Dog Birthday Cake Recipes, Smores Cake For Dogs

Uploaded by TheFrostingGuy on 27.12.2011

Hi. This is the Frosting Guy here from K9Cakery. Thatís www dot the letter K, the number 9
Cakery dot com. Today weíre featuring a video for where we take one of
our most popular products, our Dog Cake Kit, and we show you how to dress it up to make
all different flavors and varieties of cakes. The opportunities here are endless and today
weíre going to go over just one of those. Today weíve got some ingredients here that
weíre going to use for our Smores cake. Now itís a very simple recipe like most of our
recipes and we try and keep things very basic and very natural as as much as can be for
the dogs. So youíll see I have here a bowl of our basic mix. This comes right out of
our Dog Cake uh Kit box and youíve got a mix of your basic cake mix. You can make a
cake with this in and of itself but weíre going to dress this up a little bit today.
So first thing you want to do is you want to follow the instructions on the back of
the box of the Dog Cake Kit and itís going to tell you to add one egg. So we put an egg
in. Tells you to add a third of a cup of water, and then a quarter of a cup of oil. Then you
take a whisk and you can see what Iím doing here, youíll whisk this all together for
a nice, basic cake batter. Now like I said this is going to be good to make a regular
cake, um, but weíre going to dress this up a little bit today and youíre going to see
how that works. OK. Weíve all had smores, sitting around the campfire, as kids, teenagers,
when we went away to summer camp and itís probably one of the most favorite desserts
we ever had. And because itís so simple. Whatís in a smore. Weíve got graham crackers,
weíve got chocolate, weíve got marshmallows. Well, we know, from reading our website and
from knowing about dogs that dogs cannot have chocolate. The reason dogs canít have chocolate
is thereís a chemical in chocolate called theobromines. What those do is they affect
the dogís heart and they can make it race so you donít want to do that to your dog.
However, a substitute for chocolate is carob. Carob is an all natural product that we sell
at K9Cakery. It tastes just like chocolate, itís safe for dogs, has no problems, and
itís very, very popular. So in this case weíre going to add to our cake mix some carob,
carob powder, and weíre going to mix that in so itís nice and well mixed. And this
will give you a wonderful chocolaty taste that dogs absolutely love. Once weíve got
that in, weíre going to take marshmallows. Mini marshmallows seem to be the best because
they fit within the size of what weíre trying to do which is to create small single serve
size cakes for dogs. Now weíre going to go ahead and put that in and again weíre going
to do our best to sort of fold those in. Weíre not going to whisk those in or create too
much uh confusion in there because it will just go ahead and tear them apart. So you
can see Iíve got them nicely combined and folded into the batter here. Now you notice
also that I did not use an electronic mixer. Because an electronic mixer will just tear
all this apart. Itís way overkill for this. A basic spatula, if you donít have a spatula,
I mean a a whisk, if you donít have a whisk a basic spatula will be fine. This is going
to be the base mix, the base mix for your uh smores cake mix. Now what about the graham
crackers. Iíve taken some basic graham crackers off the shelf and Iíve crumbled them up.
I didnít need any special fancy machinery. What I actually did here, I took the graham
cracker crackers themselves, I put them into a zip top bag, and I just used my hands to
crunch it all up until I got a nice fine powder. Very simple, very low cost, very easy to do.
So, we recommend that you use mini cupcake uh tins for these types of cakes. The reason
that you want to do that is because each cupcake then becomes a nice small individual size
cake for a dog especially the smaller dogs. You donít want to have to have a very large
cake that theyíre going to try to chew on. So to make the smore youíre going to take
your uh chopped graham cracker and youíre going to put a little bit, a little layer
in the bottom of each, of each of the cupcake tins, and kind of spread it out so youíve
got a base of a graham cracker crust. And then youíre going to come back and youíre
going to take your spatula or a spoon and youíre going to fill the rest with your batter.
And finally, if you want, take a little bit more graham cracker and sprinkle it over the
top. So when this bakes up youíre going to get a nice cake with a nice brown crunchy,
crumbly top of graham cracker. Youíve got your graham cracker on the bottom, youíve
got your chocolaty flavor from your carob, your marshmallows, your basic cake, itís
all together all in one and itís a very simple cake to make as you can see. We really didnít
have to do much preparation here at all. Once these things come out I guarantee you, just
like Fido, your dogs will go nuts for this cake. Now, one other thing. You may think
that a small round cupcake is a little bit too human. Well, at K9Cakery, we manufacture
our own cake pans. These are all food grade FDA approved silicone. And these are made
for dogs obviously. You see these are dog paws. This one happens to have 15 mini size
dog paws. These can go in the freezer, these can go in the oven, dishwasher. You can crumble
it up and it comes right back to shape. Theyíre indestructible and theyíre very high quality
silicone. So we do have paw prints. One of our newest ones is little bones. What dog
doesnít like a little bone shaped type of cake. So we have that. And if youíre doing
a birthday party, having a couple dogs over, you may choose to use our mini paws, which
I call sort of a cupcake size paw. These are perfect for individual cakes for some of your
medium to larger size dogs or you could make one for smaller dogs and cut it into several
pieces. So we do offer a lot of different shapes. In addition to this we have other
things on our website and weíre always adding things. But thereís your basic Smores cake
from DogCakeWorld featured by We encourage you to visit us and see all the
products we have for your dogs. Again, Iím The Frosting Guy from www dot the letter K
the number 9 c a k e r y dot com. Thanks for visiting.