Training with patriots in Poland

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The presence of a Patriot missile battery in Poland
is the fulfillment of an American promise. For the soldiers of Alpha Battery, 5th Battalion,
7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, it's a chance to be part of history.
It's people who have lived through things that I've only ever read about or seen on
TV. [McCabe] History is unmistakable in Poland,
especially the last 70 years. In 1989, the former Warsaw Pact nation took
a new path, achieving political independence followed
by admittance to NATO and its commitments to the wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan. Today Poland is emerging from the recent tragic
loss of much of its senior leadership. The arrival of the Patriots on Polish soil
is seen by many as smart strategy. Politically, they're a diplomatic tool.
Militarily, they serve as a tactical statement. Together they represent a partnership of strength.
This is a natural evolution of that very strong partnership.
[soldier shouting instructions] [McCabe] A rotational training program for
40 Polish officers offers hands-on familiarization into the nuances
of Patriot missiles. It is very good experience.
[McCabe] An experience shared by a hundred USAREUR soldiers,
the largest deployment of American forces to Poland.
It will be very good idea to develop the presence of the American forces here in Poland.
[McCabe] This initial training site is less than 50 miles from the Russian border.
In high school that's all we heard about--Russia and the US
and all that tension--and now we're here. [McCabe] USAREUR is scheduled to bring air
defense specialists to Poland for the next two years,
an opportunity for both armies to target a new direction
in an alliance destined for the history books. [♪upbeat music♪] That's the Army Today
from Soldiers Radio and Television, Atlanta.