Bowfinger (1/10) Movie CLIP - A Go Picture (1999) HD

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Hey, Tony, how are you ?
Uh-huh. No. Send the deal back.
Uh-huh. Net, net ?
lfl'm gonna put $85 million into an avalanche movie, l gotta knowwhere the snow is.
Uh-huh. And it better be Aspen.
We gotta get a director. Get me a list.
He's got to be international.
Who's my star ? How about Kit Ramsey ?
Kit Ramsey is the hottest, sexiest action star in the world.
When l think of Kit Ramsey in this avalanche movie, l get vey comfortable.
l'm not gonna get into a bidding warwith... [ Mumbles ]
because even if Kit Ramsey's interested, we might not want Kit Ramsey.
Can you believe this ? Now they ty to tell us who's gonna be in our movies.
Get me Kit. Get me Kit right now.
You don't put me on hold, l putyou on hold.
Put me on hold andyou're a dead man.
Hey,Jery, how areyou ? Bobby Bowfinger, Bowfinger Films.
We worked on that thing a coupleyears ago.
The, uh, fa-famous movie ?
Hey. Hi, Kit. How areyou ?
My man ! How's Dolores ?
Good. You are first in line for the script, Kit.
You can't be more first than first.
Can l talk to him ? Huh ?
Can l talk to Kit ?
Got a surprise foryou. Kit ? Kit ? l'm losing you--
Aah ! Bad line ?
Yeah. These cell phones are so bad.
Universal is begging me for this script, but l don't want to give it to 'em.
They screwed me once. You oughta take a look.
Take a look at it.
lt starts nice.
All this. Yeah. Right.
''Gotcha, suckas !'' Wow, that is a catch phrase.
l just saw the poster.
Let's be risky today. l'm gonna go with this.
You bring me this script and Kit Ramsey,
and you gotyourself a ''go'' picture, Bobby.
Uh, okay. Thanks.
l love whatyou do. Here's my card.
Oh ! Uh, uh... just keep that.
[ Chuckles ]
What was that ?