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Episode 13
He is working on constantly and you do see him everyday
I don't know what you guys are going on but he seems to be a very romantic
Hey, we are taking a trip on this weekend to Catalina, Peggy and I.
Do you want to come along
No, I need to summarize the material that I got from library today
I'd better get going
Please don't do this to me
You leave as you want to, you come as you want to...
If that is your love...
I won't fall in love with that
It's too painful for me It's just killing me... I couldn't do that anymore
It's me, Jung-Won
Yes, speaking
You voice sounds not good. Is something wrong?
No, nothing
I think I will go to the U.S. pretty soon
Are you with me? I'll go there
I see...
I'm disappointed... Is that all? I expect more than yes...
Of course I go there for business
I'm so excited to see you
I see...
I see again?
I mean, when will it be?
The 28th of this month
I don't go L.A. directly
First, I need to stop by San Francisco and take care of urgent works
And then I fly to Las Vegas
Shall we meet in Las Vegas?
I can go to L.A...
But you're no doubt stuck with your study
You can not have any chance to take a trip if you miss this time
Yes... yes
I see, I'll do that
Do you need anything from Korea?
No, I'm fine
Well then... See you in Las Vegas
I... have lots of curiosities
Why did you leave me like that
How can you get to the U.S.
But... I won't ask you
We don't need to uncover our bad memories
Luckily, you seem to be settled and comfortable
How can you get to know with Palco people?
By chance...
What do you do now?
Anything that my boss wants to do
We call Palco's people that...
If you say so, it sounds like Mafia or something
By the way... What shall I do?
I made a big decision for studying abroad
I couldn't do anything after I met you
It's all your responsibilities, you spoiled a smart person like me
Same here...
I felt empty in my mind
I think about only one thing everyday
What is it?
I won't... hurt you again
Never... I won't leave you again
Everything is OK?
You know me I finished it clearly
Want to drink? Sure!
Thank you
Hey, Chinese gangs in San Francisco
are shaking in their shoes with my name, Yoo Jong-Ku
I, myself
rule the roost of China-Town in San Francisco
By the way, I think San Francisco is a great place
I made up my mind
If I make a fortune, I'll buy a house on hillside towards to the Golden Gate Bridge
And I'll live there happily ever after with Jenny
And cruising a yacht worth millions and drinking wine from auctions?
Yes, that's it
I need you working as my gardener
Mowing my lawn, fix up my yacht
and be my bodyguard...
Don't need a housemaid?
I also need a housemaid and maid
Because my sweetheart, Jenny shall live her life as a queen
If you hire me as your gardener, your housemaid will be mine
Do you know someone for that position?
She is pretty and maybe be a wise housemanager
Who will it be?
Min, Soo-Yeon
She and I are to live together, That's all we need
We don't need a luxury yacht
We don't expect to drink fancy wine
We hope we live together as a gardener and a housemaid
You, buddy... You almost make me feel touched... I mean it
It's enough time to forget her
Are you still thinking about her?
- Hey, Bro! - Ok, I got it
I know what is it in your mind...
In-Ha! You need to stop thinking about her
When will you finish it?
- Bro! - Yes...
I met her
Did you dream of her?
It's a real! Not a dream
I met Soo-Yeon
In here... In L.A.
You are not kidding with me?
It was Committee Cho Chang-Soo
who is a lobbyist with Chairman Choi Do-Hwan's side
Cho Chang-Soo?
Yes, he is a core out of the real power
How about sales profits in Jungmun Casino?
It keeps going down
I apologize
It was expected as Choi Do-Hwan took over Sea World Corp
The problem starts to now
I was plan to deal with this peacefully but...
I need to take on actions if he did it like this
Buy all shares of casino that is permitted to the Jeju Island
Well, then... we need money for that...
Sell out all shares of Jungmun Casino
And bring all money as much as we collect
We're over if we lose this game
I'm concerned that this might be beyond your power
To buy all casino's shares that is newly permitted,
A tremendous political fund need to be involved
Its process must be complicated
How long have you been working at Casino?
It's almost 20 yrs
For 20 yrs...
Then you'd gone through all possibilities in casino
Sure I could say there was nothing left
I'm thinking of publishing a book as a day comes to me
Speaking of myself...
I'd like to run casino in different ways from my father
I wanted to develop our company into a hotel in Las Vegas
Without under control of political power that you've been experienced
Only with a casino and hotel business itself...
But it seems to be difficult following with my will
How about sales profits?
It takes wings thanks to the V.I.P. customers from Hong Kong and Taiwan
It could be a historical sales record a month
Since the Sea World Casino was established
I need your report on the trends of Jungmun Casino
Well, I assume that you knew this
I have my people, named Yeom Jae-Man who is a pit boss
I left him intentionally, he wants to work for Sea World though
Thank you for coming
What do you want to say?
Last time... I'm sorry about that
The reason I want you to meet me
I'd like to offer you a gentleman's agreement
You and I...
We both studied hotel management and casino business in U.S.
We knew well how Las Vegas became an international leisure convention town
Including cases that Steve Win or William Bennett made score off their own bat
Without aids of political power
What's your point?
I'd like to avoid influence on casino business from
the authority of power
To get a permission
I don't want to follow the rules requesting a huge political capitals
I want to free myself from
perception of casino known as a hotbed of
all unlawful acts and evading taxes
If we reach the gentleman's agreement, we are able to make that happen in a sense
Why don't we're not to involve in
a new permission on Jeju Island?
Your idea... It sounds so resonable
But it is very unfavorable against me if I get into in details
Last time, like I told you, you already have tens of advantage
That sounds like to me...
The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor
Your suggestions... I couldn't accept it
What was his reaction on that?
Chairman Suh Seung-Don is crazy about securing capitals
Even he sells out his shares of Jungmun Casino
Buy it within four walls
Be careful not to reveal our move to them
And regarding Sang-Du...
I think we need to feed him for keeping closer to us
Toss all management rights of the slot machine to him
Isn't it too much for him?
In time, the slot machine business of tourist hotels will be closed
It's better to give him out now and then we have a good impression to him
Should you go? I don't want to let you go
Don't say silly talks!
Shall we... Let's live together
Let's get together after wedding ceremony!
Do you... want not to see me any more?
I doubt, that it will ever happen to me to get married with you
Don't talk about this ever again if you want to see me
What, is that true?
Oh my godness, How come did she attract to such a scamp
Please... I don't want to hear about bull shit!
Everybody knows that affairs in night club
Old lady!
Hyun-Ja, Jang!
You piggy! Don't make a noise...
She needs to know the truth
What! Are you still talking back to me?
If something happens to her, then
I'll terminate you miserably, understood?
Oh my godness, huh?
He is crueler than his father
I mean Choi, Jung-Won who is a son of Choi, Do-Hwan
Chairman Choi acts according to Chairman Suh's mind,
but his son act without batting an eye
Soon his son will rule the casino business
That means it's a good sign for us?
We need to wait...
Hey, Yim Dae-Soo
How dare you!
Hey, you... I need to see you!
What's up?
What? You said nothing?
You stupid! What is nothing? Nothing is something! You bastard!
Hyun-Ja, take it easy! Let's go out Get away from me now!
Don't stop me! Let me be!
Yim Dae-Soo, Today is your last day, bastard!
Don't stop me! Let go!!!
I got nothing to say
Huyn-Ja, easy huh? Let go!
Let go! Old lady! Old lady!
Hey, Yim Dae-Soo!
You do your job! Yes, boss!
Please calm down and tell me what you want to say to me
Hey, you! Do you know me, huh?
I am Jang, Hyun-Ja
I went through all human garbage for over 30 yrs in back streets
I'm so sick of living in such a filthy world
But I am strong enough to sweep out human garbage like you
You bastard! I'll finish you today
I... How did I raise her with my all efforts..
How dare you have my daughter in your mind?
I... I do love Jung-Ae Please accept me
What the heck are you talking about? You bastard!
Don't even get closer to me You bastard!
Just go out... please Let go!
You, bastard, Listen carefully!
If you ever touch my daugher, I'll finish you
Let go! Let go!
Hi! Here you are
Jung-Ae, come over here and sit!
Hey, have a drink
- What's up? - Huh?
Umn... Jung-Ae! Are you dating with Yim Dae-Soo...
That's why you wanted to see me?
Why Yim Dae-Soo, huh?
You can date with any other man except him
You knew better who he is than others, sis
What's wrong with him?
Even I had In-Ha in my heart for 10 yrs no, for 20 yrs
In-Ha, bastard... he never turned his eyes on me
But... however... Yim Dae-Soo, he really loves me
What's wrong with that I'll go out with a man who loves me
Do you know what love is about?
It's none of your business
He really makes me go insane
OK... Let's stop thinking about that Let's just have a drink, OK?
How's your investigation on In-Ha's case?
It looks like breaking the ice
Did you figure out a real criminal?
Wait and see for a bit more
Come in
What are you up to at this time?
I got something to say
Have a seat!
- Want a drink? - No thanks, I'm fine
I couldn't see you often Do you have something in your mind?
Talk to me
If I...
Leave boss... What shall I pay for that?
Tell me a reasonable explanation for that
Is this about Min Soo-Yeon?
You'd been around her dormitory for a week all the time
You were with her at Santa Monica beach today
That was a piece of cake
To manage this huge organization
Including what you think of...
Just remember that we know your every movement
You... boss really needs you
Do you think he allows you to leave himself?
It's all up to boss' mind
No matter what you leave or not
For your girl,
It's better not to think recklessly
This story... I'll set it aside not to be heard
Boss will go to Atlanta tomorrow
Take a trip in the meantime!
What did he say?
Want a drink?
I thought so They won't let you go
What's your plan then?
Don't even think!
Let our life kept in secret
You careful too
They're watching our every movement
No matter when we work or not
They know everything what we're doing
I think they have a good steamed tail dish...
Why don't you cook it for me?
That's not good for your health
Here it is, well... no fun to live
You lost a lot since you start to eat uncooked food
Doc. Park said your myocardial infarction is just fine
OK, OK. You're my boss
I'm concerned our son, Jung-Won will need a person who looks after him soon
Too much work for him, I'm so concerned about him
I have an idea for that! No rush!
Who... do you have someone in your mind for him?
Committee Cho has a daughter...
I heard she studies in France
I don't know his mind
She's got a good family background and reputation
Even she is a smart, What can be a problem?
Going to the U.S.?
Yes, I depart tomorrow's afternoon and stay there for one month
Are there any possibility for raising investment?
Chairman Yun in San Francisco, he is interested in these projects
I'm not sure about MGM group, I need to try to contact with them
Is everything OK here? Your absence is not short though
No problem, I'd like to introduce someone to you
after I return from this bisness trip
Who is she?
It's not the right time to tell
I'll talk to you later
Let me know as soon as investment had concluded
I'll start to buy shares in here
I got information of President Choi of Sea World Corp.
going to the U.S. tomorrow
I guess he goes for investments
You're right, if he raises capitals
they will strat to buy shares of newly permitted casino
We need to hurry upon raising funds too
- Bye - Bye
Do you need help?
May I see this
I knew that
Yes, I will get it right away
Are you ready?
Where do you want to go?
I'll give you few options, you decide it
First, we go to San Francisco via Hust Castle
Second, we go to Mexico via San Diago
Third one is Yosemite Park
I want to go to Las Vegas
Las Vegas?
Yes, I really wanted to go there
Who is it?
- Hi, Joung-Gu! - Hi
Did I get you surprised without any notice?
No, no Please come in
Here... You don't need to...
Thanks a lot, have a seat please
- Where is In-Ha? - In-Ha?
He went on a trip!
A trip? Alone?
No, with his lover...
His lover?
Oh, you didn't know that?
He met his lover who came from Korea...
He didn't expected this meeting
I also couldn't believe this happening
I see... that's great for them
Well... shall we go out for dinner? I'll treat you
How about lobster at Redondo Beach?
Sounds great to me
This agreement covers solutions on
all possible problems in the future
We are looking for discussing in details
about few points
Our job is to draw independent shareholder's participations
What is the conditions?
We control the management of company
Also we plan to organize a new directing board
Can I help you something?
- I'll just look around first - OK
Can I see this one?
Oh, director Han!
Yes, everything is great in San Francisco
We don't need to worry about attracting foreign capital
as our negotiation with the MGM group have well concluded
Please arrange a meeting time for me
I see
Are you expecting someone?
No, I'm not
Who is it?
I said nothing
I felt odds since you wanted to go Las Vegas as I offer trips
I was a host in casino
What's wrong with that?
Have you heard about Mr. Steve Win?
He is a hotel businessman in Las Vegas
People say that
Today's Las Vegas was built by his remarkable capability
He was also a real big man
who presented this luxury hotel to his wife
Wait... Let me think...
I had no gift from you
Come on...
I'm so stupid Why I was so anxious about you...
Let's go!
To where?
I can afford to buy a gift for you instead of buying you a hotel
I'll take it for next time...
No, I'd like to do it right now!
- Hi! - Hi!
May I help you?
I'll just look around first?
Pick anything you want
Are you sure about this?
I'm making a pretty of penny
I'll take this one
How much is this?
This is 65 thousands dollars
Excuse me?
65 thousands dollars
Let's buy that next time
Let's go I'm sorry
Mr. Jung-Won!
What happened to you, two people?
You guys keep in touch with each other?
No, not at all, by chance...
No, it wasn't conincidence, it's destiny
We couldn't meet each other otherwise
It must have been hard for you to settle down....
You look great
Without your help....
Perhaps, I'd be in jail or I'd been terminated by Sang-Du
Well, anyway It's great to see you... Good for you!
Same here...
Shrimp looks so tasty!
Is it too big?
When I was a dealer...
I was so irritated by people who lost their money at casino
I have confidence in winning a gamble
But it shall not work well with your mind
In-Ha and I... We'll go to the bar and have some talk
Please go ahead, you guys must have lots of things to talk after a long time
I'll play a game
How come you didn't contact me?
I guessed you felt also uneasy to send us to the U.S...
I didn't want to be a burden on you any more
I was so surprised when I saw you guys got together
As Soo-Yeon said
Both of you guys are a destiny, not a coincidence
Soo-Yeon went through all difficulties after you left
No more... Don't hurt her
I promise I won't let her alone again
If you're with me... You might need to give up many things
You might not be able to go to school
At village where nobody knows...
We might need to harvest oranges for living
Somewhere near by the seaside in Maxico,
I might sell cigarettes to tourists
Nonetheless, I wouldn't think about
Your misfortune because of me
Instead... I won't leave you
I won't leave you again ever, never
I love you
I love you
Yes, sir!
Vietnamese mafia in San Francisco made trouble
They intercepted boss' items
They're asking us for negotiation
Boss has been elaborated to get it for over one year
We got to take it back
While Jong-Ku transacts with them,
In-Ha should sweep them out
Leave as you finish this job!
You can get your life screwed up if you stay here
I'll take care of cleaning them
As soon as deal is over
Go away with Soo-Yeon!
How about you?
I live my life as usual...
Go somewhere with her where boss can't reach you
Hope your ever-lasting happiness with her
I'm all set
I might be late
How come?
I got something to be done
This is too much for a groom...
Do they have any common sense?
OK... OK, I'll
I love you