How to use the Authenticator to protect your account (WoW D3 SC2 Bnet)

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Hi and thanks for watching!
In this video we will show you how to add or remove an Authenticator
to or from your account.
Each chapter of the video can be accessed directly
by clicking the links in the table of contents
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The Authenticator is an application or a device that
can be associated with your account for additional security.
It is required for some money transactions on our platforms
such as the Diablo 3 Real-Money auction house to ensure their safety.
The thing you should know about the autatica... authentifica...
authenticator is that it is easier to use than to pronounce!
Once attached, you will be prompted to enter a number code,
generated by the Authenticator,
when you log in to your account or one of the Blizzard games.
The Authenticator comes in two varieties:
A mobile application and a key ring version.
On most smart phones, the Authenticator application
can be downloaded for free from the app store.
The key ring version is available from the Blizzard Online Store
as well as some retailers.
Please note that for logistical reasons,
we cannot deliver our products in every country or region.
In the event you notice an authenticator has been added to your account
but not by you, you should contact our customer support
via the support section on
We also suggest having a look at the video currently linked on screen.
It takes just a few simple steps to add an Authenticator
to my account.
I open the website and log in to my account.
After clicking on "Account" at the top of the page,
I click on "Add Security" in the Account Security section on the left side.
As I have a smart phone, I click on the "Attach Authenticator" button
for the mobile version on the right. On the next page,
I click on "Send verification E-Mail" and go to my e-mail client.
Hmm..."Earn cash for sitting on your hands".
Oh wait...that's a spam mail. The one from Blizzard is named
" Account - Authenticator Addition".
Yeah... that's more like it!
Clicking the included link confirms that I have access
to the account's email address and continues the process.
In the next step, the page indicates that I have to download and install
the free Authenticator application.
I have already done that so I just click on "Continue".
The 14-digit serial number I am entering now
can be found in the "Setup" section of the app.
I then enter the authenticator code in the corresponding field on the website.
By default, I will only be prompted to enter an Authenticator code once a week.
This can be changed by ticking the "require authenticator" box
or by adjusting the security options from my account page.
Just one more click on "Add Authenticator" and... that's it!
In addition I received a free pet! It's a fire-spitting two-headed hound!
Awesome... I've always liked hot dogs!
If you are wondering, for key ring Authenticators,
the attachment process is almost the same.
The only differences are that it can be finished in two steps
and that the serial number is a 10-digit code
found on the sticker on the back side of the device.
A new Authenticator code can be generated
by simply pushing the button on the front side.
I just spent a whole day queuing to get this new smart phone on day one.
I heard it has face recognition, supports holographic calls
and can even do the laundry for you!
Anyway, I would really like to use the Authenticator application
on my new phone instead of my old one.
This means I have to remove the Authenticator from my account first.
I go to, log in, open the account management page
and click on "Manage Security Options".
Here I'm offered the option "Remove Authenticator" which I select now.
For verification, I have to enter two Authenticator codes.
I generate the first one and enter it,
wait a few seconds until the authenticator gives me a new code
and enter it into the second field.
A click on "Remove Authenticator" finishes the process.
Now, I can associate the Authenticator app of my new phone with my account.
Be aware that updating the smart phone's operating system
may make your mobile Authenticator unusable.
Therefore it is advisable to remove it from your account
before a software update. However, there is an alternative.
You have the option to use the application's "Restore" feature
to get it working again. To use this feature,
you need to remember the serial number and restore code.
If you ever encounter an issue with your Authenticator
and cannot access your account, here is what you can do.
For mobile Authenticators
you should first try the "Resync" option of the application.
Depending on your phone,
you can either find it on the code page or in the menu.
If the generated codes still won't work or if you have a key ring version,
the Authenticator has to be removed from the account.
Go to, click on "log in" and then on "Can't log in?".
On the next page, click on
"I lost my authenticator and I want to remove it from my account."
and then on "Continue".
If Mobile Alerts are active for your account,
you will now receive a text message with a code.
Your eyes only - like in a spy movie except less dangerous.
You can simply enter this code and click on "Verify Code"
to finish the removal process.
Otherwise a "Remove Authenticator" form will show up.
Fill it out completely and attach a clear,
readable picture of your ID for verification purposes.
Our customer support team will take care of your request
and inform you once the authenticator has been removed
and you can access your account again.
We hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful.
Thanks for watching, good luck and have fun!
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