Main Khiladi Tu Anari (1994) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 8

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What do I do? I have to do something for a living.
"No, Basanti. Don't sacrifice your love for your living."
Just imagine that you are a police officer's wife.
You'll get so much of respect.
"Just imagine, your orphan children will at least have a father."
- You have come?! - Hey! At least leave my uniform!
"- You want to be a police officer? - Yes, I do!"
- You dare scold my children?! - I was only...
You didn't answer my question.
"Speak up, Basanti. Speak up!"
What do I say? This dream can't come true.
- It can Basanti. It can! - How come?
- Will you do as I say? - I will.
Why did you get me here?
"- Buddy, I'm very unhappy today. - What do I do?"
"Look, buddy. I have no one in this world."
Only Dhansukh... my secretary.
"- And you, my friend. - Listen to me carefully."
I'm no friend of yours. After your work is over we go separate ways.
And why have you got me here?
Whether you take me as your friend or not...
I want to spend the evening with you. - Why?
Because today is my birthday.
- Now what? - Today is my birthday.
- How about a drink? - No. I lose control over myself.
"You must've drunk hooch. I'll treat you to ""Deepak Kumar special""."
"- No, I won't. - Today is my birthday!"
- Only one. - Okay.
- Let's go. - One is for enmity.
"- I don't care. I won't drink! - Scared, eh?"
- That's it. - Is that all?
I forget to tell you. Basanti had called this morning.
She sounded scared.
"She says every night at 10, someone knocks at her door."
- Why? - I don't know.
You left her among the wolves.
"Imagine, if someone breaks open the door, then her chastity will..."
Why will anyone do that?
I've taken responsibility to protect her honour! Understood!
You are here and she is there.
I must go.
He has not yet come.
He is here!
You? You are drunk?
No. drunk.
"You here, at this hour of the night?"
One should solve night problems in the night only.
At 10 o'clock some son-of-a-gun...
"...knocks at your door, and disturbs your peace."
He's here?
Don't open the door. I'm getting very scared.
But what are you doing? Please stay away.
"The next time he knocks, I'll pounce at him immediately."
And I'll beat him so much...
Stay back.
My clothes with hers?
" Basanti, what happened?"
You have ruined me!
I'm undone!
Last night you did whatever you liked.
- What...what did I do? - What did you do?! You...
"- Basanti, don't cry. Listen to me. - Don't come near me!"
One minute. I'll just come.
Come again? You did everything?
You raped that girl?
People revere and respect cops.
And that very inspector has outraged...
a girl's modesty?
I could never imagine that you are a devil in disguise.
Poor Basanti.
I didn't do it deliberately. It was an accident.
What do I do?
What do I tell you? You have only two options.
Either serve a term for seven years for rape...
...or get married to her.
How's that possible? Neither does she know me nor do I love her.
As far as knowing you is concerned by now she knows you too well.
And as for love... you know this country of ours is amazing.
Girls here fall in love with their husbands after marriage.
"Just get married, she will start loving you."
- Shall I send for invitation cards? - Hey! Wait!
- But.... - No ifs and buts.
"Tell me something, if she tells you that she loves you..."
...then will you marry her?
"- Yes...if... - Yes, speak up!"
If she says - I love you ' then it's fine.
Deepak here. Do as I have told you. I'm giving Karan the phone.
Whatever happened last night... I am....
...extremely sorry.