NASA Women's History Month Profile - Jennifer Price

Uploaded by NASAtelevision on 23.03.2012

ŅI'm Jennifer B. Price and I work as the Group Lead for the Advanced Mission Planning
Group in the Flight Planning Branch in the Mission Operations Directorate here at NASA
Johnson Space Center. When I was a kid growing up in small town U.S.A., I got a kick out
of watching science fiction shows. And then something wonderful happened. We went to the
moon. I just really got inspired about working with the space program and I was very fortunate
to get an Air Force scholarship and then after working in the Air Force for a time, I received
the wonderful opportunity to come and work at NASA Johnson Space Center. In the Advance
Mission Planning Group, my whole job is to do new things To take the expertise we've
gained in working with the Space Shuttle Program and in the International Space Station Program
and develop it and figure out how we're going to use this same expertise in future exploration.
We're deciding on new ideas and new plans and we're pushing the envelopes with anything
we've ever done before and we're working with other people throughout NASA who are also
advancing ops concepts from the way we've done it in the past. We actually speak with
the astronauts on a daily basis; we call these "Daily Planning Conferences." My job is working
in building the plans that the astronauts use to conduct their activity in space. There
are only so many resources that they have to use and we have to maximize accomplishing
a bunch of requirements during this limited amount of time.
Ultimately it takes a team, the ground team; all the system operators, all the vehicle
operators working together with the astronauts in order to have the successful mission. I
encourage my children; I encourage anyone to find your passion and then get skills in
that area.
Whether it's a 4 year college or even above a 4 year college, or some other way to hone
in on your skills, you need to develop training for the thing you have passion in. And you
need to find good mentors; good examples to help you walk through whatever your interest
is. There's a lot of innovation and technology development that is in the process of being
looked at as we explore concepts for beyond the earth orbit. And anyone coming into the
program now should be ready to just bring your new ideas, bring your new technological
ideas, and let's go for it.Ó