you don't get that same connection as you do
the you're you're real families aren't you saying hi i'm sayin that i've yet to
look of a single one of his game stats and i've looked up on tried to look up
crisslow dins
uh... european stats about ten times this year so
sonam in and they're both of those were both just very good players clean or sit
n c
it's just
when you're there one year manager spills and enjoy all stoked
but also to build a different because he'll be there for
if you've already here and i'll be there for a year and a half in
and but i'm not so i guess i'll be him the same way i mean
and the problem people even early i guess it's
to sit down i use that it did that tennessee so maybe
you know i i brought up kamal mass room with with my hands and we will match
mister wertheimer deliver two years ago but well maybe that makes you know it's
yes and football that's what i see fans are used to end and a half to say three
year so
so i mean they're gonna get used to someone every three years it it it it's
definitely harder to to have that connection i mean
because you your
are reloading in
and for the fan for the somewhat casual fan but that's not enough
every statistic in you know takes a good eight ten games too
to really understand who the players are
and so you you're a third of the way through your season before you talk
about march ban is before you start there
to get a feel for her the team is in what they what each individual's
bringing to the table
and now they're you know your third of the way through their their career with
your university so
you know you when you look at it in that aspect at this difficult that
to find that loyal to you but i mean as a kentucky fan and as the blue big blue
nation william they embrace those individuals and you know they're always
going to be
you know i will come back in a town there
at rupp arena you can't guarantee that they've got the ability to be the wuyda
timeout yeah
well i think that of and it's just the overall
i was a problem with the change with basketball
thing bass was becoming plan
but many of the especially if it's in the it's an individual game much more
than a team game
so you look back in the
in the eighties and you've got the you know that the showtime lakers and you've
got the
the celtics
um... jordan really kinda archerd i_t_n_
you know to kind of the n_ an individual like
you know grown-up who's your favorite a my favorite teams the lakers shannon
who's your favorite in my favorite change that
the celtics full who's your favorite team while of michael jordan you know
i don't think i've heard is on the radio stations but that's free agency
and that yeah i don't know that it's as much free agency i agree with you but i
don't think that it's much expressly baseball mean with that's a whole other
sport but that completely changed that if you ask
if you ask kids you know twelve-year-old kids through their favor in the eighty
team and it's a player there is a out love kevin durant
reiterate if taken regularly or else he's gonna they're gonna leave
i mean he when we were growing up we have a team we follow it's not as i mean
i think i'm a little of that generation to
because i didn't have an air was in the n_b_a_ team
you know close but
i was a bracelet kentucky colonels
and i don't know if that's a seven a_b_a_ teams that they were the a_b_a_
baby a uh... they were out there with will ferrell
that uh... earlier with uh...
bike in the southern tropics ahahha remember though that what i did really
good years was based on uh... yeah absolutely
bitches i think it's a basketball has gotten to the point where
people recognize individuals much more than then team and enclose the jungle
perry for
forgetting that in
you know a lot of people
say you know if you're not going to be here for the team i need you know if you
don't want to be a part of the team then
the you just have to wear the kentucky blues and we don't want you want
calvary and say that cal perry said your mother you're reminding me i'm going way
back here jon voigt in there
and the football movie with moxie
no with varsity larceny blaze you know he was all about
not playing with the team to clear
sorry but i mean that's uh...
your didn't drop usually one getting off on the verge other subjects and now you
are that's a good movie talent a love them and it's a very area under
nominee waseda the
greatest day in
uh... history was with their first year of the n_b_a_ draft yet
so i guess this is
this is the new greatest day in in the air in kentucky history is the snacks
n_b_a_ draft bienen and i don't know who on the radio said this but they made a
good point uh...
uh... one week or so ago referring to that and that it could be good
you know what cal could have met and no one knows what he really meant by this
was that into the legacy that he was starting to create a kentucky
you know that was the best day 'cause he didn't have a better yet you know in
nobody hurt talks about this really very much but i've remember in his first
press conference
the only thing that he was going to want to be judged on
banners being up hung up and rupp arena because that's all that he wanted to
bring to kentucky was shaping ship so
you know is this a him laying the groundwork
uh... for the the environment they reasoning tumi z ever politician
uh... you know he's bs playing the game that the way it set up for
and so that he's putting this out there a way that said hey you know if
and he's talking to the east
sophomores juniors and seniors in high school at this point that's what the
that's what that speech really was four
was hate this is the greatest a kentucky because if you come here
and year great
i'm going to get to the n_b_a_
and and and and that's that was who say that was his
subliminal sales pitch to all those high school kids
here's the problem with bill madonna c
a new kentucky dicey
the way he's doing it and you love my analogy i'm gonna give you do want
when you've when your baking bread
you bake the bread and i don't know there's some kind of buy our product
when you bake it that you get some kind of starter every time you did you get
that starter and that's what makes it easy to do the next time
i think that's what
you look for in those wolf course like
u_c_l_a_ back in the
sixties and evening kentucky back in the nineties when they won
uh... two out of three
you know that you got that left over your
you guys are there for three years and you get the freshmen that played a
little bit in there that the second year
calgary's cooking without the starter he's gotta make it from scratch
every year
and there's so many variables i can go wrong
this year
misrepresented the ingredients worked
yet and welcome
and he's having to get new ingredients everytime
you know why but maybe all these guys are all yeast and they're not gonna
they're not arouse are nocturnal not w_n_e_t_
you're very well could be true n
you know he was very lucky last year read this year because of that he had
that starter so to speak and he had that the year before
here we had that one surprise this year was jealous decided to stay merging and
come back for a year
uh... you know
we lost patterson and then
perils and came out i don't know where last year to really step up and be that
starter so to speak to it
dot program and have that's
you know that
upperclassman mentality that says hey we've been here we know how to do this
octo tually understand we're coming from on that analogy
i was really hoping that one of them was going to say because you're right you
need some of that cohesiveness
um... to say you know we've been here we know how to do it
uh... in this next year is going to be
the first year where he's not had any of that
and took a poll from etc is the first year he had led to many had jodie meeks
heard the donald remix play omitting instinct
as it'll be a bit yet patterson
you know that for sure jimmy's went out in the past the state of next year and
the next year he had
he still had you know
olympians and i a m miller
and uh... and harold darryl sent
and this year he had to run land and miller
clinton stands
india i mean you're you're this year and you've got you've got a good filter in
and i think that guy he could
turn out to be good but he's cannot set this city is going to have to do
harrelson did
uh... he's going to happen
or how to play some major defense and if he does not now season and puts on
sporty thirty pounds of muscle
uh... on the upper body you never know what could happen he could be that that
started at kentucky needs
as your in your analogy so that that you've got that colin because
he's got the talent i mean you've we watch the kids stroke the three point
it's too credible what he can do when he gets his rhythm
but it's scary when he gets back on the defensive end
what's going to end up happening back there and so
what what's gonna happen in the off season with him in his conditioning in
where does he go 'cause he's going to have to be
to me he is the that missing here's
discuss when that pendulum one where the other
whether he's going to come back anne
better improved version which would be the same person
churn and and so you know that's that's the that's our starter that we've we've
got to work on in the off season we'll see what happens
lupus and we've been on for
around twenty minutes and i can't believe we haven't talked about
the big story that's been out there
i think you know exact what i'm talking about
uh... tyler summit
uh... is affordable as it went before the market
um... you noticed our his women's basketball coaching career in
yeah i think we can dedicate the rest of the show to that loving
totaldollars summit
i think i think pat's going to put on what is it the brother blue and gold
with what colors gloria
where she's going to hold a myriad of oliver
oliver outfits ago blue and gold now
now obviously that's a joke though that is that in some s_e_c_ made it
congratulations to tyler heading
you know what i want to leaks there to see him
i would not be surprise for him to be the coach tennessee at some point in
that would make so much sense
if if he can do it i don't know if he's got the same to me and i know you know
the basketball but
but i don't know if he's he does well it let's first say while we're say mister
if you are under rock pat summit did step down
uh... officially today actually was a press conference
um... so end her long thomas system what twenty eight twenty seven year
then they've been
together for a long time all work plated that you tea in the early nineties i
believe so
uh... so
i don't know where they got that twenty-seven number
today i don't know where i heard you had its own ok yet
tuesday cosmic enough that large of a number ca spats what
thirty eight years and coaching thirty eight years ago from
gurinchi sheet she did step down today and i think he's going to look up some
of those numbers for sent
and holly's taken over as the uh... the head coach in
if you if you
car from mary with the lady vase at all you know that she played a huge part
uh... in the coaching this year you could you could see pat
hi comes on the bits and so polly was really taking
taking control when you knew that that was going to be the natural progression
uh... you just didn't know win you know i think i think pat made there
notice it
tremendous selfless act in
by stepping down
khushi realistically could of
briana bobby bowden out state is welcome
uh... you know like a florist status by have in the people around her to do all
the coaching and he just had about title
she could have done the same thing until you know
so she went to the sentence unruly
uh... but she realized that fam family meant so much in this for years now
you know dot quality issue is gonna have a bit of a limited now west with the
early onset alzheimer's
uh... it's just it early onset the measure
tight i think is the professionals on or someone else does
this we would've
your uh... it was it was seven years just now as i was mistaken when the
hollywood played
not nineteen eighty was her
tucker three wishes she's a which is uh... been inducted into
the uh...
women's vessel hole financially pat
no no or look
so pat at pat was in two thousand and holly in two thousand one yeah i mean so
she i mean as a player i know she was a very good player
she's had a jersey retired
and she was a
very very well-known
good player
at the university nancy and uh...
you know that's the kind of person you want to tell you have to take a look at
the liquor
but yeah i mean pat summoning we've we've talked about this in
man the the supporters she determine everybody
i mean are followed
buster olney who's a of baseball reporter and he
heat we did about it to say no
green a person she isn't
uh... pat dot the uh... presidential medal of freedom
which is opposed to the highest on or a civilian can get
model i mean
i don't know what she's done a really deserve that but but i mean she is a
good ladies who are in the ocean and look at what you guys for a program what
she's done for you case she represents
uh... inner and you know my dislike for your university
i can't say anything bad about pat summit
and i want that to what you look at is an issue see opposite the calipari
as far as look at look at the number and i don't have the exact number of
graduate she's had uh... there's a lot of us at idon't think this is crazy i
don't think any player that she's ever had
that maybe didn't transfer something has not graduated so i think the hundred
preserver players graduates of
and that their customer that number of it
if i did and that's a good
but i'm fairly sure of heard that like
you're you're right i mean she graduates are players yet and so
you don't differ
in today's college sports that that could be the big stand
where we are comparing apples two oranges ameen
go play and uh... w n_b_a_ we make in sixty seventy thousand
i could be playoff there could be a lot more than that was a google google
google how much a adobe n_b_a_ player is but
you know they're not making the huge salaries that that you're talking about
in the other programs so you know go you go get your for your education
as a lady volun analyst suddenly become more marketable and and
an elaborate a lot of cases could probably make more money
uh... in the in the real world and and
and deployment then you could being elected uh... someone in the act of the
n_b_a_ and im
totally point that out of my head
rookies get minimum of thirty five thousand one hundred ninety dollars
which is good money coming out of school none of the northern ranga
as teachers money though i mean
complet compared to
a rookie wage salary in the n_b_a_
it's for coming
the maximum edited a salary
this is after a this was after
uh... does in two thousand ten so courses dated
the the
maximum w n_b_a_ salary for a veteran player
into doesn't and was a hundred and one thousand dollars
so ny
susi that vic
so when you look at it that way i mean there's a reason why they want to stay
in school
yorkshire growth
yeah that makes sense that
doesn't just happen the way phil adult here so you wouldn't know you are in
texas with
but yeah i mean
it's right we've talked about it
that some internet it's thinks because
when she won her like one thousand game
a couple years ago i really had the the kind of celebration
and uh... it was a big deal and i sort of thinking i was like
now after new maps like pat you know
in her late fifties looks at fifty six years old remarked that
but you know she would come check
with the way she coalition issued which were twelve thirteen years
sounds like a chigger average
you know around thirty wins a year which is probably what she averaged
i was like
she was fifteen hundred wins
now like she'll never i don't think she diverge retired leaves definitely coach
anywhere else
and it's it's just weird al this stuff happening
anant it's happened before with
with coaches just passing away or something like that unexpectedly but
if you never know when the main that's the thing is you can think that you're
set up with a approach and and
you're so excited to have john cale paryant
mandated about bus tomorrow
they are or
who will make a segue into rotten above motorcycle
yellow or you didn't his roger motorcycle with a twenty five-year-old
volleyball player at city i was way i can we talk about this is that's that's
just unbelievable
what what let's first for wheat dough into that subject death
basing issuing a cover on the summit
know that i decide one more housekeeping things i just
because we show so this is beginning
rick array was hired at message date as the head basketball coaches he was in a
systemic on them
i think that's a disturbed completely on sexy higher
here not no glamour their in clinton's not a big basketball program
summers are gonna go just what i have nothing to say about that he had that
when iming
and i like strict limits as a baby down there he's doing a great job i think
and uh... you know he might have a dominant a rough there there might be
some ties there we don't know about
uh... blew it
emerges from the outside being a kentucky fannon you being a uti fan
there's nothing sexy about that higher for mississippi state
well and that's the thing is like
even says anything about bruce from coopers parlor whose gonzo martin
they were had they're head coaches and the
you're taken and handsome and you're given this guy his first job in a big
verses title on this guy i second i'm given this got a second job
you know this guy's been successful at a smaller school
kinney care that over esta la brea right now
ticket of guys that are coming back around this has nothing to do with the
uh... s_e_c_ except
i think one of our u_k_'s assistance is now there but i assume you've got a a
new coach this week
did you hear about that and all other larry brown
a really yes he's pretty good coach yeah and and uh...
unocal xo under that tree and so
uh... one of our assistance i think is as now went to your work with s and he's
program under larry brown
but that you know that's a gathered that's been around a few classes are on
the best coaches out there so
but that
i was going to say before we went down the uh...
wind the road of
have but reno
arkansas we uh... we do need to do some housekeeping that we did fella did at
the very beginning the show and
and going to tell you that uh... if you listen this till about thirty minutes
and that we appreciate that
and thank you for listening to the s_e_c_ sport roundtable number ways to
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uh... but let's let's go down that wind ecori right
road on a motorcycle
well i think they can
we can we talk about this all before we show you uh... you he was thinkin that
manam unimar late forties
been married to this lady wakeboarding thirteen east fifty seven fifty so i
think he's not kiss in some of my forty unless a tennis fifty state you know a
fifty-year-old lam
uh... have to do it now and
i mean
thumbnail do a lot of things for some
personalized boobies or something i mean he just
it's it's incredible it's it's incredible well woman can do to a man
and a m sure vice versa nor the sexes in it but
men do stupid things and here's a bad thing is once again just like the boers
does not get fired for having affairs
not at all dot get fired for
secretly hiring
girls at their sleeping with and then reckon on motorcycles
and not disclosing
and been trying to cover up
a police report and
it's just that you cannot lot of people and you don't recover stuff up you
really can get away with just about
anything if you're winning
cuz i don't think the bali happy i think it's a big story that he was at her
an affair with the twenty five-year-old
former volleyball player
i can assure you shine that is now i got fired no i mean
look at rick pitino
delivered another evidently
potatoes the how respected so much for this
he would do
fortunate care inside for whatever
just flat out said look man i'm gonna go public with this be less you give me x_
amount of dollars and he said
part and he just all himself here
he went live within said on going on and the fate of interest
it's just it's in the back to back up or chimneys and yes
you know you gotta love it though when when the owner handed the keys as a
flock of really vinaigrette lettuces
he didn't they wanted flattered for richter potato that he was uh...
but there was uh... little premature issue with him on that good later colin
so many of the like uh... testify that
not only did it she owes ones but you know he didn't finish the job got
excited before you can actually you know do anything i mean this was this was
like the fifteen-year-old that's you last night in a lottery win we haven't
decided whatever your chocolate violated yet without a doubt he got a shot of a
well that's one of the he could evade the exam
so just be rushed to shots yeah exactly as they didn't even try to get a good
look at the basket electrolyte water bailey has taken a look at the messages
that were exactly what he thought open for you took it and fairly directed
off the side of the room
but uh...
if evidence headlamp
but you didn't even get close to get in trouble
that out
so i mean it is just one of those things where
if you just tell the truth
and your winning even
get get fired for two reasons one you you lose too many games
or two
you do something so down that they can't say faith
face and andy bureau i mean if you watched that whole
thing unfold i mean
up into the very end they were trying to find everyway possible to keep him
wearing dark itself
people lugging late date
demming that would allow them to mean
arkansas was back in in
notoriety you know how much i was on the arkansas bandwagon last you loved ardent
uh... but you're you're right it came down the fact that he had a twenty
person female on his
uh... staff ride on the back the motorcycling try to cover
everything up including that she wasn't even supposed to be there she went there
and be a column buddy that shot a to cover a lot
uh... and and you're right if you were came out and said from the beginning
that did all this would happen out that even if she was on his staff you still
have been the coach
woody had been suspended for some reason or
some amount of time
probably sell but you're right
you know the ticket comes down to if you mess up
you got it you get a complainant in
take your medicine in
so you get it
comedic comes back to the coaches
you know they have that complex where they're bigger than
bigger than the programs and bigger than
itne you know
there so their in their minds tape
mania some
you know that they just think they're so so much better than everybody else in
that you know they're buffer pre-event and so
that's why they choose to
to come up with these lies and fabricate the stories when you know if you just
come out and and
bite the bullet
america's pre forgiving place
uh... i i don't wanna i don't know you know i don't even know vice make this
analogy it's so bad but phen-fen i don't care
i mean look what we've done with japan
you know this is a country that in
fifty years a sixty-year smile for forty four
forty five we bombed on
where we were to world war
we hated them
you know there was one of the process battles part of the war was that the
coast area
inova all those battles and yet
there one of our best allies right now
and we have a look at much we buy from a man look how many cars that are japanese
out on the market place here so i mean it just goes to show how forgiving as
and at nation we are with different things in
it can do the same thing for germany
mean both sides of the war
uh... and you know we've we've welcomed in in
have free commerce with on both sides of that
you know if you want to talk about
the the horrible things that those go those country
on in the past and have forgiven we are in accepting
uh... and you know if you just come out and say you know i'm really really
messed up
you probably could asto hatchet job
and that's the thing is art you don't know that it's uh... it's as much as you
their eva thinkin there were the resolving to place two parts
i think they're he go gets in the way i think i can do this i can't buy can get
away with it but i'll get away with i'd think it's the fact is like
when you get in trouble the first thing you did on the walls a lot i mean it's
just impossible not a lot i mean
we have realized he really tell they are not fake
often pre-oscar snuggle up
denoted twelve times a day just about little stuff
and i'm going to do you
if i got caught it was a law once posted on sure the very first place i go to aka
kat aka this up then it does not have
which crazy to think about it is
how many times has something crazy like this happened and the cover up actually
you know we don't know yeah but what about your dial he's gotten who don't
uh... emotional wreck
and that's it you know anything else
meanwhile he's texted this girl
forty three hundred pounds
in a six-month period
that's a lot of text messes commanders at the egg at the match departed and
head have is that a day
rules say thirty days in a month so thats three entered sixteen that's a
what's a hundred eighty two hundred eighty days the loan amount
four thousand i mean
convite a couple hundred a day it seems like
no doubt that many hundred fifty a day
that's a lot a lot of times messages
thirty twenty or thirty a day
has like identified thirty thirty
text messages a day
so i mean ek fascist if it's ridiculous
first of all that's a congratulations man fifty-year-olds tyson that much is
one of the
he's a
you know is that
technological genius if he's that old no not in itself
throwin that other girl uh...
missile missed biker whatever
allison moulder yeah i mean i'm elder
which she was good lookin man going on
tyree bobby i don't i don't know
i think what is much for doing it is
there's a
as is being done the way did it
it's uh...
i'd there's nothing that and i
i'm stumbling here but really
he comes down to you how you made a good point i didn't think about you know
the recruiter rick pitino coming clean healy came clean because as backing up
against the wall
yeah there was either extortion
before india or you know and didn't get its gonna come out that way
when other happens alot but but he came out and and ended up telling the truth
in the universe is supported
exactly room part of back riveted on the top down form and arkansas problem
within the same thing
and now the staff members resigned
but like i tell you that part the part about him harder on the staff
band that that's
he now what make a decision right there
and i think i mean that's what that's what makes the heart is
matters are not given money and and
lawsuits for
not higher in certain people because your harder lecture sleeping well for me
that's just
also this is cut-offs of your browser in the estimate we go in
and give the freedom of information act which apparently is the greatest thing
ever if you're trying to do our own stuff
he uh... he said that you know the the relationship starting to cast
which have sweet
and isomers bernie as a love story
math if my affair the twenty-five realtor of the kill switch
them i don't know w they don't start with the text
yes noticed without answers whatever
how about a how about the the rumor of the possible
proposal replacement coach are you happy about that
i don't know how phil and there were talk about former obviously
go into go to arkansas i really don't know what i would fill with
you talk about a guy who's been isn't our coaching career uti
you know one of a just a of
the national championship winning coach
uh... i don't know if he's a hall of fame coach you know we're not but he's a
very good coach
i mean the great record
didn't go into seen him but i think everyone thinks he can go to global
chocolate at the scene him coach in the s_e_c_ known you're going to use them
out of the house bill i'll be happy form i think he would do a good job
began knows how to coach talent
i think it's problem was he got a little
piece like a little bit in recruiting at the end but he was he was one of those
recruiters in the world as you know in late ninety so i think you could think
he could do a very good job with what they've got there
very good players coaches that kind of thing
it's funny you it
you see if i think former
now would entertain this more than he would have uh... you know this time last
uh... i think
in his heart all heartsick i think he wouldn't
i think you would want to be in the eighty eight uti
head of and i don't know former from
anyone mean i'm just going bob you know i i think he truly love university that
he worked for i think it with them
arrived at top decision form back when e when he was
you know no longer coaching their
uh... so but
beauty has a new eighty this year
that positions are going to be there for a long if he does well i could be there
for a very long time
uh... emailing that might be town that he's come realization that if he wants
to stay in that
and the sports world is going to have to move on from tennessee
human this makes a lot of sense like he said he's a great coat she knows how to
coach talent
and that's the one thing arkansas still has a bunch of talent
uh... at that program you know you get a couple other good people in there to
help you with the recruiting you've got to be pretty refreshed and have some
time off so you going to be able to hit the road recruiting pretty hard and and
right back at it
you know the real hat so to speak
so you can do that but what you got it in
see from arkansas as if they do if they are truly entertaining this
then this is not a step stop-gap measure for them this is not just somebody ctr
for stop the hemorrhaging again as to this season with the calloway have
uh... four where i think would only want to come there for you had a good
long-term deal in place
three five years yes i don't think you know i mean i don't think it's a thank
your i don't want me to be a one-year deal but i think
thanks for the following knowing that he was gonna go in their coach for two or
three years indeed it was super successful then
big good but if he knew he was just me for three years to get a stable
ultimately be okay with that too
uh... i mean
people talk about like what about charlie stronger
ape-like draws released on vinyl on the wire
eyes i don't know why you would
i don't know
what the big negatives with former army medically proven gathered for a national
methodology into scenery in just a cake in the past i have made a pickup
i mean he found domain he you know he didn't just lose all total bility
overnight so
they got it would go in their command respect and
with uh... and those are women
joss later bigger higher for u t i mean
it's it's all consult
yang for you to know if they could be a good hot higher freaky as well
brittany then that is going to load up for next year's testicular hired
but the trade agreements or just to reiterate play here
without thinking all trains on everything i guess a lot of deal since
they've been in that's fit around your what your neck of the woods tuesday that
to your organ trade for him next year
that's whatever on allen
itunes he'll be good enough to where do these days but
it was that this is the homer in the open
but you get
perjury tower and uh... that there really was a national championship this
year the elvira dash kampijut coach
new arrival here are a lot of sunset exactly buddhism
but in a stature out front on this wednesday urea i thought so funny is you
got a guy
it he wins one year needham
about eighty three more years of the national is not dump fire you units
would be done for me lately it is a very fickle world there
uh... let's let's move on i think we've we've talked the arkansas
uh... we've given our opinions on that subject of the most people already heard
about it
uh... their spring football going on it's another thing that's going on
were i guess
at the midway point i think it's two weeks basically you two had regained
last saturday year you havent coming up this saturday
and uh... you know some of some of the notables that had it last year was or
last year
last week was alabama
alabama yeah i mean that's just special somali was another jury like you know
ninety some thousand
that like the for sure satan was there
that estimate around they had i think
seventy eight thousand five hundred
which is ridiculous i mean but that in perspective boston college
at two hundred financial up so
seventy eight thousand five hundred
to two hundred so you know that band was on the top of the um...
probably bored right now or do they have worked fourteen i think some of the
number of some returning
seven offense five defense into and special teams
yeah i mean they're they're going to be good again they've got they've got their
leader their quarterback
who knows how to win as a national championship winners but they've got
another good
you know any lacey and um...
he saw a lot of affair martell j
yelled and something like that lazy self sometime last laces freakin also ahead
they're so good
an editor savers uh...
hale plays and we didn't we have mentioned that we would talk about uh...
they respect that trophy
oh no
for their respective bigger quieter broken that's for sure that that
somebody said they could make
the date you want to turn this into a positive
take those pieces of crystal that broke into three pieces of l_a_ celeb four
five hundred dollars for a chocolate i guarantee they sell out the day
and then give them one at a charity
right it would bother a place that and
give the rest of the items sure utility i mean they're not worry about
replacing it that way you are some people say no they don't make the guy
who broke up a foreign noted him and i don't know it would be stupid
there was a kid i was an accident
at this point it
but i don't know man died a few earn album failure to jump all over them
you could say hey and we made a mistake but we we raise fifty thousand dollars
for alone allowed county court house reflect
why such a violent sport they have such a fragile trophy no mail earner for
something like that
if they were there when next year they're gonna get a nerf trophy leathery
but uh...
but now the alabama back to sprinkle blood seventy-eight lower seventy
thousand there
uh... george at forty four thousand alban forty three thousand
for thirty eight thousand and south carolina thirty four and a half files in
policy thirty three thousand as a reading thousand and so the runner-up at
the national championship game had almost
almost a third
yeah zern yeah about forty percent
but i mean that's just an alabama only care about is this football and taffeta
done that on a saturday at night and batteries river that have doubled that
but i think they'll be michael austin activity that had the same as the line
of uh... it essays this week and i think untuk ease this week and the city
state's initially what we can really ole miss latex enamel this weekend
uh... of any had their game at their spring game in
and medical blazer when
they were approached a man
but it was the press beforehand so annalisa spring and who knows
yeah exit
it's funnydesi coming
used to have a
i guess you got my last year pieces in place but they're still
so much that
that you get to work on
that she dot that's unknown
from spring football i mean
the actual practice that they've only had what two weeks
pryor had a couple weeks crackers
two or three weeks
you know your your
your issue regarding a lot of players but she still got a lot of london was
there to to work out so
so it's just really time the hype up and keep talking about football throughout
the year
shirt that to me that's
that's kind of the reason here you got it in there to help take
take away some of the n_f_l_ top because
your sandwiched inbetween you're free agency
and the draft coming up so now you get this and so you got some talk about
college football
an s_e_c_ becomes relevant in that room for another you know
a part of that conversation at least yeah
i'll tell you want to know scott and he was uh... justin hunter
you know he's coming off that twenty c l_ which has been
uh... we're looking at seven months or so that he's been rehab in the house and
he's not on a per cent
you know who he says
you know he thinks he's about eighty five percent coaches are saying he's
around eighty percent
he went out there that their last scrimmage and
you know he was out there trying to do it some sprints and
isn't is good enough now to where he can he can
run on in everything you know what you don't have it
it once cutting his you know he's a he's going to hit many reading like that
if you recall that everyone contacted remain the most the time of the seals or
you wanna be a little tentative with them i can assure you get that read
yours he obviously per plate in this last scrimmage
and uh...
and i'm noah main the toughing is when you can't
touch 'em he can't check a model on or anything like that ur bump and run cover
and with the fast receiver like ilm he's out there
will heat he uh...
dawn the first roddy coddle short pass and in the very next play he uh... he
burned has gone for fifty or touch them so
that's good to say i mean you know i hope he gets back to where he at the big
parties is the confidence in the nail on that they've gone so
rule for with those i'm a seal surgeries
and um... it's really like a lil one year process
uh... your you say you got two years your harper said but the where they are
now i mean
that he should be surgically finan
and i mean i don't know if you'll be asked fast but i mean he should be good
enough to
but if you go to this conference a not scared it's good to have to get that hit
and and
get back up and realize that he's okay
yeah and once that happens
that then
that comfort levels conduct
come back in and to get things done before mines you know
deactivate air out much of work you can do in your at best eighty percent if you
go by the coaches sonya
you know you get another five or ten percent a month now your you're right
yeah you have to get the coast of a percent in
spring football
springs in the years we got baseball
kentucky's you know on top of the wrecking still we don't move that's what
it was a copyrighted they'd like the
in the nation
know their data s_e_c_ s_e_c_ there late north but they are
there are a three of the top four
teams in the country early in the s_e_c_
an depending on which poll is like for college polls kentucky is the highest
rate uh... s_e_c_ program
uh... sasa panel so uh... me last week and andrew and i don't keep up with
baseball near as much as we do the other sports but they were ranked number one
uh... in some of the polls uh... yeah kentucky said but that's a come from
come-from-behind surprise there nobody expected
i dot u_k_ back cash to be
doing what they're doing and baseball cell
i don't know anything else there for
for college baseball
we always talk about golf i'll feel like you know sometimes we we have to
remember that we're not just a
a local national show in
we talked about golf before in you know cheered for brass that occur who is
uh... avandia
but only if we are talking about a cc also store the masters
um... there's an s_e_c_ god georgia bulldog
bubba watson
when the the the masters which was
which was a very very great turn with an incredible shot here
ideal of images goes in there is like a lot
figure i could do it last playoff spots ralph been there before notice so not
love them
this is the second playoff along a
uh... you know in the biggest all turn in the world
and go i would have on that or what's so great about that story and i think
that's what
is elevate him so quickly is that
you know he is he's the everyday type of person to think of
the goes out plays golf
you know it with enough war maybe you could be bubble never had a less exactly
never had a swing coaching at tiger over here
byron fire in the swing coach in
first of all that's what was that the tigers you don't need a swing come from
the negatives go play half on you know i mean
you know door usually as you know how to unity
who knows more about what i saw my toward our goal the tiger
on either in a way that doesn't
the best of the world is played a million realms and there's video when
you know what you're doing wrong
he's just it's like you're over thinking about what is going up there knows all
you know
i'm with those bulb long way at this point drop record and then when the
major number of women around and cut history and
called me a green jacket
in our news congratulations to baba
uh... it was a great great turn them into watchin you know that leads us
for the last thing will say
if you're watching listening in an hour
true sports fan but i think the s_e_c_
golf championships are going on this week's elvir
know the the pins are placed in
good luck to all the s_e_c_ teams and when i was going to win
i don't even know who's ever yes somali will
let us know there are two cell
alright guys of equal
corrupt or open market if you want to say there
man i don't know uh... thank you train for for um... buy me dinner that was
nice of him
so i haven't had some some good mexican food that was that was enjoyable
i don't know what it does
thank you to the
you know for a plug out there the
uh... killer plumbing heating and cooling for forgive me a
that job in the summer here that they are like that will work with your school
schedule enormous will schedule and
make it easier that's what's been tougher may have started in his podcast
one year
where a forty hour week job they don't have much flexibility in england school
too so
you know sometimes you get a night near you don't have
it's part of our tonight we're not doing
works out for school stuff so will more flexible and easy for me to do these
things so no we would love to have them as a sponsor of you can work on that
we love the happy face truck they've come to our house more than one cell
him well
arrived in will work on that
well my open mic is that you know i'm excited i had a birthday
couple months back now and so for that was cold weather in
who my wife decided that she is gonna take me somewhere nice but we're going
to wait till it warmed up and
and they finished their fiscal year where she works so well you know that
ended in march thirty first so
a few weeks drag after that uh... to recover from all that now we're
were had now tomorrow morning first thing southwest up austin texas
so we're gonna have to be able to continue eating mexican down there
uh... univ got some great advice there would we we kicked around the idea
watchin watch the horns play that uh...
you know might get into the bar sink his it states
friday night
a game against kansas or sunday day game against kansas
and the sunday day game looks like it's kid day ready to run the bases and it's
going to be uh...
a stuffed animal or somethin there's like three it is a kid free weekend
ideas so it's like i guess i don't want to go do sunday and then
you know i was suddenly realize that the stanley cup playoff games are going on
by the national pride is really playing games five to try to clench friday night
so looks like baseball's i'll so we were really hoping that at one point cancer
game para
longhorns games they're but uh... that's not gonna happen but
that super excited about going down to austin heard great things about the food
in the uh... nightlife in the music down there so
higher gear rivals national when
the lower broad area that we get there
to uh... take for granted so hopefully we won't take for granted what austin
has a web you get a full report of
of what little i remember
uh... from our on our next podcast in the open
open round table
uh... work and i find you
follow me on twitter at andrew young twenty
uh... you on phone or face book andrew on their frighten you can follow me on
twitter at p shane bailey
and with that guys we're gonna call this podcast down