Recensione Google Nexus 7 - Review [eng sub]

Uploaded by netbookitalia on 15.08.2012

Hi, for today we’ll see the Google Nexus7 video-review.
This is the first Google Tablet, the first one available with the Nexus brand
but also, and most of all, the first Tablet with
the new version of Android, Jelly Bean 4.1.
It’s a 7-inch with resolution above average, 1280x800 pixel
the screen is IPS with wide viewing angles
and good quality for colors reproduction and contrast.
The brightness is good to, by the way better
than other Android devices, but it’s not so high to avoid reflexes.
It’s not the thinnest Tablet on the market,
we’re on the level of an iPad3…
but on the other hand it’s one of the lightest with 340 grams.
The ergonomics is great, the Tablet it’s easy on the hand
and it is due to the beveled edges on the rear,
to this particular rubberized surface for the rear which helps the hold.
In the horizontal mode it’s the same,
and with the thumbs you can use all the functionalities of the touch interface.
But the most important feature of this Nexus7
is still the sale price: the 8 Gb version costs 199 Dollars/Euros.
The 16 Gb version, which is the one that
will be available from September in Italy, costs 249 Dollars/Euros.
These are actually lower prices than the average of Android devices,
studied to keep up with the best selling Tablet after iPad,
that is the Amazon Kindle Fire.
The good thing is that the technical specs too are above average.
We have the Nvidia Tegra 3 as platform, quad core,
with a GPU that allows to play the best games
for Android available nowadays, I mean console games,
and allows to watch any kind of HD video,
locally as well as streaming, on YouTube and such.
Nexus 7 is really fast in Web navigation too,
mostly due to the new browser: Chrome,
installed by default on this new Google Android.
The Web navigation is really smooth and pleasant,
well , there’s still room to grow, but it’s a step forward
compared to the previous solutions.
Here, you see, a video reproduction on the browser, HTML 5 mode.
All the doubts we saw in Android 4.0 ICS are gone,
and I’m talking most of all of the graphic interface,
the user interface of this Android 4.1.
The new system is not only more fluid and responsive,
but also it packs some features that weren’t in the previous version,
like the Widgets which automatically adapt to the interface,
to their position on the screen, this way…
The notification system in this 7-inch model is up here,
really similar to Smartphones.
On Jelly Bean we have new versions of the Google Apps,
included the new Google Plus,
but most important, we can use, exclusively and preview,
the new function, called Google Now.
Google Now is the new Google service
and it’s a new way to interact with the Tablet.
The system studies our behavior,
uses the GPS to suggest, for example, the best road to a place
where we’ve already been
or the nearest restaurant, the weather forecast…
and it gives us customized results when we do Google search.
One of the funniest features is the voice command, for example:
“What’s the weather like in Florence?”
and here Google Now shows the Widget with the weather forecast of the city.
Then: “Take me to Rome Termini”
and Google Now opens the navigation software, loads the road…
here it is,
and it allows us to navigate to the destination, just saying it.
There are much more features, not all available in Italy yet, but they will be.
By the way, Google Now remains one of the key features,
of the exclusive features of this Nexus7.
Even if it’s small and light, it packs a pretty big battery, 4325 mAh,
which is good for 8 hours, as declared by Asus, so 8 hours of battery life.
Running my tests, actually, I could do better:
with brightness on auto, WI-FI and GPS on,
the Tablet went on for 2 days without problems,
I used it instead of the PC for the Web navigation,
to read my mail, for the whole week-end, 48 hours
while using it in much more heavier ways it lasts 8 hours.
After all these compliments, there’s some space left for some criticisms...
we know that Nexus7 has not the micro-SD card reader,
so the available space is only th internal one, 8 or 16 Gb.
We know that there’s no video output, so there’s no way to connect it
to an external bigger monitor or TV, to watch videos
or, mainly, to play games, seen the great performances of the graphic platform.
But most of all I've missed the back-cam,
'cause on a device like this, small and light,
you could take it with you everywhere during holydays or trips…
in a model like this, it would have been better to pack a cam,
even if not high quality seen the low price, to make videos, pics…
with a good resolution and, maybe,
in some contexts, leave your camera at home.
Obviously, no one thinks that you can replace a Reflex with a 199 dollars Tablet,
but at least, a back-cam in this Nexus7 would have let us take HD 720p videos…
But this is a sacrifice abundantly paid off by all the advantages of this Nexus7,
starting from the price, lower than the competitors;
the quality construction, really faultless;
the good hardware platform
...up to the Google certification, the guarantee that Google will pay this Tablet
particular attention throughout the months,
as it’s just doing with the Smartphones of the Nexus series.
Well, form more info and details on the Nexus7,
take a look at the complete review, clicking on link you see on the screen
and subscribe on this YouTube channel,
'cause more in-depth videos on the Google and Asus
Tablet are coming in the next days!
Nexus7 met with great success during this two sale weeks in the US.
This is why several accessories, official or otherwise, have been released.
I’m talking mainly about covers.
I ordered this cover on eBay, it’s really cheap, less than 10 Euros.
It’s not original, but you see it’s perfectly fitting.
It allows to protect the tablet on the rear and leaves free all the ports,
and of course the two microphones,
it has apposite holes.
I’d recommend it, waiting for info on the official accessories.